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Two days later later:

Jiraiya closes the door of the small candle-lit room. He kneels to examine Gaara's seal. The young boy stands shirtless with his arms crossed over his chest. Gaara glares at him distrustfully, though the sand remains on the floor around him. The sand churns slowly around him. Jiraiya sighs and states, "Five pronged seal. This might hurt a little." His right hand's fingertips glow with chakra. He slams his hand into the Jinchuuriki's stomach. The blow knocks the boy off his feet and he lands on his back unconscious.

Jiraiya smiles, "Much better." The sand lies lifeless around the room. He takes out his paintbrush and bottle of ink. He studies the seal, lightly painting additions on the skin. After an hour or two, he finally finishes the job and removes the five pronged seal. The Sanin opens the door and states to the waiting sand siblings, "Gaara may sleep now and has complete control over his demon. My job is done for now. If you need me, I'll be at the nearest bar."

Orochimaru grabs him by the back of the shirt and drags him back into the room. "If you get drunk before checking on Naruto to see how his Rasengan training is going, I will send you to Tsunade in a full body cast."

Jiraiya grumbles but agrees to check on him. He shushins towards the co-ed hot springs with water fresh from a hot under-the-desert stream.

Naruto is sitting on the water with a water balloon jerking in all directions on his hand. Despite his eyes being closed, he says, "Hi, Pervy Sage. Did Lord Orochimaru send you?" His teammates surround him, all naked. Tayuya sits opposite of Naruto with a warm cloth covering her face.

"That's not important," grunts Jiraiya. "You haven't completed this stage of the rasengan training. I can go." He turns to leave when he hears a loud Pop!

"Think again," Naruto replies smugly. "I just wanted to see the look on your face. Now, what's the next step?"

Jiraiya pauses long enough to toss him a rubber ball. It bounces off the water and lands in Naruto's waiting hand. "Pop it the same way."

"Thanks. I have a present for you," Naruto calls. Jiraiya looks over his shoulder. The blonde boy snaps his fingers and three young women walk in from behind a curtain on the wall. They aren't wearing anything and are gorgeous.

They say in unison, "Hello, Lord Jiraiya." They bow as one. They are a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. The redhead says, "We have been instructed to assist in your writing process."

The brunette smiles, "We will serve you in any way you deem necessary."

The blonde winks and says seductively, "If the stories of you are true, I'm yours until you leave our village. Anything, anytime, anywhere." She licks her lips as she looks the older ninja over.

Jiraiya calls back to his student, "You've learned well, brat. I'll send them back to you later to help you improve on your arsenal of distraction jutsu."

Naruto inquires of his red-haired teammate, "Honey, do you have any objections?"

"Don't call me 'honey', stupid," Tayuya groans in frustration, keeping the cloth on her face. She wants to object, but Kabuto's direct orders were to help Naruto in any way he needed when it came to his training. Half of her wants to smack him while the other half wants to kill the other girls for even thinking of touching her Naruto. She sighs, "Those girls are sluts. They aren't touching you."

Naruto states, "Distraction Jutsus are part of my training. I will need help improving them."

Tayuya throws the cloth at him and replies harshly, "Fine! I'll help with your stupid perverted jutsus. But if you do anything outside of my very specific instructions, I'll clobber you. Got it, idiot?" Naruto leans back in the pool with a victorious grin. His teammates look shocked. Her glare silences any comments.

"Not bad," Jiraiya smirks pervertedly, a notebook already in hand as he takes notes. "I guess these girls are mine for the duration. I might even take them home if they prove…useful. Later, kids." The Sound Six waves as he leaves.

Elsewhere in the Sand Village the Next Day:

The Kazekage sits complacently across from the three Sanin, all of which have their protégée behind them. Kabuto, Shizune, and Naruto stand at the ready while three Sand Anbu are behind the Kazekage. Orochimaru sips his tea and says quietly, "The Leaf Village will be hosting the Chunin Exams in four years. In that time, any information leaving the Sound and Sand will be saying that the Sanin have not shown up since their desertion of Konoha. The Sound village is a new, but powerful village who will be attending the Chunin Exams. I assume we are in agreement on what to do after that."

"Of course," the Kazekage frowns. "We destroy the Hidden Leaf and take their place as a major power. News has reached my ears that Gaara's seal has been modified. Will he still be able to be used at that time?"

Jiraiya sighs, "You doubt me? I am a seal master. That boy will be trained on how to draw out and use his demon to the best of his abilities. He will be more lethal by the time the Chunin exams take place then he would left to his own."

"Be sure that he will," the Kazekage replies coldly. "We have much more to lose than any of you."

Naruto says loudly, "You don't know anything about what we have to lose! We could lose our whole village! You would just have a short war with the Hidden Leaf."

"Any further comments, young one?" the Kazekage inquires patiently.

"Yeah," Naruto states. He sits down directly in front of the Kazekage and says very seriously, "If any of my men are going to be put in danger by your arrogance or stupidity, I will come back here for your head myself." He stands and goes back to his post behind Jiraiya.

The Kazekage laughs humorlessly, "I see that you have quite a bit of spirit. I would suggest you reign in that big mouth of yours before it gets you killed."

"I suggest the same for you, Kazekage," Naruto states without an ounce of respect.

Jiraiya laughs to break the tension and takes a drink of the wine provided. "Now, now, relax, everyone. I apologize for my dear protégé's outburst." His laughter fades and he states just as seriously as Naruto, "But what he said was dead on. If you try to double-cross us, we will kill you. Only Danzo the Salamandar has ever beaten us, and you are not in his league, with all due respect, sir."

The Kazekage smiles tensely under the veil covering most of his face. "It is good to know where we stand on such things. We are in agreement on the plans then. We will convene at the next appointed time."

"A moment, if you will," Orochimaru says with authority. "I would like to discuss your son, the Jinchuuriki."

The Kazekage gazes at the Sannin harshly, "He is not my son! He is a tool of the village."

Tsunade mutters to Jiraiya, "Sounds like an old warhawk that we know." Jiraiya chuckles.

Orochimaru replies coolly, "And what better way for a tool of the village to be sharpened and brought to its full potential, if not for training with a fellow Jinchuuriki and his men?"

"You have a Jinchuuriki?" the Kazekage inquires.

Naruto speaks up again, "That'd be me, Kazekage." The two have a staring contest until the blonde smiles and continues, "Don't worry, sir. I wouldn't do anything to undermine your authority…too much."

Kabuto watches the scene with amusement from his post behind Orochimaru. Shizune is shaking her head, keeping an eye on all the ninja in the room with her hands in her sleeves.

"You would take him to the Sound Village for training for the next few years?" the Kazekage asks politely.

"We would," Tsunade confirms. "It would be the most efficient way, especially with my medical facility so close to deal with any…unfortunate incidents…during their training."

"It would also give you an edge on the other villages," Orochimaru reminds him. "Nobody would see how powerful the Jinchuuriki would become. I would be beyond a Genin level by the time of the exams, I assure you."

An Anbu whispers in the Kazekage's ear for a moment. The Kazekage says out loud to the Sannin, "I accept your proposition on the condition that Baki, Temari, and Kankuro remain with Gaara during his training. It's not that I don't trust you; it's just that I don't trust you. At all."

"That is both understandable and acceptable," Orochimaru smiles. He stands and bows respectfully, "We shall take our leave."

Jiraiya speaks up, "Hey! There are three young women I would like to take with me to our village."

The Kazekage sighs and announces, "Take them and go!" The Sannin bow again as one and leave. Their protégé's start to follow them.

Naruto calls over his shoulder, "If you ever make an attempt on Gaara's life again, I will hold you personally responsible twice over. Don't be stupid." He leaves.

Kabuto bows politely and smiles menacingly, "I do apologize for my teammate's rudeness…but I will be the one to land the finishing blow it happens." He leaves.

Shizune sighs and calls to the Anbu behind the Kazekage, "Look me up sometime. I'll give you night training that you'll never forget." She winks and walks out. When they are out of earshot, she sighs to herself, "I have been around Lord Jiraiya entirely too much."

Kabuto nudges her as they walk, "What's the matter? Too lonely at the village?"

She pushes him away and grunts, "There are no decent men at our village! You're a perfect example of that."

Naruto jokes, "I'm wounded, Shizune! I happen to be prince charming!" He strikes a pose. She giggles and pushes him too.

"Talk to me when you're a little older, and we'll see about that," she says, only half kidding.

Naruto replies smoothly, "Talk to Tayuya! She's going to be helping me with my Distraction Jutsu, and she might need some assistance with the more elaborate jutsu. She's crazy about me!"

"Is that why she is constantly trying to kill you?" Kabuto asks teasingly.

Naruto scowls, "She just hasn't realized her undying love for me yet. Give it some time!"

Shizune rolls her eyes, but Kabuto notices her writing a brief note on her arm just under her sleeve. He chuckles but, for his own safety, does not mention it.

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