The Memory Remains

ann no aku

Plot: Ten is plagued by memories that Nine created of him and Rose. Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who

Notes: Takes place before School Reunion.


Chapter One: The Dream

He had another dream about Rose and his prior regeneration. For the past fortnight, every night, the Doctor had dreams about Rose as if they were memories trying to resurface. But he would have remembered memories like those. So why did they plague him? Was it because his regeneration had gone wrong?

They had seemed to be fueled by the kiss they had shared on New Earth. That's what had started the dreams, and they had visited New Earth within two days of his regeneration (not including Christmas when he had been out of commission). Ever since then, the Doctor has suffered from such erotic and realistic dreams that they awoke this part of him which made it difficult for him to be too close to Rose.

Almost every time that he smelled her, felt her brush against him, the Doctor would nearly instantly have to pull away, the tightness in his trousers demanding release. He'd recall the dreams, still able to feel her skin beneath his fingers, even if they were the fingers of ol' daft face. Turning over in his bed, he tried to put the latest dream out of his mind.

But it haunted him. As his own hand crept between his legs, he succumbed to the memory.

It was just after they had returned Adam home. He had been jealous of the fool, but was thrilled he had fucked up so spectacularly that there was nothing left except to say 'good riddance'. The Doctor took her out to celebrate, yet outwardly claiming that they needed a holiday after having some giant alien's guts spewed all over them on Satellite Five. She wore a skirt and a blouse that had him fighting for every second.

All that really happened, as the dream had reminded him. It was the bit back in the TARDIS that he had fantasized about.

Rose came to his room, something she usually did after they had just survived another adventure. She crawled into his bed and snuggled up to him, her head on his jumper-clad chest. She demanded that he tell her about Gallifrey. He complied and absently ran his fingers through her hair.

She sighed, her hot breath reaching beneath the fibers of his jumper and penetrating his skin. The Doctor shifted uncomfortably, but didn't stop his caress. His fingers trailed down her half naked spine, dancing along her exposed tailbone. He applied light pressure, nearly groaning himself as she emitted a soft cry. Rose pressed herself deeper into him, her breasts nearly spilling onto his chest. He felt her squirm next to him, her bare thighs rubbing against each other. With his heightened senses, the Doctor could smell the affect he was having on her. Hungrily, he licked his lips, desperate to taste her.

He noticed, with a suppressed growl, that Rose had bitten her lower lip and closed her eyes. Daringly, he ventured further, slipping his trembling hand beneath her knickers to cup her bum. He squeezed, relishing in the feel of her soft skin beneath his. As he caressed her, Rose's own deft fingers slid up beyond his knee and high between his thighs. Audibly, the Doctor gulped. With the throbbing in his trousers, he knew he was hard. It didn't help that Rose's feather-light touches found him, brushing along the length.

During the dream, the Doctor had wondered why his prior regeneration would have such a frustrating fantasy. It had felt so completely real—the tension, the build-up betwixt his legs, her next to him moaning and writhing in pleasure. His ninth version sure had fantastic self-control.

It twitched beneath her fingers, a reaction that did not go unnoticed by her. If anything, it seemed to incense Rose. She grabbed him, her grip firm and demanding. He groaned, utilizing the opportunity to pull her on top of him. She sat directly atop where her hand had just been. He could feel the moisture and heat under his jeans. For a moment, neither moved, both too afraid to ruin anything.

Until, that is, when Rose simultaneously leaned her head towards his and shifted ever so slightly above him. Her shaking hands were steadied on the bed on either side of him so that as she was bent, he could see perfectly down her sheer pink cami. How much longer could they continue their dance before one would surrender to the other?

The Doctor gasped, his hand working faster over himself as the sight of Rose over him burned in his mind. How many times had he seen her in that exact top during their late night talk sessions? Even in real life, her nipples would harden and he'd have the mad desire to just touch them—even if it were to only be accidental. He needed to feel her smooth, human flesh beneath his.

Again, just barely, Rose writhed above him. Her eyes, heavy with lust, closed and her mouth parted to emit a moan. She uttered his name, and it took every ounce of self-control he possessed as a Timelord (which is really quite a bit, but was quickly abandoning him) not to tear off her knickers and plunge deeply into her. He wanted to tell her to stop, yet couldn't find the words. The Doctor knew that, in any second, his mind would give way to his natural, animalistic urges. Part of him wasn't sure a human, especially one as delicate as Rose, could handle the true power of his people.

Still, the beautifully human Rose continued to torment him, moving carefully and deliberately above him. His hands found her hips, guiding her and pressing himself harder against her. Before he could stop himself, he slipped his hands up higher, bunching up the satiny fabric. With a flick of the wrist, the top was hastily discarded to the floor. The Doctor stared at her, afraid to blink in case she'd vanish in the flash of a transmat beam.

Rose met his gaze, her chest rising and falling heavily with each deep breath. 'Please', her eyes seemed to be begging, the only sound coming from her were her barely suppressed sighs. He picked her up and positioned her against the nearest wall, her back to him and with her arms pinned above her head. The Doctor ran his free hand over her body, memorizing every bit and pausing only to remove her damp underwear. His hearts stopped in his chest as his eyes worked furiously to burn her image into his memory forever.

"Doctor," she whimpered, his name sounding like a god's when uttered from her mouth. Rose's body stiffened as his fingers massaged her center, dipping gently into her to explore.

He stood behind her, shadowing her form with his as he proceeded. She writhed against him, rubbing her naked bum all along his hard length. The Doctor knew she wanted him, to feel him inside of her, but he first had to prepare her fragile humanity for him. He worked faster, rougher, pumping two fingers in her and trying to stay focused enough to sense when she'd come.

The Doctor couldn't take much more; the memory of the dream was too much. He arched his back in his bed, knowing that the inevitable was going to happen very soon. He bit his lip to silence his sounds of pleasure, fearing he'd wake Rose.

Unable to resist, he turned her around to face him, now with her hands held firm behind her back. She picked up her tired head slowly, staring straight into the endless depths of his eyes. He kissed her, still holding her fast and steady. Yet, despite his heavy body pressed so tightly with hers, Rose managed to wrap one of her legs around his waist, bringing (if possible) her heat even closer to him.

Their tongues tasted each other's mouths, committing to memory the foreign territory yet moving so expertly it was as though they've always known the other's. She bit at his lips; he bruised hers with sheer force. Rose gasped and panted, he could taste it. When he finally broke free from the embrace, the Doctor could see from the look in her eyes that she knew what was coming.

He got on his knees and parted her quivering thighs with his nose. As he licked and nibbled on her sensitive flesh, he never once loosened his hold on her. Her body trembled with the promise of an orgasm, but he didn't relent. It wasn't until she took a deep breath in preparation for her cry that he stopped, leaving her swollen clit to suffer in anticipation. She cursed him, mixed his name with words he had never heard her say before, and pleaded with him to let her come. More naughty words flew from her mouth as he gently tongued her nipples and blew on them, but he had to make her wait, to feel the power of a Timelord.

He could still taste her on his tongue, despite it having only been a dream. He cursed himself for not just taking Rose because, after all, it was only a fantasy. His breathing grew ragged, his hand moved faster along himself. He had to last until the end.

Somehow Rose broke free of his grasp. He supposed that he must have loosened it subconsciously as they kissed again. Her fingers found his scalp and dug deep; he picked her up and put her lean legs about his hips and thrusted her back up against the wall. She moaned into his mouth, raked her nails along his back under his leather coat. Then she fumbled with his buckle and button on his trousers, her deft hands working their way into his pants. She grabbed his cock, letting out a loud gasp upon feeling its girth and size. He bit her neck, nuzzled into her collarbone, breathing hard as she stroked him, silently begging him to take her. Several times his tip managed to briefly brush her entrance, and several times he almost just took the plunge.

His trousers and briefs fell to the floor, wrapped around his weakening ankles. His jumper and jacket followed in suit. Their bare chests squeezed together, slick sweat formed between them. The Doctor kicked off his shoes, socks, and everything else until he was as naked as she was. They kissed some more, grabbed hair, bit, scratched, groaned, begged, and gasped for every breath.

So close, he thought. So close . . . "Oh, Rose. Please. Rose Rose Rose . . ." The Doctor didn't hear his door creak open (albeit a mere inch) or see the shadow of the girl whose name he'd been crying out.

Then he took her, thrust himself deeply and roughly inside her, wasting no time with easing into her and allowing her body to get used to him. Rose screamed, shouted out numerous expletives, repeatedly hitting her head on the wall from his plunges. He sped up, firmly holding her hips in place as he took her. The Doctor was going to come; he could feel it, and so was she. Rose tightened around him, clenching.

"Look at me," he demanded, cupping the side of her face. His thumb dipped between her lips; she lightly bit down, eyes still closed. "Look at me," he repeated, instantly coming as she did, their eyes locked together and both piercing the air with their cries of each other's name.

His hand stopped. His own fluid stained his palm. He struggled for air, still seeing Rose's eyes. He hoped that he hadn't woken her. Exhausted from reliving the dream, the Doctor turned back over in his bed and immediately fell back asleep.


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