Short one-shot in Mikes POV at Bella and Edwards wedding. Just some mindless drabble. The idea just came and here it is!

The wedding

I can't believe that I'm here right now.

I was dancing with Jessica, none the less, at a wedding. But not just any wedding, the wedding of Bella, beautiful and lively Bella and Edward, the soul crushing being that is taking her away from me!

I nearly had a heart attack as I heard that they were getting married. Remembering that I never got my well deserved chance.

Why would she want to be with him? She's just so perfect and beautiful and I might add, smoking hot in her dress! I mean come on! Does she have to flaunt her beauty like that to everyone to see what they have been missing?

But I couldn't be mad at her, after all she was Bella.

Ah Bella, I thought and looked over Jessica's head to get a better glimpse at her. She was dancing with that… that… person!

I don't know what she sees in him. Sure he has loads of money and good looks (according to all the girls at school). I thought she was looking for love and not just money and a good looking face and a decent body.

At that moment he sank his head down and captured her lips in a disgustingly passionate kiss. I mean I know it's their wedding but they don't have to nauseate the people.

"Having fun?" Jessica asked and I shifted my head down a bit to look at her in the eyes.

"Oh yes very." I said with heavy sarcasm.

"I know right." Jess whispered to my utter surprise. I just stared at her till she continued.

"I mean, it just can't be true love. There has to bee something else!" she made a face as she said the word love but continued none the less. "They aren't even right for each other. I bet she's pregnant. It's the only explanation for this whole extravaganza! No one in their right minds gets married at 18! It will never last!"

I was overwhelmed that someone else felt the way that I did! Of course it couldn't last! Marriages between mature people rarely last and the ones who get married way to young, like these two, NEVER last! It's just not possible!

But something that Jessica said struck me. Pregnant. Bella can't be pregnant can she?! Oh no! Not that, anything but that!

Jessica was looking up at me, supposedly waiting for an answer on what I thought and slightly panicked. Maybe she thought I was going to rat her out. Was she insane!

"I know EXACTLY how you feel!" I whispered back with force. "They cannot last! I completely agree with you."

Jess relaxed and joined in like the good little gossip addict that she was.

"How scandalous!"

We both looked over at the "happy couple" and I grimaced and started dancing with Jessica again. I looked at Bella's stomach. It's was as flat as it had always been. No noticeable bump. It should have shown now shouldn't it? It she was pregnant that is.

The announcement had come about two months ago or so and it should have just started to show. Even just a little.

I knew I was probably in for a letdown but I still hoped. Maybe when this entire failure of a marriage went down the drain, Bella must be heart broken even thought she doesn't really love him. I could be there for her.

I could be a friend and then we would fall in love and get married and have the most perfect life.

I could picture it in my head. Bella coming to me as a friend how just announced she will be getting a divorce. I probably won't be long. It will be a year at the most. And when that whole affair is over and done I can make my move.

She will at first be very careful. Probably not wanting another asshole in her life and I will make her see I will never leave her, NEVER. She will of course realize that soon and that's where we will begin out love.

We will take it slow to begin with. But eventually we will get to kissing base.

Then as we have declared our love we will fulfill it in the most physical way there is for two people in love. I wouldn't want to pressure her but she will perhaps be so eager for me that maybe, she won't care that we haven't actually declared ourselves.

Just as I begin to picture it, how the best night of my life will play out I see him stop his dancing and pinch the bridge of his nose. Like he's either got a huge headache or just being annoyed. But why does he have to be annoyed about? He has the most beautiful girl as his (swallowing the vomit again) bride.

Aha! Maybe that's it. Maybe he has second thoughts now and wants out. I would be all for that! Although I don't see why he should want that! It's she who should want to get out of this ludicrous deal.

I stop my daydreaming and go to sit down, having Jessica at my tail, not talking for a change but just follows until I sit down by my table.

Se joins me but does not speak. But plainly sits and stares off into nothingness.

I look over at Bella and she is now dancing with the big one, Emmet. For being so large he does walk and dance gracefully as any other of the freaky family.

I watch Bella and start thinking about my little daydream again.

She will see how much better I am for her and how much more attractive I am.

That person she's just made the biggest mistake of her life with is just too… too… too perfect. Yes, too perfect. No one can look like that and be real. Look at him! They way he dances with his adoptive mother. 'Oh look at me! I'm Edward Cullen and I can dance better than all of you.' Such a show off!

But why would Bella marry him in the case of him being so "perfect"? Maybe she's being forced. That would be a reasonable explanation. But not likely, much to my dismay.

As I watch them gaze into each others eyes I have to swallow the bile I could sense coming down in my throat.

I tried and failed to study her expression and I could only find (I hade to swallow the vomit to say it) love.

Unnatural as it is. She looks like she's in love with him.

I'm still not convinced.