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Carlisle POV

London 1663

I looked at the torches with disgust.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. Mi father, the pastor of the town's church, had forced me to do it again. I couldn't blame him; he was old now, and couldn't do it by himself but… how could he order that to me? His son?

Ever since I can recall, my father and some of the townspeople had devoted their lives to hunt and kill the supernatural creatures that –supposedly- threatened the citizens. I had seen more than once the fire burning and heard the massacre, without even knowing if they were right. After all, were the victims really vampires? Couldn't they have escaped if they were? I'd always felt bad about it, but my father couldn't understand; to him, they were monsters, devils, and had to be destroyed to save the souls of the people. When I turned 18, he started to include me on his hunting trips… and now here I was, 23 years old, tied to a duty I didn't want, forced to kill creatures I doubted were monsters.

"Carlisle… someone saw one of them near here. We should go" one of the men said to me. I couldn't remember his name; I refused to be part of their group, so I tended to forget such things.

"Alright" I answered, reluctant. I hated to kill, no matter the creature. How could I end a life? Especially after my father's teachings, saying we all were creatures of God… I sighed, and followed the rest of the men.

The streets were empty. No one dared to go out once we believed a creature was nearby. Suddenly, I heard something… a 'man' appeared on the streets, screaming words in Latin. Then he ran away.

"We should divide. If you find one of them, give a signal!" I said, trying to sound detached and serious. The men nodded.

A while later, I was running in one of the dark streets with two other men. I grabbed a torch in my right hand, and a small bell on my left… if I found anything, I would make it sound to call for help. I was trembling slightly; despite all the years, it was difficult for me to do this. Again I though about my father, and the way he'd forced me to become this… he never knew all the times I had awoken in the night, haunted by nightmares about the kill… hearing the screams and seeing the bodies burn mercilessly while the town looked pleased.

I felt nauseated by it all. After all, people shouldn't feel happy for other creature's deaths. People shouldn't watch a living creature burn with a smile on their faces; it was wrong, it was sick to feel it… how couldn't they see it?

But the thing I feared the most was the uncertainty. My father and the rest of the town normally received a report from anyone who had seen a vampire, but never tried to investigate the facts. ANY person could say he or she had seen one and we'll hunt it… but what if they weren't vampires? What if the witness only wanted to dispose of an unpleasant neighbor or a rival? Not even my father could assure with total certainty the captured person was a vampire, so how could we be sure? We could be killing normal humans, mere citizens affected by other people's assumptions or evilness, and that made us murderers… no better than the criminals on prison, no better than the monsters we supposedly hunted down. Was I a killer? Was I?

I kept thinking in all this while running. It was always the same; why couldn't I just shake the remorse and doubt? That way at least I wouldn't feel so bad. Mi mother had said to me once that my compassion was a blessing and a curse, and I believed her. After all, no one seemed to feel as bad for this as I did.

I was distracted by a movement in an alley. My heart stopped, fearful; the movement had seemed faster than any human, unnatural. I wondered if, after all, my father was right… I approached the alley slowly, careful not to be heard. I grabbed the bell with such strength it hurt, and held the torch high to see. The men waited for me outside. It was empty, no creature was there. Sighing in relief, I relaxed and turned to leave, but what I saw then paralyzed me.

Someone was standing in front of me. The torch allowed me to see his face: the man was beautiful, but seemed sick; he had big black lines under his eyes and wore a long black robe. I wondered if he was lost.

"You scared me! Are you lost, sir? Can I…?" I started, but stopped once I saw him more clearly… he had red eyes. I backed away a little, but knew there was no use; I was in a blind alley. The man (if he was a man) approached with such speed I couldn't see him. In a second, he pressed me against the wall, growling softly. The torch fell from my hand, while I tried desperately to fight him, to make him release me.

It was then when he bit me. I felt his teeth traversing the skin of my neck, and felt his urgent lips moving across the wound, drinking my blood. This was a vampire… my father had been right. I felt the unbearable pain in my body, and panicked. I knew I was going to die here, and I prayed for death, at least that way the pain would stop. But something was wrong; the vampire seemed to be unsteady, as if he really was sick. In a moment, he seemed to hear something, and stopped. I was screaming in pain, I couldn't help it… all my body hurt, burned as if I was on fire; was this what those poor creatures had felt when my father burned them?

The vampire released me. I fell heavily on the ground, writhing in agony. I saw with difficulty as the vampire escaped, leaving the alley… I saw the bodies of the men that were with me, then a small group of men following him. I wanted to scream again, but I had no voice. The vampire had injured me badly: my neck was bleeding profusely, and I could feel the marks of his teeth in my arms and my chest… I hadn't even realized he had bitten me so many times. It hurt so much to breathe, and I felt pain in my legs… he probably had broken my bones.

I realized with horror what was happening. I have heard it a lot. He hadn't killed me, but his poison was in me… was I going to become one of them? Or was I dying? I thought about my father, my mother… if I returned to them changed, would I kill them? Most important, would they kill me? I realized with shock that they would; I would be a stranger for them, not their son anymore. I was afraid; I didn't want to die.

I was vaguely aware of footsteps coming closer… how could I hear them? Surely, they were the men, searching for me. I was sure they'll kill me if they found me like this. I had to escape.

I crawled painfully along the alley, searching for a place to hide. Each movement was agony, each breath was pain; I could see the trail of blood I left with each movement, but I finally found something: there was a small door there, and wasn't locked. I tried to stand up to open it, but the pain stopped me; with an effort, I managed to push the door open. I practically fell through the small stairs until I stopped, breathing heavily.

I noticed I was in a small basement; I could smell the rusted vegetables with unusual strength. I felt afraid… but the pain got worse. I suppressed a scream, fearful it would alert the men of my presence. I moved near a pile of rusted potatoes, and couldn't move anymore.

I didn't know how much time passed… the pain was too much for me, I couldn't think of anything worse. I barely managed to suppress my screams of agony, for I knew my survival depended on it. I remained there, writhing and twisting in pain, waiting for death to release me from this suffering… until, finally, it started to disappear.

When I was released from the pain, I stood up slowly, trying to assess my wounds. I realized with terror –and awe- there wasn't any. It was as if, during my delirious state, they had miraculously healed. But then I knew who I was, what I was… I had become a vampire, the same creature my father so fervently hunted down. I didn't know how to feel about it. A part of me was disgusted, terrified at my new self, but other part was confused. I felt no difference in my mind, was I really a monster? I found a piece of crystal near me, and looked at my own image in it: my skin was white, my eyes red… I launched the crystal away, scared at my own image. I realized with shock that now I could see clearly in darkness, and that I could heard even the slightest sound… my senses were more sensitive, reacting to the faintest smell, to the softest touch.

I opened the door slowly, noticing my new speed and agility, and looked outside. It was dark. I stepped out, so slowly my steps couldn't be heard by the humans. I looked at the moon, feeling a strange sensation in my throat… it ached fiercely, as if it was on fire. I noticed a small trace of my own blood, still there on the floor. The aching increased when I smelled it, the sweetest smell I'd ever felt. Without thinking, I kneeled and licked the trace… sadly, it was only a stain. But I realized what I was doing, and stopped; I knew then that the aching was thirst, and that I was doomed to feed from blood to survive. I refused to believe it, but there was the proof… I had behaved like a vampire, desperate to drink blood. I smelled people nearby, and the smell was worse. I barely contained my instincts… I was so hungry… but no, I couldn't live like this. If I had to kill myself to prevent it, I'll do it.

I started to run away from the town, trying to protect the people from me. I ran so fast I thought I was flying; my new vampire strength allowed me to do so.

My last thought was that my family would be ashamed of me… the family I would probably kill, the family I couldn't see anymore…

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