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Emmett during the wedding

"Come on Edward. You're monopolizing the bride." I say to my brother and Bella whom I've come to love a long time before this as my sister. We all really owed her for what she had done and not just coming into Edward's life. "Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last to make her blush." I grin and continue in my head 'Besides Jasper says need to relax a bit.' I see he's about to reply and think furthermore 'It would be easier if you did that with someone else around you.' My "voice" was heavily laid with sarcasm and I took Bella's hand in mine and started dancing.

"I really am glad that Edward has found you." I tell her earnestly and I can see that she is surprised by my seriousness. We continue dancing and I move closer and whispers very quietly in her hear that probably only Edward can hear if he's listening. "Not just because after 100 years he's finally going to get some, that really is about time," I feel her blush and smirks "but because he has found someone to spend his life, or existence, with." Her blush slowly pulls away and only her checks are slightly pinkish.

"Thank you Emmett. For the second part that is." She admits and blushes again. I laugh.

"Besides," I start with the teasing again, "You really are an entertainment factor in the house. I really get in a good laughs with you around. So much more fun than just moody and depressing Edward." She blushes again, no doubt thinking about the numerous times she have slipped on something, even the plain floor of the living room. Even thought Edward caught her every time. It was still funny as hell. How someone could trip over a flat surface was beyond me.

"Glad I could be at service," she mutters, causing me to laugh even more. After our dance I had to let someone else have their dance with her. I think she was relieved, she blushed so much I thought her face would stay that way permanently.

But being semi-serious again. I really was glad to have her as my sister. I knew that after being turned she would not be the clumsy, blushing and embarrassed Bella we are used to. But it really didn't matter. The family could not be complete without her. It was like removing one other of us. It just didn't work.

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