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No, this can't be happening. Why did this always have to happen to us? Why is fate always against us? When I was human everything that could go wrong did. Now I'm a vampire and I thought that there could be nothing that could go wrong now. But now this shows up. What am I going to do?

Edward now is my husband. We were so happy until what happened to Alice happened. They were all so miserable. Especially Edward. Alice was his favorite sister. To have her disappear like that, it drove him mad. Jasper was another exception. He was beyond miserable. I think he's lost it. Before, he couldn't last one hour without his wife, I have no idea how he's coping right now.

I wish I could tell them that she's safe and they don't have to worry. But I can't. If I tell them then I have to tell them why she left, and that would ruin everything. I have to bear this horrible truth on my own. Try to fix it without their knowledge. I have to hide this from Edward every single second he's with me. And he's with me almost all of the time now that he didn't need to leave me to go hunting.

He knows that I'm hiding something and he's sure of it. But what can I do? I hate to tell him "Nothing" whenever he asks what was wrong with me. I just push a smile and change the subject. He sees through it but that's the best I can do.

I know that right now he's protected, even though he doesn't know it himself, but I know it's not something that would stop anything. What else can I do?

Alice's been sending me instructions and I'm trying to keep up. It's not easy to protect six people at once. It's hard to keep up.

But it was all for Edward. And our family. But will I be able to protect them all long enough?

I didn't know the answer of that and neither did Alice. So I just did what I was instructed to do. I was never going to let that happen so I followed Alice's instructions very carefully.

Edward and I will have forever. Sometimes I had my moments of doubt and think that our forever would be never but I always took a grip on myself before I got too desperate.

Edward is my husband and I loved him in every possible way. Nothing could change that. He will be mine forever like I am his forever. Nothing is going to change.

I won't allow fate to mess things up. And they will have to go through a lot of trouble before trying to get to him.

I didn't want to think about what could happen if I failed. The thought ripped me to shreds. No, it won't happen. I will do whatever I can to stop it.

Edward and I will live forever and together. I will make sure of that. I am willing to die if it would stop him from being …………………………………………murdered.

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