"Why..." he starred at the evidence infront of him. He clutched the papers in his hands, the videotape looping itself to show the teenage boy with a pen and notebook...a DeathNote, to be exact. L felt his hands shaking, his breath coming out in choppy, short intakes. His eyes stayed glued to the video, although, his vision began to blur from the tears welling up in the corners of his obsidian eyes. The papers gently fell, one by one, from the detective's pale white hands. Light Yagami was kira...Kira was Light Yagami...it all made so much sense. Why did L have to let his guard down? He had been defeated by love, and he hated it. His chest began to sting violently, as if he had been shot through the heart...or had he? No, not shot...stabbed. Stabbed in the back. Pain shot through him like fire in his veins, as he clutched him shirt near his chest and curled up into a ball in his chair. He bit the fabric on his sleeve to stop from screaming. Why...why did it have to hurt so much? L couldn't be strong any longer. He couldn't stand up to the pain anymore. It was all too much to bear for one person.

"H-how could you do this, Raito? How can you be that heartless?!" he yelled into the silence, whipping his arm across the desk space, making all the object that inhabited it fall to the ground with a loud 'crash'.

"You...you took advantage of me...you knew how weak I was...what kind of monster are you?!?" He cried to the darkness. L's first mental breakdown...here's one to go down in the history books, kids. L's eyes darted around the floor, looking for something that must of fallen off the desk after her spur of anger. He found a paperclip lying all alone by his chair, swiftly picking it up and unfolding it from it's bent parts. Then, in his hands, he had a long metal wire, sharp enough to prick one's finger. He fingers shook as well as his hand, so he had to work quickly. He wasn't going to live with the shame of his defeat because of that brunette killer. He took the metal to his throat, feeling everything inside him shake like an inner organ earthquake. He closed his eyes and pushed the metal to the darkblue vein in his neck. He pushed until he felt the skin break and a small tear drop of blood run down his neck. It replaced the pain he felt in his heart and head...they both ached and throbbed...

"Ryuuzaki?" that voice caused a rush of blood to run down the older boy's neck, as he quickly hid the piece of metal behind his back. The glow of Light's eyes as he entered the computer-screen lite room caused an eye sore for L.. He tried to hide his tears as best he could. Maybe the red light the computers gave off would hide his eyes. Light's smile radiated a sincerity that struck L like a baseball bat to the head. Light casually walked over the the detective who was curled up in the corner, knees to his chest. He tensed up at the very touch of Light's hand on his shoulder.

"Ryuuzaki, are you okay? You have blood on your neck..." Light trailed off, running his ice cold fingers gingerly across the small trail of blood on the boy's neck. L just nodded shyly, pressing his back further against the wall. Light chuckled under his breath and sat infront of the detective.

"Calm down, Ryuuzaki. I'm not gonna hit you...you know that," Raito's closed his eyes and pressed his lips against L's own frail and quivering ones. L kept his eyes open even as Light wrapped his arms around his neck. He just couldn't do it...he knew about Kira...he had to turn Light in. Light pulled away from L, a small grin on his lips.

"Come on Ryuuzaki," Light tugged on L's sleeve, "come with me," L shook with fear for a moment or so before being pulled up from off the cold, lenolium floor and into an even darker room, unsure of his fate, but he had a pretty good guess...