Title: Dear Santa

Author: Dark Roswellian Angel

Elizabeth McDowell

Disclaimer: I do. I so totally do. Which means that Alec will, of course, be waiting for me in my stocking Christmas morning. Bring on the Christmas cheer :)

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Rating: K+, just in case

Synopsis: 7-(short)parter. Snow Day in Las Vegas, NV put me in the mood. It's Christmas time, and several people are writing their letters to Santa. A lot of those letters seem to have a recurring theme. Find out what it is and whether or not Santa will respond. I will update one chapter a day and finish on Christmas Day- It's a Merry Christmas present to my readers.

A/N: I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. I could give excuses regarding losing the other Special Ed teacher at our school and finding myself taking care of the entire school's worth of Resource kids with no aide (33+) or the fact that my sister is moving into a house and needs help or that my niece and nephews are absolutely adorable (and time-consuming) or the fact that I'm just about to start the Special Ed Doctoral Program and have been preparing for it, but I won't. It's been wrong, and I apologize. I also know that I should be updating the stories that I left behind, and I have been working on them in addition to a couple of other fics and a longer fic that I'm totally enjoying, but I wanted to ease my way back into this. I will try to update some of the others today. Like I say on my profile, I may get sidetracked, but I won't ever drop a fic.

It was their busiest season of the year, but with just one week left before their big night, all the elves in Santa's Village dropped their current projects when the Mail Call Bell rang. Faster than even Santa's reindeer, they all flew to the Opening Room where Santa was just about to sit down in his giant red plush chair with the postal sack sitting beside it. With a booming "Ho, ho, ho, now what do we have here?" he opened the burlap bag and peered in. The first letter had hastily-scrawled writing on the envelope. Santa looked at it for a moment wondering how the mailman was ever able to read what it said, and then opened it.

Hey Santa Dude,

So, I know I swore that you'd never hear from me after you got me out of that whole "mistletoein' with the wrong girl" deal, but I got another problem. You remember the girl that caught me mistletoein' with the wrong girl? Her name was Natalie, and we were gonna get married and then I blew it- I know, go figure. Anyway, I really, really miss her, and so I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. I know she moved to Granite Falls, but I was thinking maybe you could make her come back here. Maybe have us run into each other again? 'Cause I really, really do miss her. And I swear that I'll take care of her this time- not like last time at all. Oh, and by the way, could you possibly do something about Max and Alec? 'Cause they are like seriously driving each other and everyone around them crazy. Even Normal's getting tired of Alec, and Max is just becoming really, really grumpy, which winds up with a lot of us guys walking weird. Don't get me wrong- I totally love them both. Max is awesome and seriously hot and always gets me out of jams. And Alec is like totally my mentor and fun and a great buddy to hang out with and gets me into all kinds of jams- hey, wait a minute… Anyways, they're being even worse to each other than they are to everybody else. Talk about some serious UST- you know what I'm talkin' about right? Oh… maybe you don't… you are like thousands of years old and all and I bet Mrs. Claus is about the same… man… Oh! I didn't mean it like that. I better stop now. Anyways, if you do this for me, I swear I won't ever bother you again- stack of Bibles and everything. Not like last time.

Thanks Dude,


Oh, by the way, could you possibly bring Herbal and Kendra back? 'Cause I miss them too.

As he'd read the letter aloud, Santa's eyes had grown wider. This was hardly the normal letter he received asking for teddy bears and dollies, but by the time he'd read the writer's name, a knowing smile had lit his face. "Ah, I should have known." He turned to his elves and shrugged, "Sketchy," was all he had to say and they all nodded in agreement.

The second letter was much more clearly addressed, though all the writing seemed to be slightly slanted to the left. Santa's eyes rose- he didn't recall seeing this handwriting before. Something about it seemed somewhat off, but, as is his policy, he opened it anyway.

Dear Santa Claus,

I don't usually do this, and I don't agree with all those reprobates out there who do, but I figured I should cover all my bases. See, my Golden Boy is going all wrong in the head, and I don't know what to do. Usually, I love listening to all his stories about his fights and his conquests; I even enjoy helping him clean up his messes in the love department, just like I'm his little valet. But lately, it's felt like he's just going through all the motions. He doesn't really care about any of the things he's talking about. And I think it's all Missy Miss' fault- she's being really, really mean to him lately. And the poor guy is taking it to heart, not like the rest of us who know that she's just full of it. He seems to really believe the things she says about him. And it's totally bringing us all down. So, I'm thinking there are really only two solutions- either you take her and drop her in the North Pole and make her into one of your really hot elf chicks or you make her realize that she's in love with him and this isn't the third grade and they are too old to be punching the ones they like in order to get their attention. We were all willing to let them figure out how perfect they are for each other in their own due time, but it's just getting to be too down and damaged around here. And I can't afford to refund one more unsatisfied customer when he loses their package or she breaks it. It's getting to be really expensive. Bip-bip-bi- ahem, I mean, Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Normal (Reagan Ronald)

P.S. If it isn't too much trouble, could you possibly send me a Supernatural poster- there's just something about that Dean Winchester that I can't seem to get over.

At the closure of the letter, Santa looked puzzled. Aside from the strange writer's requests, something seemed to be bothering him, but to his elves' questioning glances all he responded with was a long "Hmmmm."