She lifted her head as I quietly slipped into the room.

"I can never sneak up on you can I?" I said, while my eyes swept her face, knowing that it would be the best indication to whether or not she was alright. It was carefully blank. She knew me too well.

"Seven years of experience my dear. After all this time it's almost as if I can see you. Through the wall." She glared at me pointedly, and I chuckled at her. Such an old soul she was. Far more mature than those measly eleven years that she so extolled. Of course she knew how I had paced restlessly outside her room as she had her operation. Her slim arm came up to touch the bandages which wrapped around curious, if long dead eyes.

"Walls are not the only thing I can see through" She said.

I sighed, she really could see right through me. "How did it go?"

"We don't know yet, but..." She said, head ducking down.

I gathered her small body in my arms kissing her hair and humming the soft melody which had played itself in my head since the moment I'd met this strange, entrancing, fragile creature. Her lullaby. I didn't say anything, knowing that she had no desire to be pitied or spoken kindly to. My lady, as I called her in my mind, was as strong as she was delicate.

"Its times like these when I feel very angry with you." She said.

"Oh? And for what reason" I asked, amused. So small and weak yet so stubbornly fierce, my lady was adorable when she was angry.

"For being nine years old when I was born, and for taking so long to find me."

"Ah. I'm sorry. Then I promise to make it up to you someday."

She yawned, her head risting on my chest. "Good." she sighed, "Remember that you aren't allowed to leave me anymore".

"I would never voluntarily leave you love." I soothed her, and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, "Now sleep, tomorrow is a long day.

I hummed her lullaby as I watched her drift into sleep. She was yet a child, only seven years old, but I knew that one day I would fall in love with the woman she was swiftly becoming. She was always so serious, so much the adult I sometimes forgot how young she truly was. So kind, so accepting, yet perceptive and wise far beyond her years, she had allowed her parents to force her into an operation which had only the barest chance of succeeding, and every chance of harming her if it failed. She and looked at them and understood that they needed her to try this operation, that having a blind daughter was a burden which they were ill prepared to carry, and that in their desperation they would disregard her sentiments on the off chance that the operation could produce the "whole" daughter they had dreamed of. She had even forgiven them for never understanding how wonderfully amazing she was, for never appreciating what they already had in their hands. They were stupidly oblivious to Bella's perfection, the way she could turn her weakness into strength, the way her blindness gave her more insight than any other person I had ever known. She understood people better even than I, who always seemed to know what was on everyone's mind but hers. Her blindness gave her compassion. It was a gift, whether her parents realized that or not.

"Edwaaaaaaaaard!" she whined softly in her sleep, "The cookies stole my pillow!"

I chuckled, "It's alright love, I'll be your pillow for tonight."

She snuggled further into my chest, throwing one leg over my hip. I sighed. This girl would be the death of me one day.
"Edward. Stay." She commanded.

"As you wish my dear." I whispered.

"I love you." She sighed, and my heart went into overdrive. I stared at her sleeping form. Her face was so peaceful, so angelic.

"I love you too." I whispered, and then allowed myself to drift off to sleep.

Three days later Bella's parents took her away from me. Once they learned that their daughter would not recover her sight, they left town, leaving behind several unpaid debts. They disappeared, and as much as I ached to search for Bella, my mother's worsening condition prevented me. My father was drafted into the Great War, which raged in the fields of Europe, leaving my mother, who had never been of a strong constitution, sickly and broken hearted. With her in such a fragile state, constantly in and out of the hospital, I had no choice but to stay home and care for both her and our home. My only consolation was the support of Dr. Carlisle, the physician who had performed Bella's surgery and was my mother's caretaker. But I was hollow inside. My face was expressionless, my actions automatic. My voice was broken and empty of all cadences. I spent my time doing whatever was required of me, and trying desperately to hold together the cutting shards of glass which had replaced my heart, wincing as their jagged edges ripped at my chest in protest. My mother's illness prevented her from seeing my broken state, and for that only I was thankful.

My mother had the Spanish Influenza. Cases of it had been seen farther up north, and there had been a panic that the disease would spread to us. And now those fears came to life. All around me I found my family and friends wasting away, until, when the disease finally hit me, I was almost glad of it. I was tired of this incessant pain which tore in my chest, and through the sickness-induced delirium I could hardly remember my own name; my life's memories faded before me, even those of Bella, leaving only a faint feeling of loss. I was dying, far faster than any of the other victims, primarily because I had stopped wanting to live long ago. I watched my mother die, whispering something fearfully in Dr. Carlisle's ear before once again slipping into unconscious. She had asked him to save me, I was sure. I had always been able to tell what others thought, and I knew my mother's dying wish would always be for me. I frowned, not particularly wanting to live. And then my world erupted in fire.

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