It's a close call

Follow up to locker room loving

Mac is sitting behind his desk when Danny walks in during the night shift" Hey Mac have you seen Stella anywhere" I have not came Mac's quick reply" how come you have the blinds closed asks Danny" I need to get all this paper work done Mac reply's gripping the desk he has tears in his eyes now" You ok asks a concerned Danny " Yep fine I will Tell Stella you where looking for her is that you away home now" Yes boss see you tomorrow"

Once Danny has left the office " Mac looks down under the desk there between his legs is Stella sucking him off he grips the desk harder" So what do you think of this then" she asks as she takes his erection out of her mouth. " I think we are playing a dangerous game its so hard trying to chat to one of my CSI'S and having your lips sucking me like that.

As Stella continues she sucks harder till Mac cum's in her mouth she waits for a few minuets till he catches his breath. He moves the chair back so she has room to get up.

Stella kisses Mac and slowly undoes her trousers she pulls them and her pants down and sits on top of Mac's erection facing the desk and with her back to him she grips the desk.

Slowly she starts to move up and down , Mac gently thrust on feeling this she quickens the movements, they are both close to climax when they hear the team chatting outside the office they are just about to finish night shift. I will go and say night to Mac says Lindsay this causes Mac and Stella to tense but they don't stop there thrusting," he is busy says Danny lets go" as they hear the team move to the elevator.

The thrust's come faster Mac buries his face in Stella's back to stop him from shouting her name she almost shouts his name but Mac places his hand across her mouth as he thrust's one more time he can feel there love juices mix together, Stella collapses against Mac while he gently caresses her breast's and clit area, so how was that he asks brushing the hair away from her face to get a better look" twice in one night Mac I could get used to this and almost getting caught by the team was more exciting.

" I agree" he smiles as he nuzzles closer to her neck. Why don't you stand up asks Mac as she dose Mac keeps his erection in her bend over a little he urges as she leans over the desk he starts to thrust her from behind Stella grips his hands which are down beside he thighs Mac faster please she pleads as Mac moves faster he cant contain any longer he has to blow Stella has this effect on him once they climax again in a matter of minuets Stella lays on the desk face down with Mac leaning on top of her he is still inside her and is gently thrusting. So he asks where next, "I think I know the perfect place" she smiles as she moves her head so she can share a kiss with Mac.

Wow close call there lol hope you like if you want more of these RnR thanks xxxxx