Sonny looked out the window and cringed, there was about fifty people out here yelling Elizabeth's name.

"Alright Jason, lets get out of the car and go inside. If they ask any questions I will just tell them that I am picking up my wife. When we get inside we will talk to the girls." Stated Sonny

"Sounds good, I see that Johnny, Marcos and Tim just got here. Francis you come with us and we will leave Tim with the car." Stated Jason

All three men got out of the car and the other men met them half way. "Tim stay with the car and keep your eyes open, call me on my phone if you see anything suspicious." Stated Jason

"Damn, this is going to be interesting." Stated Johnny

As the men approached the building the reporters spotted Sonny and started to yell, "Mr. Corinthos, how long have you known about Mrs. Webber being your sister? Why did she lie to everyone about her identity? Did you pay off the movie producers for her to be in the movies?" The media were shouting and trying to take pictures and shoving their microphones into Sonny's face. The men gathered around Sonny to make sure no one got in the way of their path. They finally made it inside the building.

"Where is Max and Milo?" asked an irritated Jason

"Jason, were over here!" yelled Max

The men came over to where Max and Milo were stationed outside a room. "Where are the girls?" asked Sonny

"They are inside, they are having a couples massage. So how are we going to get them out of here." Stated Milo

"Lets talk with Elizabeth and see how she wants to handle this." Stated Sonny

"Alright, but lets wait until their massage is finished and then I will get them." Stated Max nervously, he was scared of Jason's reaction when he saw Elizabeth's massage therapist. He had lied to Jason about how the therapist looked to get him focused on the problem in hand.

"Why? Lets just go inside now." Stated Jason

"Hmm, Jason they aren't dressed they have robes on and getting massaged. Let's let them finish first. They have about another ten minutes to go." Stated Milo, he was concerned also for his brother lying to Jason.

"Why aren't they dressed?" asked Jason

"Come on Jason, you never had a massage before. I even know to get a full body massage they have to be only in their underwear or nothing at all." Stated Johnny with a smirk on his face.

Sonny rubbing his hands over his face he was trying to contain his temper because the last thing he needed to see was his wife getting massaged by another man. "Wait a minute, how does the guy look that's massaging Carly?"

"Hmm," Max started to sweat and pull his collar. "Well boss I might of stretched the truth a little bit about Elizabeth's therapist, but the therapist are twins and male."

"What do you mean you stretched the truth? You told me that he was short and ugly." Stated Jason

"Well you see Jason you wouldn't listen to me about the crowd and were too focused on who was massaging Elizabeth so I had to tell you something, but don't worry Elizabeth really likes you." Stated Max

Johnny, Francis, and Marcos really looked amused about the whole situation. Jason and Sonny getting jealous about a massage therapist...Max getting caught lying to his boss. They all started to laugh.

"Shut the hell up we are going in." stated Sonny

Sonny and Jason opened the door and walked in quietly and closed the door behind them. The room was dark only a slight glow was illuminating the room. There were two beds with two very content woman getting pleasure of two big bulky guys rubbing their hands up and down there body. "Damn that feels good." Stated Carly, "I am so glad you thought about this Elizabeth. I really needed this."

"HMMMM! I am glad that I thought about it too. Hey Jimmy can you go a little lower on my back?" asked Elizabeth, at that moment Jason noticed that she was not wearing a bra and the therapist lowered her towel to her lower back right above her butt and started to rub oil on her back and on his hands…

"Don't you dare touch her!" growled Jason

"Excuse me, I'm her therapist and she is paying me to…" said Jimmy

"Look, I don't give a fuck what she is paying you for but if you touch her right now you will have to find a new profession because you will not be able to use your hands for the rest of your life." Stated Jason walking up to Jimmy

"Jason, what's going on? What are you doing here?" asked Elizabeth, she picked up her head and turned it towards Jason. She started to bite her lip and started to get nervous. She knew that Jason was jealous and did not want to make him feel insecure. "Jimmy, I'm sorry but you will have to leave now, we were almost done anyways. I am still going to pay for the full hour, so don't worry." Jimmy nodded his head and walked out.

"Oh come on Elizabeth, Jason get out. Tommy please don't stop, you have wonderful hands and I need for you to keep going." Stated Carly

"Oh really Carly, how wonderful are his hands?" asked Sonny with fire in his eyes. "By the way Tommy, I will suggest for you to get your hands off my wife and walk out before I break your nose." Tommy didn't even try to argue, he walked out the room fast and did not even look back.

"Sonny, you can't be seriously jealous right." stated Carly

"Of course I am you are my wife and no other man is allowed to put their hands on you. Except for me." Stated Sonny

Ignoring the other couple Elizabeth tried to get up but remembered she was topless, "Jason, can you please come over here and pull up my towel for I can get up?" asked Elizabeth looking over at Jason.

Jason walked over to Elizabeth and proceeded to pull up her towel and co-incedently rubbed his knuckles against her back. That little contact sent a shiver up both of their backs. Elizabeth raised herself on her knees giving her back to Jason and pulled the towel around her and secured it against her body and then sat down to face Jason. She looked in his eyes and saw that they were still a little upset about the therapist. "Hey, come here." She pulled him towards her and gave him a small lingering kiss on the lips. "I missed you, I'm sorry if that upset you but there is nothing wrong in getting a massage." Stated Elizabeth pulling Jason for an embrace.

Jason relaxed a little but was still upset, "I know but I didn't like it, and your topless. The guy had his hands all over you." Jason kissed her forehead and pulled her chin up to kiss her again. He loved kissing her it was overwhelming.

"Baby, that is how you get a full body massage. Topless, but believe me they only see your back and your legs, nothing else. Don't worry the only person I plan to show myself too anytime soon is to you." Elizabeth whispered. Jason at that moment tightened his arms around her.

"Hey, Romeo and Juliet! Get a room!" stated Carly

"Yeah, I don't need to see this either. Other people in the room and we have other pressing matters in our hands. So can we get back to what is going on outside this building."

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Carly

"The media has been tipped off and there is a mob of people outside yelling for Elizabeth, asking questions about her being related to the mob. So we need a plan on how to get you out of here?" said Sonny

"Wow, that was quick. But Michael I don't care about the media I will get dressed and walk out with you guys. No matter what, I meant what I said earlier. I don't care what they think or say." Stated Elizabeth still holding Jason close to her.

"Look, I think we should try and get you out of here quietly. Without them knowing, if you go out there now you will be falling into their trap. Maybe we need to do a press conference or you can do an article in a magazine. Let them here you out and give them the truth. If you do this now than they will distort the truth." Stated Carly

Elizabeth thought about it and realized that Carly was right. "Ok, I agree. Let us get dressed and we will be out in a minute." Elizabeth let go of Jason but he kept his hands planted on her hips. He looked in her eyes and new with out a doubt that he was falling in love with her.

"Hey, I won't let anything happen to you okay. You do trust me right?" said Jason

"I know and I do trust you. I'll be out in a minute." Stated Elizabeth

Jason leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and stepped away and walked out with Sonny. Sonny turned around and grabbed Carly by the waist and gave her passionate kiss.

"I know I have a lot of apologizing and groveling to do but I am in love with you and want to be with you for the rest of my life. Please give me another chance and let us talk thru this together, I love you." Sonny placed another kiss on Carly's lips and walked away. Carly just stood there speechless and more confused of what she should do. Yes she was in love with him but could she forgive him, but maybe he isn't the father and this is just a scam. Trying to hurt our family, god why is this so hard.

"Hey Juliet, get your ass up and get dressed." Stated Elizabeth with a smirk on her face.

The girls got dressed and walked out of the room just in time to see Jason grab Max by the throat, "if you ever lie to me again, you will be lucky if you can still breathe thru your nose."

"Come on Jason, believe me Elizabeth is really into you. You don't have to worry about anything." Stated Sonny

"Sorry man, it won't happen again. I know you care about her, but you need to relax." Stated Max

Jason stepped away and took a breath, he needed to get himself under control. He looked up and saw Elizabeth and he relaxed. He really needed to talk to her about a couple of things.

Elizabeth walked up to Jason and put her arms around his waist. "Hey, relax ok. I don't know what happened with Max but just take it easy. Everything is ok. I think tonight we need to talk about some issues." Stated Elizabeth, she watched his reaction and noticed that he relaxed considerably.

"Alright lovebirds, lets get back to the task. How are we going to get Elizabeth out of here without getting the crowds attention?" asked Francis

"I have an idea but I need some men's clothes and a baseball cap." Elizabeth stated with laughter in her eyes.

"So we are just going to dress you as a guy and think that is going to work." Stated Johnny

Elizabeth turned to Jason and winked at him, "What do you think about being gay a little while?"

"WHAT?!" yelled all the men in the room.