It was not possible for Randy to be anymore nervous than he was right at that moment. He had something very big planned for Jeff tonight and he wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. He had enlisted the help of Mickie, Lillian and Katie Lea to help him get ready, mainly because he could not cook to save his life. Unfortunately, Ted, Cody and Mike somehow heard about his plans and decided to come and help.

"What you need Randy, is candles," Ted said. He surveyed the room carefully. "Lots and lots of candles all around the house."

Cody shook his head. "Sweetheart, this house has already burnt down once. Tons of candles is probably not good idea."

"How about I just do some candles," Randy suggested. "Some in the dining room, living room and bedroom. That's the only places I plan on going tonight."

Katie grabbed the box she had brought with her. "Speaking of the bedroom, I brought these." She opened the box and pulled out some red silk sheets. "I figured these will help the mood."

"Thanks Katie," Randy said.

Mike handed over a bag he had brought with them. "Here, take these too. These will definitely help the mood."

Randy opened the bag and sighed. Inside of it was an assortment of sex toys. "Mike, this is supposed to be a romantic night. How does all this lead to romance?"

Mike rolled his eyes. "Come on Randy. Spicing up your relationship can be totally romantic."

"You are an idiot," Cody said to Mike.

Randy shook his head and went upstairs. He put the silk sheets on the bed and then put the regular sheets and the bag of toys in the closet. Then he grabbed some candles and put them at different places around the room. He didn't light them yet though. He would wait a little longer to do that.

When he got back downstairs, he found Cody and Ted taking a peek at the rose petals that still had to be spread all around the house. "Damn Randy," Cody said in amazement. "You got all these just for a random romantic night in?"

"First of all, it's not a random romantic night," Randy said. He took the bag from them so they wouldn't go and spill the petals everywhere. "I have a plan. A big plan that needs to be perfect."

"Well that was nice and cryptic," Ted remarked.

Lillian came out of the kitchen. "Randy, is the reason you're going to all this trouble is because you want to take Jeff's mind off of Tomko?"

Randy sighed. The resigning of Christian's former "problem solver" had definitely caused Jeff a great deal of stress lately. Vine had reassured everyone that Tomko had changed his ways, but Randy wasn't convinced. The man had to be evil if he was willing to take orders from the likes of Christian and Kurt Angle. "It's not just that. I just want to have a nice night where he doesn't have to feel the pressure of being WWE champion and you know, we haven't had a romantic night in forever and holy shit I have about thirty minutes until he gets home." He smacked himself on the head. He had completely lost track of time. "Okay people, we've got to haul ass."

Lillian and Mickie quickly finished up in the kitchen and they left along with everyone else. Randy somehow managed to get the rose petal trail set up, the table set, the candles lit and his clothes changed before Jeff got home. It was close though; Jeff walked in the house just as Randy was coming back down the stairs.

"Holy crap," Jeff said. He looked completely surprised by what he had come home to. "Randy what--"

"Surprise baby," Randy interrupted. He wrapped his arms around Jeff and gave him a kiss. "Did Matt keep you busy?"

"Yeah," Jeff said. His eyes suddenly widened. "You asked him to keep me busy so you can set this up."

Randy grinned and nodded. "I wanted to surprise you." He grabbed Jeff's hand and took him to the kitchen.

"Now I know you didn't make all this," Jeff said when he saw all the food that was waiting for them. "You nearly started a fire when you tried to make cookies."

"Mickie and Lillian made it," Randy confessed. He pointed to the bottle of wine that was sitting on the table. "I did buy that though."

Jeff laughed. "Now that I can believe."

After they ate dinner they went into the living room. Randy put on some music and they danced slowly to the music. "So what's this all about?" Jeff asked. "What are you up to Mr. Orton?"

Randy smiled. "Who says I have to be up to something?"

"Come on Randy. I can tell when you're planning something."

"Okay, okay, I am planning something," Randy admitted. He let go of Jeff and turned off the music. The moment of truth had arrived. "The other day I had an interview with WWE magazine. They asked me what the future held for me. Now they were talking about my career, but all I could think about was you. I can't see a future without you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small blue box. "That's why I need to know something." He got down on one knee and opened the box, revealing a diamond engagement ring. "Will you marry me?"

Jeff's jaw dropped open in shock. For several long seconds, neither of them said anything. Then Jeff nodded his head. "Yes," he said breathlessly. "Yes."

Randy slipped the ring on to Jeff's finger. Words couldn't describe how happy he felt right at that moment. In his mind, nothing could ruin this moment.

But little did he know, they were being watched by somebody possibly even more dangerous than a vengeful Tomko. And little did they know, that this person did not like what he had just witnessed. He didn't like it one little bit.