What you need to know: Elizabeth Webber has never lived in Port Charles. She is Sonny's sister which he knows about. But no one else knows except himself and Elizabeth. She also has never met Jason Morgan or anyone else involved with Sonny. As you go along with the story you will understand.

Sonny was at the warehouse thinking how his relationship was going up in flames due to his affair to Sam. How he was letting his best friend pretend to be the father and keeping it a secret from everyone that means the world to him. How did I screw up my life up so bad? I know when I was feeling down about myself and not having any control with my life. I have been worried sick about Elizabeth, she has been fighting with me for months now that she wants to meet my family. Be an aunt to Michael and Morgan, meet Carly and my best friend Jason. I had told her no so many times over the years that he needed to protect her that he promised his mother that he would take care of her. That is why he changed her name when she was fifteen and sent her to boarding school. Yes, he would sneak off every other month to spend time with her but over the years it has gotten harder especially with her schedule and me having Carly and the boys. But they would always talk once a week and talk for over 2 hours about what was going on in their life. Even though she did not live here with him she knew everything. Everything from the business to his affair. Man was Elizabeth pissed off about him having an affair with Sam. She even called him a jerk and some not so nice things. I had never heard her say so many curse words in his life. I think Hollywood was getting to her.

Yeah, I am so proud of my little sister. Well I shouldn't say little anymore she was twenty-five and a wonderful actress. She has two Oscar awards for two movies she did last year. She is wonderful, intelligent, beautiful and so full of life. That is why he kept her away from him she was too precious to be involved. But he missed her and he needed her in his life. He was loosing it and knew that his sister would give him the kick in the ass that he deserved. But how could I just disrupt her life like this. The media would be all over it and she would loose her freedom and probably her name in Hollywood. But she didn't care, she has told him a million times over that she would be here in heartbeat that she had enough money to support herself for the rest of her life. Sonny smirked to himself thinking how mad she got when he told her that he would support her. She screamed at him and told him "I am not Courtney, I will not leach off of you. I support myself. I am full blooded Corinthos, I don't take charity." He was really proud of her.

Anyways, I don't know why I am even contemplating it. I am not letting her come to Port Charles to be a target.

Vista Point:

God how did my life turn out this way, I am claiming a child that is not even mine to cover up my best friend and make sure that Carly and the boys don't get hurt. But what happened with my life. I know what happened I don't have one, I don't think I will ever find someone to fall in love with. And to top it off I hate Sam, I despise her with everything that I am. She is a manipulative bitch that thinks that I am going to sleep with her. She repulses me, I would not touch her with someone else's hands and that is saying a lot. Not even Spinelli likes her and the kid likes everyone.

God, I hate to do this but I can not live like this anymore. I have to do something.

Jason gets on his bike and goes to the warehouse to speak to Sonny.


Well here I am, Michael is going to be so upset with me that I disobeyed him but you know what I don't care anymore. He needs me and I am going to be here for him. I want to be able to help him out with his family and hopefully get him back to who he use to be. Confident and in control.

Elizabeth checked her watch and saw that is was almost two o'clock. Michael should be at the warehouse so here I come big brother. Elizabeth Corinthos is here to stay.


Jason parks his bike and notices a woman come out of a taxi. Oh my god she is beautiful. Chocolate curly hair to her mid back, porcelain skin, and beautiful lips that you just want to suck on. And her body was just gorgeous. She wore a red blouse that showed her curves and what curves were they with black pants that looked painted on. God she has to have a nice ass, with a body like that there is no way of denying it. At that moment she turned around to pay the driver and look what I see, bingo jackpot damn it she does have a beautiful ass. Oh god she's looking at me and smiling. Do I know her? I think I have seen her before but I just can't figure it out, but I know for sure that I have never spoken to this woman.

Oh boy, that's Jason. Damn it those pictures that Michael has shown me over the years did not do him any justice. The man is gorgeous and he is looking at me funny. I think he was just checking me out or it could be that he recognizes me. But I remember Michael once telling me that Jason did not watch movies he loved to read travel books or watch the discovery channel. Never mind he is going to know me now. Elizabeth walked up to Jason and raised her glasses to her head.

Oh my god she is walking up to me with a the most beautiful smile I have ever seen but I can't see her eyes she is wearing these dark glasses covering them. I get off my bike and stand up facing her at that moment I see a pair of midnight blue eyes looking straight at me…sweet hell I think I am in trouble! She is just gorgeous.

"Hi, your Jason Morgan right?"

she knows my name, how? Say something. "Yes I am. Do I know you?" smiled Jason.

Wow he has really beautiful smile, hold it together girl. This is your brothers best friend, business partner and enforcer. "No we have not officially met but Michael has told me a lot about you." Smiled Elizabeth.

"You know my nephew. God I am going to tell him that he needs to speak to women his own age." Laughed Jason

Elizabeth smiled, remembering that Michael once told her that everyone called him Sonny. "No I meant his father, Michael Sonny Corinthos."

"you know Sonny." God I hope she is not another woman that Sonny has slept with. I would just have to kill him. Unless she is pregnant also than I would not mind at all covering up this one also.

"Yeah I know him we go way back. Do you know if he is in?"

at that moment Johnny, Francis, Max and Milo walked out and saw Jason speaking to a woman.

"Oh shit, aren't you Elizabeth Webber?" said Johnny O'Brien. Looking her up and down just the same way Jason had.

Jason saw this and his temper started to rise.

"No way the actress Elizabeth Webber, well I will be damned it is her. I just saw your new movie it was awesome!" exclaimed Francis.

"oh god can I get your autograph, I think I have a magazine in my car from Vogue that you were on the cover." Stated Max

Milo just stood there shocked. This woman was beautiful and she was standing in front of him just like a normal person. No way.

"Ok. One question at a time. Yes I am Elizabeth Webber the actress. And thanks for watching my new movie and if you have that magazine I will sign it for you and I also have my camera with me and I will take a picture with each one of you and sign it for you after I have it developed." Said Elizabeth with a smile. She recognized the guards from pictures that Michael had showed her and she was grateful to them. They had saved her brothers ass a few times and his family. Shit this is the least that she can do.

"I rather have dinner with you…"stated Johnny.

"No way, now step off O'Brien!" growled Jason

"Oh come on Morgan, can't blame a guy for trying?" stated Johnny

Jason turned to Elizabeth and his facial expression lightened up as soon as he looked into her eyes. Damn she is just gorgeous and nice. But what did she want to see Sonny for?

"This is Johnny, Francis, Max and Milo. They all work for Sonny and me." Stated Jason

"Hi guys, so do you guys want those pictures taken now or later?"

"Later? How long are you going to be here?" stated Jason

"What are you already trying to get rid of me?" smirked Elizabeth

"No way, I just…the way you were talking was like your going to be in town for awhile." Said Jason hoping that she was going to stay in town a long period of time.

Oh shit Jason Morgan is stuttering. All the guards were looking at each other and started to find this very amusing. Jason, enforcer of the mob stuttering in front of a beautiful woman.

"Well I think I will be staying permanently, but I really need to speak to Michael. So is he in?"

"Yeah, he's in. I will show you to his office." Spoke up Milo for the first time.

"You speak, I'm just messing with you. Thanks a lot. Well it was really nice meeting you guys. See you around." Elizabeth started to walk away when suddenly she felt a hand on her arm. As soon as his hand was on her arm she felt a jolt of electricity go thru her she almost jumped. She turned around and saw Jason slightly embarrassed in front of her.

What was that? That just felt like electricity. "I was wondering after your meeting with Sonny can we have a cup of coffee together?"

God he was cute. What would Sonny think about me having coffee with Jason? Well I will have to just ask. "Sure. I shouldn't be too long. By the way don't go to far because Michael will probably want to introduce us."

"but we have already met" Jason stated smirking at her.

Elizabeth at that moment smiled very wide and laughed. "Yes we have and I can't wait to have coffee with you either." She winked at him and turned around to walk in the warehouse.