Ok guys, I'm really (and I mean REALLY) bored atm and I'm writing randomness! Got it! Good! I'll probs do an Alanna/George, Jon/Thayet, Daine/Numair, Mithros/GMG (Great Mother Goddess weirdo!) and maybe Kel/Dom and/or Kel/Neal for all you Dom haters out there! that kinda thing. Cool? Or not? Review and tell!

Ok, here goes!

"Why are you making me do this, George?" Alanna moaned.

"Because y' said y' wanted t' darlin'," the ex-Rouge replied. (AN: If I've got his grammar (or whatever) wrong, I don't want to know!!!)

"I take it BACK now!" she said (well yelled actually).

"Y' can't darlin', it's too late for that."


"Because we are halfway there already and t' turn 'round now will jus' make the fact that y' got ont' the boat -"

"It's a SHIP master Baron sir, NOT a boat," interjected the ship's captain. (AN: Couldn't resist)

"Fine, the ship then, got ont' the ship in the firs' place completely pointless," George pointed out reasonably.

This whole conversation (as you can probably imagine) was taking place between his wife's bouts of emptying the contents of her stomach over the railing.

"But why, George, in all the Gods names, WHY?" she whined.

"Because darlin' y' said y' wanted t' get t' Corus soonest and this is t' fastest way," George explained patiently. (AN: Don't know if that's true or not, do not currently have the books on me to check, if it is incorrect and that bothers you so much go read something else!)

"You didn't have to take me seriously George!" Alanna yelled exasperatedly, then proceeded to continue heaving over the railing.

"Well y' said y' wanted to 'go and knock some sense int' Jon's (insert numerous curse words) head'," George continued to explain.

Alanna swore at him using words that cannot be repeated and continued retching over the side of the boat (sorry, Cap'en) the ship.

"I said I wished George, wished to go and knock some sense into his head!"

"Well, y' shoul' ta made tha' clear before y' go 'round swearin' at people and threatenin' dire consequences if they don't do as y' say!"

Ok, that's going nowhere! I figured I can stop there and it'll still make "sense" (inverted comma's cause it doesn't make sense anyway but so who cares!).

Review please an tell me if it's worth continuing!!! *makes puppy dog eyes* pweeeeeeeese!