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Chapter 9: It's Never Over

Jubei swore at seeing Shihira alive and well. Ok, so he knew she'd survive the cave in, but to escape like that.

"Damn this bitch." He hissed.

Shihira chuckled. "What's wrong, Jubei? Not up to my abilities?" Her gaze shifted to Dakuan and she became angry. "You bastard, you ruined everything!"

She lashed out with her snakes. Dakuan held up his staff and the stone serpents bite onto it. Shihira pulled back her snakes, and Dakuan, unwilling to release his staff, was pulled towards her.

"Got you now." Shihira said with a smirk, grabbing him by the robes.

"Let him go!" Jubei snapped.

Shihira shrugged. "Fine, he's not the one I want anyway." Her stone fist buried in the monk's gut and she tossed him aside. "Now, Jubei, we're going to finish this."

Kagero limped over to Jubei. "We're ready."

Jubei glanced at her. "You sit this one out."


"You're hurt. You can't fight in your condition. And I can't be worrying about you when I fight her." The look he gave her left no room for argument. But then he grinned. "Besides, I've taken on guys tougher than her before."

Shihira just smirked. "Tougher than me, perhaps, but not more skilled."

They charged at each other. Jubei sliced her across the chest, but his sword just bounced off her stone body. The Devil Queen grinned and kneed him in the gut then connected her fist with his face. Jubei stumbled back, his lip bleeding. He stabbed forward again and Shihira jumped to the side.

One of the snakes grabbed Jubei's sword and pulled it away. Then Shihira's foot collided with his chest, knocking him down. She took a deep breath and spat out a Throat Needle. Jubei rolled away, but the needle pierced his hand, going straight through and burrowing into the ground, pinning him there.

The force of the Throat Needle hitting the already unstable ground caused it to crack, and the cliff began shaking again.

Kagero swore as she watched Shihira repeatedly stomp down on Jubei's back, laughing as she did so. She wished she could fight, but her injured, perhaps broken, leg rendered her next to useless. There had to be something she could do to help. But what? Shihira's stone body made it almost impossible to hurt her. How had Jubei managed to wound the other stone devil?

"I've been thinking about your body. It seems to me that your body can't be as hard as rock all over."

Kagero's eyes widened. "That's it."

She pulled out a dagger. But she knew that with Shihira's regenerating abilities, any injury she received would heal. She needed something more permanent.

She gripped the blade of the dagger and cut her palm, covering the blade with her blood, where her poison was strongest.

"Hey, Shihira!"

The Queen of the Devils turned and Kagero's dagger buried itself in her eye. She howled in pain and stumbled backwards, gripping the dagger. Her heavy stone foot stomped down on the ground repeatedly, making it more and more unstable. With a final cry of pain, she jumped into a shadow and vanished.

"Jubei!" Kagero cried, limping over to him. "Are you alright?"

"My hand." He mumbled.

Kagero nodded and tore the Throat Needle out of his hand, leaving a hole.

"Fuck!" he shouted, looking at his hand. "That bitch made a hole in my hand."

"Jubei," she said urgently, "we have to leave. Everything is coming down."

And so it was. Large chunks of the cliff were breaking off and falling into the sea.

Jubei noticed this as well. "Good call, let's go." They hadn't taken more than two steps before Kagero's dagger flew at them. With his quick reflexes, Jubei snatched it out of the air. "You again."

Shihira was standing by the edge of the precipice, fury twisting her face, her eye already healed. "You think you can do this to me and get away with it! I am Shihira, the Queen of the Devils, leader of the Devils of Kimon! No one can defeat me! I can't be defeated! You're going to… to…" She trailed off as a terrible sensation filled her. Cracks began appearing over her body, her rock skin chipping away from her body. "What the hell? What's happening to me?"

"Poison, bitch." Kagero said with a grin. "My poison. How's it feeling knowing your former slave has bested you?"

Even more cracks formed on Shihira's body as she turned back to the two ninjas. "You… you did this. I'll… I'll kill you. I'll kill you!"

She charged at the two ninjas. Jubei threw the knife at her, but Shihira knocked it away.

"Jubei!" Dakuan shouted from a far away distance.

He tossed Jubei's sword to him. Jubei grabbed it out of the air and sheathed it. Then he used the used sword's special ability. He unsheathed it rapidly, unleashing a blade of wind.

"What?" Shihira cried as the blade of wind came at her.

Her body, having become brittle from Kagero's poison, was sliced in half by the blade of wind. Her lower torso and arms fell away as her upper torso did a face plant on the hard ground.

Jubei hurried over to Shihira's arms and lower torso, kicking them away from her upper part so she couldn't reattach them. He looked down at the Devil Queen, watching her and her snakes twitch in pain.

"Looks like it's all over for you." he said. "You should have stayed the Devil's Whore. Maybe if you pray to him enough, he'll let you die and become his whore again."

Shihira groaned painfully. "Damn… you…"

"Jubei!" Kagero shouted.

Leaving the Devil Queen behind, he hurried over to Kagero and Dakuan as a large chunk of the cliff broke away, Shihira lying on top of it. The large chunk rotated as it fell, until Shihira was on the bottom. The large piece of the precipice splash into the ocean, sinking to the bottom and crushing Shihira on the hard stone ground. More and more pieces of the cliff fell away, burying Shihira even under several hundred tons of rock.

When the tremors finally stopped, the three warriors breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, that's it for Shihira." Said Dakuan.

"Is she…" Kagero began, but realized she already knew the answer.

Dakuan shook his head. "No, she still lives. Like Gemme, physical injury can't kill her, but also like Gemme, she can no longer do harm to humanity."

Jubei glanced at Dakuan, knowing where this was going. "So I guess you're mission's complete now, and you're just going to kick us to the side of the curb like you did last time."

Dakuan chuckled. "Such harsh words, Jubei. Perhaps I was going to offer the two of you a position in my organization. You have been very helpful."

Jubei snorted. "I have absolutely no interest in working for you and your damn bosses. You managed to suck me in these few times, but I've had enough."

Kagero crossed her arms. "And the last time I was involved in one of your missions I died. I have no intention of dying anytime soon." She glanced at Jubei. 'Not when I've finally found something to live for.'

Dakuan shrugged. "Well, if that's your decision. But maybe I'll come find you again if I ever need you in the future."

"Don't bother!" Jubei snapped. "I'm through working for you, old man! And I'm going to make sure you can never find me again."

Dakuan smirked. "That I don't doubt. Finding you is one thing, but finding her." He glanced at Kagero. "I think I'll be able to track down the ninja girl. And where I find her, I'm sure I'll find you." He chuckled. "Perhaps I'll even find a few ninja babies as well."

Kagero turned beet red as Jubei swung his sword and Dakuan's beard fell away.

"AH!!! Look what you did!" he cried, grabbing at what was left of his beard.

"Stop making up such ridiculous predictions and get out of here." Jubei grumbled. "Or else I'll cut off something that doesn't grow back."

After everything he had done to the ninja, Dakuan didn't think he was kidding and hurried away.

Sighing, Jubei flopped down on the ground, finally taking a moment to relax. Kagero, thinking he had the right idea, laid down next to him. How long they laid there, they didn't know, but Jubei soon felt sleep beginning to take hold as exhaustion set in. He was just about to fall asleep when Kagero spoke to him.

"Hey, Jubei?"


She seemed to consider her words. "Do you really think that such a future is ridiculous?"

It took Jubei a moment to realize that she was referring to the future Dakuan had predicted for them.

"Well, no, not really." He said, putting an arm around her. "But I wasn't willing to give him the satisfaction."


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