Something you could reach out an touch; infinity. Endless miles of perfect, flawless life at the reach of ones hands. Everything passes by you, your life, your dreams, everything you've ever felt...everything you've ever touch...everything in your life. A flash, a drawing, a perfect sketch of a circle. Life. You watch it explode; you watch it all pass you by, leave your soul and join the rest of infinity. You watch it string out, as it's being sucked like nectar from your body. Does it hurt? feel numb. Comfortably numb. So numb, it feels so wonderful. Every bit of pain that you feel before death, all seems to vanish into the stream of infinity. Nothing seems real, nothing seems complete, but you feel so much better knowing that you are in the hands of fate. Everything is perfect...

Until you see those dark eyes, starring you down and burying your heart deep below the lines of conciousness. Those dark, crimson eyes steal every precious memory you hold tight and turns them into your worst cry for hours on end, wanting it all to stop. You freeze in fear. You wait for death to come, beg for it to take you away. You feel your hope shatter, and the glass reflects the fear.

You see those eyes...the dull blue that now fills them, like water in the ocean. The everchanging, everlong color melts away your tears. The schizophrenic memorabilia haunts the orbs, yet only lingueres like tension in the air. You are washed with confusion, and everything seems dark...and you fade away, crazed and tired and pained and scared and wanting and wishing and crying and dying and lusting and hurting and fearing and wondering...why?

"Ryuzaki...come on, answer me! Please..." the voice pleaded, cried out to L. Everything was dark...everything was numb and cold. Something warm touched his frail hand, making it's way to his cheek. Obsidian meshed with honey brown, and collided with grace. The angel's eyes were bleak and weary, but everything seemed to fall into place. Light smiled sweetly before hugging his superior, tightly wrapping him in an embrace unlike any other. L just sat, blood running down his neck, wet and warm. Light looked back at the trail on L's neck and tears poked at his eyes.

"Why...why would you do this to yourself?" his voice begged for an answer, or maybe just a simple explination. When L looked back into the golden that was Light's eyes, all he could see what the warmth that melted away at Kira and let Light be free.

"Because, Light...I'm afraid...I'm scared of everything...most of all," his hand reached at Light's cheek,"I'm afraid of you," the words cut through Light to the point that made him crumble. He clasped onto L and began to sob without end.

"...I know, I know...I-I can't stop Kira, L...I can't suppress him...but I love you. S-s-so...p-please don't leave me here...," Light pleaded, soaking L's shirt with salty tears. The cold surrounded L and he felt a sudden urge to cry himself. But instead, he answer softly to Light:

"I've been rendered useless, Yagami...what's the point of trying to love a monster?" and from then on, the audiable tear of Light's heart haunted L for the rest of his life.