These are my submissions to Yullen week. Unfortunately they are short but I feel like I've tried. Thank you in advance for reading.


Even though if asked, Allen would vehemently deny it, it didn't change the fact that he liked wine. Perhaps it was a testament from his irresponsible Master but he always knew what wines were the best. He best liked his wine with Kanda but it also worked the other way around.

Kanda made everything sweeter.

Even the dry white wine, old bitter red wine….. all tasted like heaven's breath when it was with Kanda. Him and him only.

If Cross knew about it, he would probably laugh and congratulate himself of a job well done. If Lavi knew the he would laugh and scold him for underage drinking. If Lenalee knew she would be confused as to why, when his master was so alcoholic too.

But none of them knew about his infatuation with good, high quality wine. Preferably accompanied by Kanda.

There was a certain brand of wine he especially attributed to Kanda's ever-changing moods. A special, seasonal wine that was quite humorously named Four Seasons.

The glass looks elegant in the candle light. He has removed his gloves in favour of feeling the wine in his hands. Somewhere far away in the tower a door slams. The vibration of footsteps perhaps isn't really there but he doesn't care, he still imagines he can hear them.

The light swish of a sword strapped into his side, the click of the steel-enforced heels. The way his blue hair is too holy for the air around him and the way only Allen can worship the ivory skin.

He's so lost in the glorious image that he misses the sound a door opening. But he certainly feels the glass being taken from his hand and the scent of soap that Kanda's hair carries. He opens his eyes.

Kanda's shirt is unbuttoned and his hair has been released from it's tie. In the moonlight the image looks otherworldly and Allen can't resist the urge to take a bite from the creature in front of him. An opportunity presents itself when almost glowing fingers reach for his face and Allen captures those fingers with his mouth. After a moment he lets them go and rises from his chair. Allen takes a long gulp from the glass in Kanda's hand and tugs him down by his hair.

They share a sweet kiss.

That's it for today. The other will appear as chapters to this one.