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Story start

Christina, but most people call her Chris, sighed aggravated as she walked towards the big high school known as Ouran High School. She looked at the very large and pink building with a sort of dread. She was hired by some guy called Kyoya Ootori. She was supposed to hang out in the third music room, wherever that is, and take pictures. She had no idea what she was supposed to take pictures of, but she did not care. All she knew was that she had bills to pay and therefore she took the job.

Oh that's right. None of you know what Chris looks like or anything about her really. Well Chris is sixteen years old, and she is a photographer. She has already graduated from high school. She is very smart for her age. Her parents wanted her to go to college, but she wanted to be a photographer. Therefore she moved away from home and now lives on her own in an apartment. She gets many jobs as a photographer and for that she is very thankful.

Well Chris is the normal height for a sixteen year old girl. She has dark blue eyes that shine with little sparkles. Many people tell her that her eyes remind them of the night sky. She loves her eyes, but they are sensitive to light, so she wears sunglasses over her eyes. She can stand normal lights in buildings, but the sunlight and the bright fluorescent lights in shopping centers hurt her eyes.

She is in good shape for her age. She runs and swims a lot to stay in shape. Even though she is a photographer, a lot of her other friends tell her she should be the model. She always just laughs them off and says that she would never be a model. She likes being behind the camera, not in front of it. Also her friends poke fun at her because she has a flat chest and barely has a butt. So in other words many people mistake her for a guy when she has her hair up and is wearing her sunglasses. She could pass as a guy or a girl.

Chris has black hair that shines dark blue in the light, and it's natural. It goes past her shoulders by a couple of inches. She always pulls it up into a messy bun though, so it won't get in her way while working.

Chris has a much laid back style. You will always see her in a tank-top or oversized shirt and some sweat pants or some baggy jeans with holes, and she always wears flip-flops. The only time she does not wear flip-flops is during the bitter days and nights of winter.

Well back to the story, Chris sighed as she pushed her sunglasses back up her nose and started walking to the entrance of the school. She did not understand why so many rich kids wanted to come to a big pink building for classes. She shrugged as she positioned her camera bag on her shoulder in a better spot. It was hurting her shoulder a bit. She had been working a lot recently, and her shoulders were starting to kill her.

Chris weaved in and around students as she walked into the building. Kyoya Ootori had sent her directions to the third music room and she had about fifteen minutes to make her way through the big school and find her way to the third music room. She would hate to be late, because on the phone Kyoya had sounded that he did not accept lateness. She really needed the money, so she was not going to be disappointing her employer at the moment.

Chris stopped a random female student, but the girl rudely brushed Chris away before she could ask her question. Chris sighed and walked over to one of the male students walking around. "Hey dude, can you help me a second?" Chris asked as she stopped the student. The male student paused and nodded. "Sure man, what do you need?" the student said. Chris held in her sigh. "So I'm being thought of as a guy again," she thought before asking the student what would be the best way to miss the student traffic and get to the third music room.

The student thought for a moment before pointing her to a hallway that no one was walking through. "Thanks," Chris said as she started walking away. "No problem man," the student yelled before walking outside. This time Chris finally let out the sigh. It was an every day occurrence that she was mistaken for a guy, however if she let down her hair and took off her glasses, than there would be no mistakes of her true gender.

Chris sighed as she looked at her appearance. She was wearing a black tank-top and some baggy jeans with holes in the knees and on the thighs. She shifted her camera bag as she walked to the third music room. Classes had obviously just ended so Chris had to fight her way through some places, but thankfully she made it to her destination on time.

There was a line of girls standing at one part of the hallway looking at their watches or phones. Chris gave them a weird look before shaking her head and knocking on the door. "Come in," a voice called and she opened the door and walked inside the room, and she shut the door behind her.

"Welcome," seven voices chorused as she turned around and looked at the room before her. Seven guys no scratch that, six guys and one girl were standing or sitting in the middle of the room. Chris waved her hand awkwardly as she walked toward the seven people. "Hey, I was hired by a Kyoya Ootori to take pictures," Chris said as she stopped a little bit in front of the seven figures. All of them were wearing the Ouran high school male uniform.

"That would be me, nice to see you are on time Chris," a guy with glasses and black hair said. Chris was also glad she was on time, because she could see a very strict characteristic in Kyoya's eyes. She was good at catching these sorts of things after taking pictures of so many people.

"Nice to meet you and it is nice to meet you all as well. So what am I going to be taking pictures of?" Chris said with a barely there smile to the seven people. She took this moment to survey the seven people.

The girl looked her age and was very natural looking. She also had a body type that could easily be misinterpreted to be a boy's. Next, Chris saw a blonde boy that was short for his age and a tall guy beside him. Chris frowned for a second before realizing that the short blonde was the same as the very tall guy. "They look like cousins," she thought as she noticed a few little resemblances. There were not many resemblances, but she did catch a few.

She did not survey Kyoya long, because she already had everything figured out about his appearance. Next she looked at a tall blonde with violet eyes. He seemed to have a kind and caring spirit, by the way his eyes twinkled happily. "I hope that he never gets that happy spirit broken," Chris thought with a small smile before looking at the last two people.

The last two people were twins. They were her age and were the same height as she was. She smirked as she saw their cat-like eyes and their orange hair. One of the twins had a softer appearance to him, while the other had a more strong appearance. You could hardly catch it, but she could. She also noticed that they parted their hair to different sides. Even if they did not do that than she could still tell them apart, well once she finds out their names.

Kyoya let out a small cough and Chris quit surveying the people before her. She looked at Kyoya. "We are the host club here at Ouran. I've hired you to take photos of the hosts during activities for the next few weeks. You will be paid a little each day for your services," Kyoya said and Chris nodded liking the deal.

"Do I get to know the names to go with faces?" Chris asked as her eyes strayed over to the twins before flashing back to Kyoya. Kyoya smirked and nodded. "You already know me, so I will let the president introduce everyone else," Kyoya said.

The tall blonde smiled and stood up from his seat. "I'm Suoh Tamaki the president of this club and the prince type, Kyoya is the cool type, the small blonde is Mitsukuni Haninozuka but we all call him Hunny and he is the cute type, his cousin Mori is the wild type, Fujioka Haruhi is the natural type, and the Hitachiin twins, Kaoru and Hikaru are the devil type," the tall blonde guy said and pointed to each power that he introduced.

Chris nodded and waved at everyone. "Hey, I'm Chris, the photographer type," Chris said before laughing a bit. The twins smirked and disappeared before reappearing on each side of her. Kaoru wrapped an arm around Chris's shoulder, while Hikaru wrapped an arm around her waist. Hikaru pulled her close to his chest and Kaoru pressed against her back. However she was not pressed too close for Hikaru to notice that she was a girl, so the twins were thinking she was a guy.

"Nice to meet you," Kaoru said and Hikaru finished, "Chris-kun." Kyoya smirked and Chris just looked at the twins behind her sunglasses. "Mother, the little devils are bothering the nice photographer," Tamaki complained to Kyoya as he pointed at Chris between the twins.