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Let me guide you through the desert

Of never-ending winter;

Through innocence and purity onto

(things better not said nor heard)

Objects of the larger picture.

Do you hear the bells?

Coming from a faraway land—

(Under the sea, or where I always go when I'm gone)

Will you follow—

Or turn away as much as others have loved me?

The light, it burns!

Inside my head, and on the outside, too…

As your smoky cerulean seeks the sun

That radiates, regardless of wind or rain.

In it all that exists, the entire cosmos reflected

And what blocks out, the naiveté outside

As there is no guilt in love or war—

And while we strive, the brighter the

Stars will shine, will shine for you.

Have I lost it? A thousand roses unknown

(Minuscule, never lasting)

Is it not trade enough?

The laughter within I hear—

Not mine, but acquainted with!

Their eyes mock mine; now, what have I become

And where am I? Not home;

Because home is sick and languishing—

(Inside you)

Have I ever loved, or only in body

Or are you one of a kind?

And can you hear me, now,

When I'm gone, I'll shine no longer—

But I'll be back—will I be back?

Or have you known already, what goes on

Though colorblind, the world still revolves around the sun—

should've known that you knew.


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