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Jacob was making his way to Bella's house. He hadn't payed her a visit in awhile; ever since that leech came into her life, he caused Jacob nothing but trouble. It angered Jacob to know that whenever he wanted to go see Bella, that ...thing was there. At first, he left whenever Jacob was coming, but now, he stayed and practically scared Jacob off.


So, the werewolf stopped at Bella's house. He was anxious to see her. She invited him, so there was no way he was going to leave today. He was excited, for the most part.

He knocked on the door and impatiently waited for someone to answer. He was tapping his foot against the solid concrete, trying to mask the intense anxiousness he was feeling. The door started to open, and Jacob got a whiff of the stench he had so much hatred and disgust for. He masked it as much as he could; Bella didn't take too well with how he acted towards Edward, or vice versa.

Jacob and Edward had a stare off that felt as if it lasted for hours, but it was merely a few seconds before they looked in different directions and Edward let Jacob in.

"Bella's upstairs." Edward forced those two words out. He obviously wanted to make some distasteful mutt or dog joke, but put it aside and lead the way to Bella's room.

Jacob followed, his naturally tanned hand grazing across the railing, the digits of his fingers tempted to squeeze it so hard that the railing would break into two. He fought the temptation and simply continued following the leech. They stopped once they were at the top, and like before, Edward, surprisingly gentlemen-like, escorted Jacob to Bella's room. The door was opened, and looking inside, Jacob could see that Bella was completely unaware of their presences. She was picking at her finger nails, her legs crossed over each other on her neatly kept bed.

Edward cleared his throat, and Bella's head shot up. A smile played across her face as she got up and off her bed to give Jacob a quick hug. Only Jacob noticed the slight discomfort rising from Edward's normally casual and mellow scent.

Once the threesome was set in, Bella and Jacob were carrying on a conversation about Lord knows what. Edward wasn't paying attention. He was trying to figure out what this unusual, but new scent was. It couldn't have been coming from Bella. Hers hadn't changed. It .. couldn't have come from Jacob, because he's, well ... him.

Edward took a deep breath in through his nose. The smell was coming from Jacob.

This utterly baffled Edward to no end.

Every time Edward breathed in, he got a whiff of that unusually attracting and intoxicating scent. He had the option to just stop breathing all together, but the smell was too addicting to stop. He was taking in deep breaths of Jacob's scent, his mouth slightly ajar. His body was completely still, and he was going un noticed to Bella calling out his name.

"Edward!" Bella called a last time before Edward finally snapped out of it.

"Yes?" He, oh so casually asked, looking up to his beloved.

"Oh nothing." Her voice was coated with sarcasm and frustration. "I was just wondering what you were staring at."

I was staring? Oh.. I suppose I was.

Edward tried his best to not get caught up in Jacob's --he hated to say this--, breath taking, wonderful.. lovely scent.

Jacob was a little creeped out. Was Edward staring at him, or at something behind him? Bella was just beginning to worry. Normally, Edward wasn't so .. out there.

It was nearly 2 hours before Jacob decided to leave. He said his good byes to Bella, receiving a good bye hug from her. He got a little weary from the deep, intense stare Edward was giving him. It wasn't like the stare offs they had before, this was different. Jacob decided not to worry or ponder over it and just left.

Once Jacob was outside, he hadn't realized how long he had been there and how dark it had gotten. It was best to go straight home and not stop anywhere.

Edward was getting ready to leave. This surprised Bella, as Edward usually stayed until she fell asleep, or a little after. She let it go after countless failed attempts at trying to attain an explanation from him. Edward placed a gentle, but spine shivering kiss against her forehead and leaped out of her opened window.

The vampire was now dead on Jacob's scent trail. The strong lead he was following never wavered as the scent he was so faithful to got even more powerful, drawing him closer and closer to his natural enemy.

The scent was almost as addicting as Bella's, if not as much. It had a musky feel to it. It was highly robust, having a rich, over whelming and over powering aroma. Edward could almost taste it.. him.

Edward wasn't altogether pleased with being so lured in by Jacob's scent, but at the same time he was overcome by curiosity. He wanted to know why Jacob's almost nefarious and vile scent turned to something so pleasing and rich.

Before Jacob could even react, he was tackled to the terrain with a vociferous thud. An equally loud groan escaped his parted lips, un aware to what just happened until the atmosphere became more hushed and calm so he could figure out what was going on. He immediately distinguished the smell over powering him, literally. His face was being pushed into the ground, a considerably massive body sitting on top of his own.

"Ugh, get off of me!" Jacob said between clenched teeth, extremely furious now.

Edward snickered quietly, affirming his grasp on Jacob's bruising shoulders, asserting the dominance he now had over him.

Jacob was becoming extremely distraught with this current situation he was obviously stuck in. He trashed and kicked against Edward's stone like body, trying his best to get away. It wasn't doing any good, though, he was just causing more harm to himself as his head knocked against the dirt underneath him; sooner or later, he'd have a concussion.

"Why.. mutt, do you smell so differently now?" Edward emphasized on the insult. No matter how attractive Jacob may seem right now, he couldn't let it show.


"What the hell are you talking about, you stupid leech!" Again, Jacob thrashed against Edward's body, being as stubborn as possible.

Jacob shuddered when he felt an almost unimaginably cold press up against his neck. The trashing became more intense. Edward didn't seem to notice anything else as he breathed in the exhilarating smell. Jacob was beyond creeped out, he was scared for to death, for his sake.

Edward was in heaven. He continuously breathed in that of Jacob, resisting the impossible urge to bite down on this warm, tempting neck. He couldn't do that, though, he had morals. Besides, Bella would never forgive him, and that was something he couldn't live with, no matter how wonderful Edward believed Jacob would taste. He couldn't even have a sample, because if he did, the factor of stopping was out of the question.

"Are you in heat?" Edward whispered against the crook of Jacob's neck.

By the way Jacob's body tensed up, Edward knew he was correct. The boy was in heat.

"So now you're a horny mutt? Even better." Edward drew back, taking in the smell once more before proceeding to shred Jacob's bothersome clothes off. He ignored the protests coming his way, and didn't stop until Jacob was completely nude. Now he was satisfied. Edward focused his eyes upon Jacob's body. It looked similar to a sculpture, excluding the numerous amounts of scratches covered his body.

Edward wouldn't publicly admit it, but the mutt had an extraordinary body. His arms were packed with muscles, but not to the point of being disgustingly big. His chest and stomach were toned. He was so tempted to suck the life out of the wolf. He fought the temptation again, though.

"Get..the hell.. off of me!" Jacob wasn't moving, but the venom and intensity in his voice sure made up for it.

"Not yet, pup." Edward teased, and imitated what he did to Jacob's clothes, to his own. Edward forcefully pressed his frigid nude stature against Jacob's, eliciting an intake of breath and an obvious shudder. The mutt was finally giving into his heat. It was a bit of a disappointment to Edward, seeing as how he liked a bit of violence, but it's less of a hassle for him on the long run.

"Ugh.. just.. get on with it already!" Jacob forced, needfully pushing his body up against Edward's and off the ground. His forehead was damp with perspiration.

Edward's hands were now at the sides of Jacob's body, bracing himself over the warm figure. He lowered himself, placing one hand against Jacob's chest, his finger trailing from there to the werewolf's pelvis. He was getting dangerously close to what would bring Jacob to the edge. What would make him plead for more.

"Uhn.. leech, just .. " Jacob whispered the words so quietly that a mere human wouldn't be able to interpret what he said. Edward, on the other hand, could, but decided to tease him a little.

"Just.. what?" Edward tormented.

"Just.. touch me." Jacob clenched his down onto his bottom lip, pleading. His obvious erection was throbbing with anxiety.

Edward's hand slowly slid up Jacob's entire cock, firmly bracing his fingers around it. He was encouraged further by Jacob's grab at his shoulders and near like howls escaping from his mouth. Jacob's body was writhing with excitement, as was Edward's. The only difference was Edward wasn't tossing and turning everywhere like the mutt was.

He ran his hand down to the base of where Jacob's erection began, and guided his gelid hand up it once more, causing Jacob to shiver uncontrollably. Edward was most satisfied with how he was making Jacob groan and shudder with excitement and pleasure. He continued his torturous actions, but at a faster pace; jerking the cock back and forth. It was a pleasurable pain, and a painful pleasure. Jacob's back arched up, breaching his limits as he was entirely too close to his release in such a small amount of time. So Edward pulled his hand away from Jacob's straining member, soon hearing a disappointed growl come from beneath him.

"Don't worry, you'll get off sooner or .. later." Edward discretely teased.

Jacob huffed.

Edward pressed their bodies together, so that their erections were rubbing against one another; creating unbareable friction and pleasure. Jacob bucked against Edward, silently pleading for more so he was able to release. It took all of Edward's strength to not make a noise. He pushed himself up and off Jacob, recieving another protesting grunt from the mutt.

"Oh, be patient." Edward was leaning on one elbow, and placing his hand on his own erection. He guided it to Jacob's ass, delicately pressing it against the wolf's heat. Jacob breathed out slowly, and breathed back in.

The vampire gradually pushed into Jacob's warmth, biting back a scream. Edward's hands were now roughly gripping Jacob's waist, pulling him down quickly, so his bottom would completely sheath his erection.

Jacob shrieked, his nails digging into Edward's cadaverous shoulders, relishing in the almost heart wrenching pleasure. It felt so good, but Jacob was wanting to pull away from the tremendous amount of discomfort Edward was causing him. Edward noticed this, and paused. He waited a few moments for Jacob to become accustom to such invasion of his body.

"..Go." Jacob muttered, running his hands down from Edward's shoulders to his back. He took the pain he was feeling out on Edward's back, scratching and scraping his nails against Edward's back. He was aware that it didn't make a difference on Edward's part, but it helped a little while dealing with the pain. Edward granted Jacob's wish, nearly pulling all the way out and then pushing back in. Jacob's breath hitched, continuing his assault on Edward's un scarred back.

Edward lowered his body onto Jacob's, his frigid body cooling Jacob's febrile self. Vice versa, Jacob's feverish body warming Edward's polar body. In a way, they were a perfect match; Jacob could provide Edward with a warm body, and Edward could provide Jacob with a cold body. But at the same time, they were a match made in hell. That factor overwhelmed any good traits coming from them being one.

He kept his quickened pace up, roughly pushing in and out of Jacob. Jacob seemed to be enjoying it now, for the most part. His lips were parted, an un spoken plead. Edward leaned in, pressing his lips against Jacob's chapped ones. This surprised Jacob, not exactly sure what to do when a male, let alone a vampire kisses him. Edward took the lead, though; his tongue pressed against Jacob's teeth, attempting to pry them apart for his entrance.

Succesfull, Edward's tongue explored every contour of Jacob's mouth.

The wolf whimpered into his mouth, sounding exactly like a lost or injured puppy.

Edward continued thrusting into Jacob's body, moving one of his hands from hips to his throbbing erection. Edward was surprised he was so patient throughout it all. He wrapped his fingers around the mutt's aching erection, pulling it in each direction, rubbing his thumb against the tip. His hand slid down from the start of his cock to his balls, cupping one of them and squeezing it gently. Jacob's body arched up, his breath hitched and he shot his load all across his own stomach and chest, and partially on Edward's hand.

He ignored it, continuing to thrust himself into Jacob's welcoming body. Edward shuddered once, as did Jacob and he released himself into the heat.

He pulled out of Jacob, eliciting a barely audible 'pop' noise.

"Uh... what did we just do?" Jacob asked.

"Don't ask me." Edward replied.


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