Sylv: Heya there all! Since you're here, you probably don't want to hear us babbling, but would rather be told what this story's about, ne? Soma, do the honours!

Soma: Right! Well, then listen up people! The title of this epic is Dark Lords Ascending, virtual cookies for anyone who can guess where we got it from! Eventually we will have both slash and het pairings, the main pairing is SLASH and a THREESOME, Harry/Voldemort/???, the third person is a secret and will be revealed at the appropriate time!

Sylv: Though since Harry is only four when this story starts you can rest assured that any pairings won't appear until way further into the story. Fourth year at Hogwarts probably.

Soma: The summary goes something like this: Voldemort thought he was getting rid of the one person who could defeat him when he attacked the Potters. But there is a far stronger prophecy at work that overrides anything an amateur Seer such as Sybil Trelawney might see... The story follows Harry and his co-rulers beginning in 1984 all the way until 1997 - and perhaps even with a sequel set a few hundred years later. So beware, 'tis truly epic.

Ryu:Dark! and hopefully Evil!Harry if Sylv manages to write that right (damn that sounds stupid), and eventually also Vampire!Harry.

Sylv: And this is an AU, though we do use the events from the HP books here and there. There will also be blood, gore, torture, death, eventually possibly even lemons, if I ever get the guts to write one.

Ryu: Before we forget, we don't own Harry Potter! Although it would be nice... anyway, on with the story!

Dark Lords Ascending


The little four-year-old tossed and turned in his sleep, finding no true rest from the slanted red eyes watching him relentlessly. They weren't malevolent, but the boy subconsciously knew they were the herald of great changes in his life.

Suddenly, still asleep, the boy sat up straight, his eyes wide open, seeing not the inside of the cupboard under the stairs with its dust and spiderwebs, but instead a high mountain, its top obscured by thick, swirling clouds. He seemed to be floating, for below him was spread out the entirety of the British Isles. How he knew this was a mystery, for he had never seen any map in his life, but a mystery that he did not question.

His dream – or was it a dream? - brought him up, higher and higher, above the clouds, to the top of the high mountain. The sky was dark, not a star to be seen, only a blood-red moon sending its sickly light over the scene.

Three men in long, black robes stood together on the top of the mountain, red light glinting off jet-black hair and elongated fangs, their bright green eyes shining with a light of their own. Then the tallest of the three spoke in a deep, resounding voice, the words he uttered burning themselves deep into the boy's mind:

"A millennium ago, Morgana of the Fae made a prophecy:

'A thousand years the Light will rule

The "Dark Lords" weak and easy to kill.

The British Isles will prosper for a time

But balance is needed for harmony sublime.

Three Serpent Lords bring th' Reign of Night:

The Saviour, Heir, and ancient Curse -

Can't kill each other with any force.

Entwined, united they will conquer and kill

To rule the Isles with iron will.

These signs will tell the Lords of Dark:

Black hair, green eyes, the power of th' impure

And once turned vampire, eyes like pools of blood,

Oh ye who walk by Day remember well

The Three who bring despair to you at th' Death Bell's knell.' "

The man fell silent, the eyes of all three bleeding into red. The boy reached towards them, strangely comforted by the ominous words, but just as he was about to touch the robes of the man who had spoken – a flash of bright green light, a female voice screaming, and Harry awoke with a gasp, the words of the prophecy still ringing in his ears.

Sylv: Well? What do you think? Good enough to continue?

Soma: I'm taking guesses for where the title's from!

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