-January 21, 1676-

The waves of the cold and barred sea hitting the port, starboard, and bow of my ship, seagulls screeching in the search for food. The sound of glass mugs over filled with foam, and the cheers of my crew over new found land. My name is Mikan the captain of this ship and crew, I am 18 years old, also known as the youngest captain in all of pirate history. I and my crew all have dark secrets in-which no one knows but mine is the darkest, in-which only seven people know, though three others withhold the same secret.

"Mikan." I turned to come face to face my first mate Hana also my most trusted friend on this ship, being the most trusted she's the one of two on this ship who knows my secret, she's four years older than me. Though that means nothing.

"Yes, Hana?" I asked in a kind voice, she looked nervous for some reason, I tried to sooth her but she started to fiddle with her fingers. I raised an eyebrow, Hana wasn't this kind of person she was more blunt and out going than I was.

"Um...the ship is headed North to..." She stopped and looked up as if trying to think of the right words. "...Fire Island Madame."

My kindness disappeared with a quick pop, and my eyes shot ablaze. Fire Island. I turned my head not going eye to eye with Hana. We could not be heading there. No, I will not allow it.

With my cold and uncaring attitude for anything at this moment, I marched up the small pair of stairs to the loft were the person controlling the movement of the ship was. Immediately I knew who to blame.

"Nick." I said in a sickening sweat voice.

He trembled with words as he knew what was happening or was gonna happen. "Ye-yes madame?"

"Do you know where we are headed?" I asked leaning in closer to him.

"Y-yes, mam. T-to F-fire Island." He started to visibly tremble in fear of me.

"Right, and didn't I tell you to..." I fiercely grabbed hold of his collar and pulled him up to my face "NEVER GO THERE!" I yelled at him.

"S-sorry mam! I'll turn around now!" I dropped his collar and he fell to the floor trying to catch his breath.

I finished with him by saying "See that you do." then left. Every crew member watched this display. They've never seen me this way outside of battle. They retreated pretending they didn't know anything happened. Heh, smart people when they wanted to be.

I walked into my quarters at the bottom of my ship and slammed the door shut. Dragging my feet, I slowly walked over to my desk sat down banging my head against it. I rubbed my temples when I felt the migraine come on. God Damn I need something for this dreaded headache.

A knock on the door made me groan wearily. I grumbled an almost inaudible "Come in." I placed my head back on my desk not bothering to look up to see if it was someone about murder me. But right now I really don't care at this point.

I heard the door open and footsteps come my way. Then a pair of big hands on my shoulders moving in a circular motion. I immediately knew who it was, Akira my boyfriend the only other person besides Hana who knows my secret.

"Ruff day?" He asked. He must have seen what happened with Nick.

"Hm...yea." I replied putting my head back down wanting to go to sleep.

"It's okay you can sleep no one is in here except me. Nothing is going to go wrong." I smiled as I finally felt at ease. If anything happened to Akira I don't know what I'd do.


My head shot up eyes wide open. What the hell was that! It sounded like it was a canon that fired. My eyes widened even more when I heard the yells of my fellow mates. I turned to Akira who had a serious look on his face, but mine held worry.

"MIKAN!" Hana burst threw the door of my room with a fearful look on her face. "We are being attacked by UGH!" Hana fell from the front of the door way with a sword sticking out of her back where her heart would be,...no was. Blood dripped from her mouth, she was dead.

I stood up abruptly wanting to go by her side to see if there was even the slightest chance to save her, but Akira put an arm out in-front of me stopping my movements. He glared at the door as I noticed a man walk into it ducking from hitting his head from the arch way. He was defiantly not of my crew.

This guy was not of any crew but from what I noticed was a captain. He was looking down and all I saw as his black hat holding a crimson feather. He wore a black captain jacket with golden trimmings, black boots and ragged pants. His shirt was a deep red wife-beater with half the buttons undone.

He stopped in the middle of the floor when Akira drew his sword threateningly. He made a scoffing noise not intimidated by Akira. Showing so by drawing his own sword also. Akira pushed me behind I guess for my protection....hey wait I'm the captain here and I'm better than him at kendo too. So why is he doing this? I was about to draw my sword from its sheath too but he stopped me from doing that also. Damn it.

I guy in-front of us smirked and with a deep voice that would be enticing to other girls he said "So Captain. Why won't you let your little whore to your dirty work for you? After all you can get another one. If you're not dead first."

Wh-WHORE! I am no whore you fuckin' bastard! Fire burned in my eyes, okay NOW I want to murder him! AND Akira won't die by your hands so easily not if I have anything to say about it! Akira held the same expression as I did. The guy smirked again holding out his sword indicating a fight. Akira was more than happy enough to oblige.

Their swords clashed in a violent display of their swordsmanship going at it non stop. But soon enough Akira found an opening and took it he slashed the guy's side, his blood fell to the floor in a violet display, though it was not deep enough to kill him. He guy was clearly not impressed.

He took a look at his wounded side and Akira took this as another chance to cut his head or arm off, but this is what he wanted Akira to do. The guy smirked under his hat, and only I noticed this as I was about to yell to Akira to warn him it was already... to late. He found himself stare down the barrel of a gun.


The empty shell casing hit the floor making everything go silent. Only the sound of a body hitting the floor was heard to the my sheer horror. My eyes widened as I notice it was Akira who hit the floor blood pouring out of his head.

"AKIRA!" I yelled running past the guy to him. I dropped to my knees and put his head on my lap.


"Shh, shh, shh don't strain yourself." I moved his hair out of his eyes and started to cry. She watched his usually pink and full of life face turn into pale and so deadly. Akira brought his hand up to my face and rubbed a couple tears away with his large thumb.

"M-Mikan I...l-love you." And with that his eyes closed, and his hand dropped to the floor.

My head drooped looking at him as I gently laid him on the floor. I stood up my bangs covering my eyes. Then turned to the guy who's hat was still covering his face.

I could practically feel him smirk while looking at me. "So do you want to join my crew? I know you'll have fun and earn a lot of money for the scalawags." he said disgusting me. I wanted to yell at him but didn't.

I looked up to him with a smile on my face. "Sure I'll go with you....TO HELL THAT IS!" I quickly unsheathed my sword and charged at him full speed, he didn't even get a change to withdraw his own. With one swing it would have been over but he moved away just in time to miss it.

Taking the opening I drew out his sword and swung at me successfully hitting me in the stomach. Blood poured out of my opened wound and dizziness over came me but that was not enough to bring me down especially not before he does. I stood up straight despite the pain.

'I will win against him' I promised myself after all with that wound on his side he'll have to treat it sooner or latter before he loses to much blood. Though I will not be one to complain as long as he dies I do not care how.

That's when I decided it's all or nothing I will kill him or die trying. It's now or never. I lifted my sword to attack again but something or someone appeared a few feet behind me. But that is when I knew with his speed and significant amount of blood loss, that it would be the end... for me. But like I said I'll die trying.

I didn't want to use my alice to protect myself otherwise it wouldn't be a fair fight. I lifted my sword and charged at him but with one swipe of his own weapon my sword flew across the room. I was stunned, and unfortunately today it seemed like he was out for blood. He slashed open my flesh a few times near vital areas to the point that I thought I would really die.

But that's also when I knew when it was over. One more quick slash and it was unbearable I don't really know if I died or just passed out, cause the last thing I remember seeing was his hat tip up, and him staring at my fallen mangled body, with crimson red eyes...like a demon.

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