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They were in Europe. In Europe, Kanda was foreing. In central Asia it was kind of home. In Japan he draws in a breath, reminisces a while and leaves.

He has seen too much to stay and taint his memories of this place. It hurts to breath if he stays too long.

When he is in Allen's arms, he relaxes completely and feels that he is somewhere he belongs.
It feels so good. He dreams of white sakura petals and grass. Even though trust is a foreing thing to him,
he trusts Allen. He finds his rest in the strong arms.

Home had always been a vague concept to Allen. He had no recollection of the home his biological parents had. Perhaps he's never even seen it in the small part of his childhood that he spent with them.

Everywhere he went (peoplewouldalwaysstare), Allen was foreing. With Mana there had never been a stable home, much less with Cross.
When he arrived to the Black Order, it had been a home. BUt for all his life, home was wherever he presently was.

So if he had to leave the tower, he would go and not feel bad. That's how it was.

When they embrace each other, they are home. When they kiss each other, they own the world. When they lay next to each other without the barriers of clothes, the world could disappear end they wouldn't care.

They sleep and dream of the other in an endless space of stars.

This was were they belonged.

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