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In a Restaurant in Konoha:

Jiraiya takes a long gulp from his beer mug and slams it down onto the table. "This village is corrupt! The councils rule everything!" he declares.

Orochimaru rolls his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, give it a rest, Jiraiya."

"He has a point, Orochimaru," Tsunade states. "Sarutobi may have convinced me to stay, but I've seen how they treat the Fourth's son, like the demon he contains."

"It's against the law to talk about it," Orochimaru hisses.

Jiraiya glares at him, "And since when have you cared about laws?"

"Sarutobi put me in my place in my labs, remember? I've done my time in the prison," snaps Orochimaru unhappily. "Since then, the councils have indeed taken over, and Sarutobi cannot protect the boy."

Jiraiya drains his mug and slams it onto the table. "My student would roll over in his grave if he saw how his son is treated!"

"We aren't treated much better," Tsunade grumbles.

Jiraiya sighs, "They hate me because I'm a pervert, they hate Orochimaru because of his past experiments, and they hate Tsunade because the Uchiha clan has poisoned their minds against her. I say we should just leave the village!"

"Careful, Jiraiya," points out the Snake Sannin. "That could be considered treasonous."

Tsunade smirks, "Who could stop us if we did commit treason? I'm fed up with this village!"

"That makes three of us," Orochimaru and Jiraiya say simultaneously. Jiraiya continues, "If we are to leave, we will become missing nin."

Tsunade rolls up her sleeve to show the slug contract on her arm, "And?"

"You mentioned the Fourth's son Naruto?" Orochimaru inquires.

Jiraiya growls, "They used me to help create that seal, now they hate him for it. I say if we leave, we should take him with us!"

"Let's go then! We have more than enough money, and we can seal our possessions in scrolls!" exclaims Tsunade.

Orochimaru sighs and glances around at the empty restaurant, the other customers having left when they entered. "I will send a snake for the boy. We leave tonight."

"As soon as it gets dark," Jiraiya agrees. "We have enough tricks up our sleeves to get away clean."

Tsunade grins, "We're known as the Sannin for a reason!"

"Indeed," hisses her snake-like teammate. They vanish in puffs of smoke leaving behind a few coins to pay for their meals and drinks.

Later that Night:

A Chunin rushes into the Hokage's office. "Lord Hokage! The Sannin have left the village!"

Sarutobi stands from his chair quickly, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir! And they seem to have taken the dem—Uzumaki boy with them," he corrects himself.

Sarutobi frowns but nods, "Send out Hunter nin after them! At best, it will slow them down until we can arrive."

The Chunin rushes from the room to carry out his orders. Sarutobi pulls off his Hokage robes to reveal his old armor. "This is going to be the fight of the century," he murmurs before leaping out the window to go after his former students.

An Hour Later:

Sarutobi lands in the forest, surrounded by Anbu and Jonin. Jiraiya sits around table playing cards with his two teammates. "All of you! What are you doing here?" the Hokage demands.

"Pull up a chair, Sarutobi," Tsunade calls, "I think I might win this time! Call!"

Orochimaru lays down his hand and grins, "Once again, I win. Your luck will never change, Tsunade."

Jiraiya grumbles and pushes his chips to Orochimaru before turning to his teacher. "Sarutobi, we're leaving, and we are never coming back. If you come after us, we will kill you," he says conversationally, as if he were talking about the weather.

Tsunade smiles pleasantly, "That's exactly what we're doing. Now, please leave before we have to get physical."

Sarutobi sighs, "Anbu, arrest them!" The three Sannin run through very familiar hand signs and three massive puffs of smoke fills the air. The Anbu fly out of the smoke, followed by a stream of acid and a skyscraper-sized blade.

The smoke dissipates to reveal the three Boss Summons of the Sannin. Gamabunta, the Slug Queen, and Manda glare down at the small army below them. The Toad Boss grumbles, "Get out of here, Sarutobi. I will not let you take these three back to that corrupt hellhole of a village."

Manda licks his lips slowly, "Ah, Orochimaru, you finally brought me a sacrifice." He eyes the Jonin and Anbu hungrily.

Tsunade pats her slug's head lightly and shouts, "Let us go or we will pulverize you! Right?"

"Yes, my Lady," murmurs the Giant Slug respectfully.

Sarutobi summons Enma who turns into a long black pole. "Enma, we have to bring these three back to the village, dead or alive. They are planning on becoming missing nins."

Enma gazes at the other three Boss Summons, "Are you willing to support the Sannin in this matter, or the Hokage"

"Our masters have a valid point," the Slug says quietly.

Manda snarls, "Orochimaru is the only one worthy of my power. The village is holding him back!"

Gamabunta takes a deep puff of his pipe and answers calmly, "I support the Sannin. The village is too corrupt to continue serving, especially after the treatment of Minato's boy."

Sarutobi feels remorse, thinking back on the times that he allowed Naruto to be mistreated and abused by the villagers. "The laws of our village require you to come back with us, or to be labeled as missing nin," Sarutobi says tiredly. "Make things easy on yourselves!"

"We are," Jiraiya states coldly. "We're leaving."

Enma glances at his summoner, shaking his head with regret. "I'm sorry, Sarutobi, but I will not fight the boss summons. Not only will we lose, but it will damage relations between our animal clans." He disappears in a puff of smoke, much to Sarutobi's surprise.

Sarutobi shouts, "Than you leave us no choice. Attack!" The ninja and Anbu jump at them, but the swift blade of Gamabunta and the acid spray of the Slug Queen wipes out most of them. The Hokage starts running through hand signs while the Sannin leap off of their summons and attack, running through their own hand signs. Sarutobi barely dodges their combined elemental attacks with a mud wall.

He senses someone behind him and ducks under the Grass Cutter Sword. Orochimaru kicks Sarutobi hard in the gut, cracking his armor. "Just die, old man," he sneers.

"What has gotten into you, Orochimaru? I thought you learned your lesson!" Sarutobi yells, dodging more slashes and counterattacking with a wooden bo staff from a wrist seal.

Orochimaru snarls, "Have you gone senile, Sarutobi? Staying in that village where they hate me is a sick joke!"

Might Gai and Jiraiya trade blows on even terms, but the green-clothed man's speed is the only thing that saves him from Jiraiya's jutsu. He punches at the Sannin as hard as he can, only to have his hand shredded by Jiraiya's hard spikey hair. Jiraiya kicks Gai through seven trees and ends the duel with a hard punch to his forehead.

Anbu fly over the treetops from the powerful punches of Tsunade, a few of them unfortunate enough to survive the punches. Kakashi runs at Tsunade with his Chidori from behind when a barrage of needles pin him to a tree. A moment later, a large pig rams his gut while Shizune knocks him unconscious with a needle to a nerve on his neck. "Thanks, Shizune!" Tsunade calls.

The apprentice answers quickly, "Sorry for not coming sooner, Lady Tsunade!" The Slug Sannin waves it off and Shizune disappears into the forest.

The Sannin regroup, having dealt with most of the other forces, to fight their old mentor. "I think we have enough of a head start that we can let you go," Tsunade states, shattering his armor completely with a single punch.

Orochimaru hisses, "If not for the other villages seeing your death as a chance to invade, I would slay you here. Goodbye, Sarutobi."

Jiraiya waves, "Goodbye, Sensei!" The three Sannin explode into blood.

"Blood clones?" gasps Sarutobi. "Why didn't they dispel in battle?"

Gamabunta glowers at him dangerously, "Because of the amount of chakra pushed into them! These are better than blood clones. They are an advanced mix of Shadow and Blood clones."

"Ah," Sarutobi says, "Is there any chance that I will be able to catch them now?"

Manda glares at him and licks his bloody lips. "Not a chance."

The Slug Queen says in a whispy voice, "Take your wounded and go. Next time, we will not be merciful." The three summons vanish in huge billows of smoke. Sarutobi swallows a soldier pill and makes shadow clones. The clones grab the survivors and head back to Konoha in defeat.

Jiraiya holds onto the medium-sized toad when his clone's memories hit him. Orochimaru hisses, clinging to his snake, "Why did we let him live?"

Tsunade retorts, "Because we owe him that much for training us."

Jiraiya glances over his shoulder at the young orange-clad form of Naruto. "How are you holding up, Naruto?"

Naruto answers as cheerfully as he can, "I'm doing great now!"

Shizune appears on a fast moving slug and catches up with them. "Nobody is following us," she informs them.

Kabuto chuckles from his perch behind his master, "Of course they aren't! Who would dare take us on after suffering such casualties?"

"An old fool," whispers Jiraiya bitterly. He says loud enough for everyone else to hear, "Where are we going?"

Orochimaru smirks evilly, "Do you think that I stayed in the village this entire time? I always had a mud clone walking around the village; but most of the time, I was forming my own village!"

"Your own village?" inquires Tsunade skeptically.

Kabuto holds up a forehead protector with a single note on it, "The Sound Village!"

"We are not going to be your subordinates, Orochimaru," warns Jiraiya, resting his hand on his scroll of jutsus.

Orochimaru sneers, "Of course not, Jiraiya. I'm not stupid! In my Sound Village, we can pass on our teachings to whoever we deem worthy. Tsunade, you can create the best healing institution in the world. Jiraiya, your books and research can go on without interruption. I will continue studying jutsus and the key to immortality."

"What about Naruto?" Jiraiya asks suspiciously.

Orochimaru smirks, "He will be the new Sannin. We will train him in all of our skills. I have heard of a group called the Akatsuki. They are collecting demon containers for whatever reason. By the time we finish with him, he will be on even footing with them, hopefully."

"You want Naruto to be our successor?" Tsunade says in surprise.

Orochimaru raises an eyebrow, "Yes, I do. Let's hurry; Anko is waiting for us at the rendezvous point."

Jiraiya frowns darkly, "Isn't Anko that apprentice of yours that disappeared and was presumed to be dead?"

"Indeed," Orochimaru says cheerfully, "She has become quite strong under my tutelage. She runs the village in my absence and is entrusted with recruiting more ninja for the village."

Tsunade retorts, "Let's go then! You better have plenty of sake waiting for me."

"Naturally, Tsunade," Orochimaru says smoothly. "I wouldn't forget something so crucial." Jiraiya snickers but is quickly silenced by Tsunade's glare. Naruto sits behind Jiraiya quietly, taking in the conversation.

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