My destiny

i do not own inuyasha.

chapter 1

"Hurry up wench!" shouted inuyasha. "Inuyasha we've been walking for 2 days straight," replied kagome,"Cant we rest"
"Keh, stupid humans, kikyo would make finding the jewel first priority."muttered Inuyasha. As his words finally sunk in he knows what is about to come.
"Inuyasha..."kagome started dangerously low,"SIT BOY!" why does he always compare me to kikyo thought kagome.

As night goes on they all eventually fall asleep, Inuyasha creeps away to meet his love. "Hello Inuyasha.""Kikyo..." "Have your decided yet inuyasha me or my reincarnation.


kagome wakes up suddenly, Kikyo's soul collectors, oh so thats where he's at. She get's up and makes heer way top the sacred tree to clear her head, but what she sees when she arrives is different. "So inuyasha decide."said kikyo. "You and only you my love, she is a mear shard detector and that is all," his eyes were full of love as he replied with out a second thought. They come together in a warm embrace. Kagome watches this scene and makes no effort to stop the tears that are rolling incontrollably down her rosy cheeks. She urns and runs as fast as her legs can carry her, stummboling every now and agin over the odd rock or stone, to the bone eaters well her only way home. Im just in the way here, is the last thought before she jumps the well.