Author's note: I wrote this in school- isn't that exciting! This'll end up as a one-shot if I don't hear from my readers, but I do want to finish it so... It is all up to you, my readers.

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A girl, small in stature, laid in bed reading the very final pages of Inkdeath, with a single thought vibrating in her brain.


He was off to unknown parts, with nothing but his clothes on his back, three simple books, and an obedient Glassman. Will he freeze to death like Elinor wanted? Will he succumb to the mountains harsh terrain, or be eaten my unwritten monstrous mountain animals?


Tears squinted out the corners of her eyes as she finished the very final page of the very final chapter. So it was a happy ever after for Bluejay, the bookbinder, the Father of two. Two- he had a son now. A son not made out of flesh but ink, words. Inky, inky words that Orpheus controlled with his smooth tongue and delicate heart.

Oh, Orpheus, the girl thought, bringing the book to her bosom, I'll write for you. My words would be just as powerful, if not more then the aging Fenoglio- so what if it is his world? An aged man could not control a world so young for long. Her and Orpheus, how delightful! What a thought. And once they were finished conquering Inkworld, they would take their prizes and treasures, and he'd read them all into Abarat…

Yes, she continued to muse, Orpheus would like Abarat; he would like it very much. His eyes would sparkle with glee behind his rounded glasses like a man reborn, not a ragged man running away to the mountains.

Poor Orpheus, she hoped he'd have enough sense to at least reconsider his stupid decisions and go to where the wife of the late Adderhead reigned. Yes, he was loyal to the Adder, he could even read him back, like Meggie and Fenoglio did Cosmo- it wasn't hard to read someone heartless into the world. No, not at all, the old man found that out. She liked him, but then again, she liked every character breathed into that world, but none as much as Orpheus.

Oh, she had like Dustfinger the best at one time, and when he died, she cried puddles. But when he came back to life, he had lost something...something he gained back later in the book, but her heart had already moved on...

Orpheus, with his hair so pale that it blended into his round childish face earning him the named Cheese-head, Moon-Face. But the girl throught he deserved to be called Silvertongue…And maybe Mo could have advanced to Goldtongue, though that sounded garish. No, old Four-Eye's deserved better then an ending in the cold unknown unwritten mountains- that itself was worse then death! She didn't even know if she should mourn, though, as she slowly put the book down to the floor beside her bed, she thought Meggie had made a foolish mistake in splitting off with Farid like that…he was a powerful enemy to have. Fire was a powerful enemy.

The girl changed her mind, and picked the book back up. She clenched it again to her self and thought of nothing but Orpheus.

He truly deserved that name. But she wondered what his real name was, and what his favorite time of day was, and what he feared, and what she would tell him when she saw him- if she saw him, though that thought didn't penetrate her mind. He was just a character in a book, and she didn't have that ability that made the man so special. So very special. If only the author had kept it to herself…Orpheus' awful childhood. Not being able to read books when ever you wanted. That was just awful! Just…awful…

She fell asleep, the book loosely held against her. Her dreams had nothing to do with Orpheus, but the first thing she thought when she woke the next day was him, and all the amazing thing she and her words could do for him.