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''Don't worry, I'm fine" She whispered as she took my hand on both of hers and squeezing it tightly.

I sighed, "I thought so" I gave her a gentle kiss before pulling her into my arms. I tucked her head under my chin. Hoping that I could know what was going on, that I could protect her from the unknown.

6. Slip of the mind


A few hours later Bella's strength was back. We were still in our room. I held her tightly in my arms, fighting the urge to shake her and demand to know the truth. It hurt me to see her so weak and vulnerable. I wanted to be able to help her, to protect her from whatever it is she's facing alone. But she wouldn't let me.

Alice had a vision about something that revolved around me. It's something bad, and Bella is trying to stop it. And it wouldn't help if she told me. That's all I knew. Then would it hurt if she told me? She said it wouldn't help, but would it hurt? Because if it wouldn't then she should tell me. She knows how crazy worried I can get when it comes to her. The only reason for my existence.

I stared at her. Her face was buried in my chest as I held her in my arms. I had one hand intertwined with hers and the other stroking silky hair. She looked so vulnerable and miserable. I didn't want to see her that way, I wanted to distract her from whatever train of thought she was caught in.

"Love?" I murmured quietly.

"Yes, honey" She whispered in my chest.

"How about we go out tonight? I know just the place were we could relax and forget everything for a while. What do you say?" My hand that was stroking her hair started stroking the bit of flesh that was visible from her cheek. I felt it lift up a little under my finger.

She sighed, "I'd like that" She pulled away and I saw her beautiful smile on her lips again. I smiled back, happy to distract her. We stood up and quickly changed our clothes.

"Shall we?" I whispered as I extended my hand to her. She smiled and took it tightly in hers.

We turned off the lights and we got out of the house.

"Would it bother you if we walked rather than take the car?" I asked. She smiled and shook her head. I didn't have anything against my favorite vehicle. It's just that driving takes a part of my mind, even though this part was so small, I wanted to be with Bella tonight. With my whole mind, and heart.

We wandered around the streets for a while, silently. Bella leaned her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her waist.

Wish I could stay with Edward like this forever. Sighs. Bella's thoughts startled me. I stopped and turned to stare at her questioningly. She looked confused.

"Of course you can Bella. What makes you think you otherwise?" I asked still startled by her thoughts.

"What?" She still look confused, "I don't understand. What are you talking about?"

"I heard you say in your mind that you wished you could stay with me forever." I informed her, "What makes you need to wish for this. We already have forever."

Her eyes grew wide, "How did you hear that? I didn't lift my shield" She almost choked. I stared at her and she stared right back. "My shield is falling" She whispered.

"No, no, it can't be" quickly reassuring her, "It could be because you were so exhausted today." She stared at me silently for a while, then pulled her eyebrows together.

"Yeah it could be because of what happened today" She mumbled to herself and not me. My mind was screaming at me. WHAT HAPPENED TODAY? But I held it back.

I sighed, "Let's go" I mumbled and took her hand in mine as I pulled her again with me. She squeezed my hand but didn't say anything.

I took her to a clearing that would look like our old meadow if it wasn't for the snow that was covering it's beauty. It was a place higher than the ground level. We sat on the soft snow, awaiting the sunrise that it's beauty would pale beside Bella's. Bella sat down next to me and I pulled her in my arms.

"You know, I would have never thought that was possible" I whispered.

She shifted her head from my chest to my shoulder to look at my face, "you never thought what was possible?" She asked. I smiled.

"From the first moment that I laid eyes on you, I never would have imagined that I could fall in love with you, change you, and marry you. The word love wasn't in my dictionary for decades. The only kind of love I've known was the love I held for my family. Nothing else" I pushed a strand of her hair away from her face as I spoke. She smiled a smile that dazzled me and made my breath catch.

"The first moment I laid eyes on you I couldn't take them off you" She laughed and I laughed along with her. "I used to peak at you through my hair and notice you always staring at me. And when you started talking to me, well you have no idea how that made me feel" She put a hand on me cheek and stroked it.

"But how come you did not fear me when you found out what I was? Was it because you knew I hunted animals and not humans?" I asked as I remembered the question that has confused me for quite a while now.

"It was part of it, but the bigger part was because when I found out……" she stared into my eyes and whispered softly, "I loved you too much to fear you. It would have caused me actual physical pain if I were to go after my mind and leave you."

I didn't know how my face looked like, all I know is that I was filled with so much love for her that it must've showed on my face.

"And…" She trailed off and her face went blank.

"Yes?" I urged her to continue.

"I…I forgot" She whispered blankly. She traced my features with her finger leaving a trail of fire on everyplace she touched on my face, "You look more beautiful than normal" She mouthed.

"And so says the beauty queen" I whispered as I leaned down to kiss her softly.

When we pulled away she sighed and closed her eyes. I closed mine too and touched my forehead to hers.

Stupid Volturi. I won't let them take him from me! No matter what I have to do. Another piece of information slipped from her mind. I fought to stay calm so she wouldn't notice that I heard anything.

The Volturi?! They wanted to take me? Was that what the vision was about? I'll have to dwell on that later. She is so close now, she'd sense any tension or any change of expression.

"Can we go get Renesmee now? I miss her. Esme's had her for long enough." She cut through my racing train of thought. I pushed the most natural smile I could manage on my face.

"Of course sweaheart. Let's go see her" And maybe while you spend sometime with her I'd be able to think quietly about it all.

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