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'Who was that guy, and why woudlnt he just tell me his damn name?' a tall female figure thought as she stood on top of the same hill she had met the mysterious purple-haired male. In her petite hand was the picture she had found after the man left her, 5 years ago. The wind blew threw her long dark hair, covering over her emerald eyes. 'I can't get his face out of my mind. It's as though I know him...or should know him.' Her emerald orbs gazing up at the cloud filled sky.

"Emiko?" a female's voice called behind the 24 year old, who slowly turned around, blinking her eyes a few times. "What're you doing out here Em? Aren't you supposed to be somewhere right now?" the blond woman, who had bright green eyes and looked about the same age as the day dreaming Leaf-Nin, asked.

Said female raised a thin eyebrow, "What're you talkin' about Kimiko? I don't have to be anywhere 'til..." she looked down at her watch and her eyes nearly bulged out of her head, "Shit! I'm gonna be late!" she shouted as she quickly strapped her large black iron fan to her back. "I don't have time to run ther-AH!" She bit down on her thumb then shouted, "Summoning jutsu!"

A poof of white smoke appeared then after a few minutes-once the smoke had vanished-a large all white, except for his left brown ear, dog stood in front of Emiko. His long white tail wagging. "Yo," the dog spoke lifting his front paw as though he was waving.

The dark haired female clapped her hands together in front of her face in a pleading matter. "Nozomi, can you take me to Suki's...she's gonna kill me if I'm anymore-" of course she wasn't able to finish what she was syaing, due to the fact that she was now being carried back towards the village known at Konoha.

Within a few minutes, Emiko was standing in front of her sister's front door. Sighing slightly, she knocked on the wooden door, then shoved her hands deep within her pockets - staring up into the sky at the clouds, her mind wandering back to the mysterious dark haired male. She wasnt able to drift too far, for the door in front of her creeped open, and she felt something small wrap around her shins. "Huh?" she looked down and saw a small boy, with dark hair and bright blue eyes, staring up at her.

"Auie Emi!" the young boy cried, as his tiny arms reached up, "Up pwease," he pleaded, now standing on his tipy toes. "Up! Up!"

"Heh," Emiko smiled, bent down and picked up the two year old child. "Are your momma and daddy home?" she asked, stepping into the small clean house.

The young child nodded, "Momma trwainin' an daddy cookn,'" he said, pointing towards the kitchen. The small child then titled his head. "Auie Emi...are you here for my birfday?

"Of course I am, silly.." the woman nodded, then headed towards the kitchen - only to stop dead in her tracks, when she heard the sound of two males talking. Emiko looked at the child in her arms and placed her index finger over her mouth, shhhing the child. She then leaned her back against the wall and began listening to what the two males were talking about.

"I feel like these past few years she's been growing further and further away from me," The first male's voice said. This voice Emiko automatically recognized as Inuzuka Yukio. Was he talking about her? Surely she hadn't drifted that far away from him...right?

"Maybe it's just woman problems," the other male's voice commented. Emiko knew this male was Akamichi Aiko...her sister's husband.

"I don't think so Aiko, she seems to be day dreaming more often. And when I try to do something romantic for her, she says something like. 'Not Today' or she'll just get up and leave the room," a male with spiky brown hair and silver orbs stated, sitting at the small table in the kitchen.

"Yukio, you could be over thinking all this. She did just get promoted to ANBU, so that could be part of it-I mean, her being tired and moody," a chubby male - with light brown hair pulled back in a pony tail, and bright blue eyes - shrugged as he continued cooking the food for the day's meals. He then turned around, leaning back on the counter behind him.

Yukio sighed and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small square box. "Ya know...I was planning to pop the question to her today, but..." he sighed again, opening the navy box, examining the gold ring with a diamond cut emerald on it, "with the way things are going on, I'm not so sure she'd want to marry me."

Aiko walked over to his childhood friend, placing a chubby hand on his shoulder, to comfert him, "Dont worry too much, dude." He was about to speak more, when he heard a small sneezing sound. He turned his head towards the door way, "did you hear that?"

Emiko sweat-dropped when the dark-haired child sneezed in her face. 'Great...just what I need, a cold.' She sighed, as she whiped her face with her lavender-colored long sleeve.

"What do you think you're doing, Emiko?" a feminine voice asked from behind the said woman.

She turned around to see her sister - who had the same hair and eye color as Emiko - staring at her. "Eheh...Well," She stuttered as she scratched the back of her head.

"Shh....momma, Auie Emi is wistenin to daddy and Ukle Yuki in de ober woom," the small child whispered, putting his index finger over his mouth, while a stream of snot trailed out of his nose.

Suki sighed, shaking her head. "You troublesome child..." She walked towards the boy, then grabbed a tissue - which she found to be useful to carry around - and wiped the green goop from her son's nose. "Are you getting sick Shikaku?" she asked, now taking him from her sister's arms.

"Nu-Uh, Momma!" he shook his head from side to side, then burried his head in the crook of Suki's neck to hide his face.

"Of course you're not." She then looked up at her sister and blinked a few times. "What's the matter Em? You look like you were hit by 50 kunai."

"Suki..." Emiko looked down at the ground, "I've gotta figure out....who this-"

"Emiko? When'd you get here?" Aiko asked, staring at his sister-in-law.

She shook her head, turned around and plastered a fake smile on her face while scratching the back of her head. "Not that long ago...so, when's the party starting?" she asked, attempting to change the subject.

"Party? Emiko...that's not 'til later tonight, when the family gets here," Suki stated, an eyebrow raised, "Are you sure you're okay Em...?"

Emiko sighed and nodded. "I'm fine Suki..." She then walked towards the door, trying to ignore the stares she got from Yukio. Emiko opened the door, waving a hand lazily back to the others. "I'll come back later then..." With that she was gone, walking down the busy streets of Konoha.

The 24 year old walked for about 30 minutes before she realized it, she was in the middle of the Nara Forest. She looked up and out at the forest ahead of her, her long dark hair blowing in the wind. Once again Nara Emiko was lost in thought. Until something dark ran past her. Her emerald eyes widened as she ran deeper into the Nara Forest, dodging the many deer that were going about their business. 'was that...maybe.' She then ran towards the blur. 'If this is him, I can't chance not seeing him...now finally getting to know his name!'

Emiko ran until she caught up with the dark-haired, mysterious male. "STOP!" she shouted, cursing the fact that she wasn't born with the ability to use her father's technique - the shadow possession jutsu - now would be the perfect time to use it. "I just want to know your name!" she shouted.

After a few minutes, the dark-haired male - with longer hair pulled back into a low ponytail - stopped running and turned around, facing the Konoha ANBU female. There was something different about this male, he looked exactly like the male she met 5 years ago. Dark-purple hair, which seemed to have grown and blood red-Wait!

"Your...your eyes. What's wrong with-" Emiko's emerald eyes widened and she felt as though she was unable to move her body. 'What's wrong with me? Why cant I move my body? This isn't shadow possession- or any other body-controling-jutsu I know of...' She thought to herself as her heart began beating faster.

The female quickly shut her eyes then suddenly felt something land on her shoulder. The Nara jumped and spun around, swatting away whatever was touching her. She then slowly opened her eyes only to notice the 'thing' standing in front of her was none other than was Yukio. She blinked a few times when she noticed that she was able to move her body. She spun back around, but instead of seeing the dark haired male, she saw nothing.

"Impossible..." she breathed, "Y-Yukio, where is he?" she asked, looking back at her worried boyfriend.

The Inuzuka shook his head. "Em, no one was here...well no one other than yourself." He placed a hand on her petite-yet muscular-shoulder. "Are you okay Emiko?"

"I...I" She looked down. 'Was I imagining the whole thing?' She shook her head. 'No! I saw him...and those eyes, they were blood red, The only blood-line I know of that has red eyes like that is the Uchiha clan, but...they were all wiped out before I was even born,' She thought still looking down.

"Em...maybe you should get some rest, I can call your sister and-"

"No!" Emiko stated stubbornly, "I'm not about to miss my nephew's birthday just because I'm tired." She started heading back towards the village. still thinking about the man she might or might not of seen. Maybe she did need a break...

Hidden up in the trees, the dark purple-haired male watched as the woman and dog-loving male walked back to the village he once lived in. 'So brother never released mother's jutsu...I always knew you had a soft spot for the Nara female...this could work to my advantage.' The male silently smirked as he vanished deep into the shadows.

Alright, so hows that? Yes? No? like it? hate it? This is only the prologue...So I'll try and write more later...well right now, I'm kinda working on a different story...so it might be a little hard to do. Well anyways...I hope this wasnt too confusing. OHH and Suki named her son Shikaku after her grandpa...whom will not be in this story...cause he died of really old age...poor old man..anyways, thats all for now.