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A/N- This story follows "The Gamble" and "Gambit". If you haven't read those two, it won't make much sense. Those two stories follow "From the Beginning" and "Sookie's Revelation".



It was 7 am. I was going to be sorry when I went into Merlottes at 10:30 am. Unable to sleep, I was sitting up, leaning back against the headboard, in bed next to my sleeping Eric. The light from my laptop cast an odd glow about the bedroom. I was researching the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Morrígan. Reading about the people of Danu was confusing. No one knew for certain where they had come from (some said present day Norway, others Scythia) and no one knew where they all went after their time in Ireland had passed and they were conquered by the Milesian peoples. The family tree was a mess and it was hard to keep track of who was who because so many of them had multiple names. No matter how you looked at it though, I was unsettled by them.

The name Morrígan came from the Gaelic Mór Rígan which means Great Queen. The Morrígan, just as Eric had told me, was depicted as a terrifying figure. When spurned by a man, Cúchulainn, she impedes his progress in battle, almost causing his death, but he injures her three times and then heals her. She was both a true shapeshifter and a seer. Some associated her with the Valkyries and said she 'selected' those who would die in battle. She was a female warrior among men, had slain kings and was 'both fierce and erotic' according to one author. The Morrígan was a role model for strong and independent people, said another, in a modern reinterpretation of her role in pre-Celtic history. And here I was, so stressed reading all of this that I chose to stay in bed near my husband, while I read it. How could I have that blood in my veins, I wondered? Why not Brigid, who was associated with healing and art? My finger traced Morrígan's descendants through her daughter Aine.

I thought about my simple human blood, which was mixed with fairy blood from Niall, that from Gran's family which might also have some telepathic gift, the Tuatha Dé bloodline of my mother's side of the family and all of the blood I'd had from Eric, which on its own was like plugging myself directly into some kind of power source at times. It had all converged on what happened that night the week before the summit. I was upset that my grandfather was fighting with the man I loved, worried he could hurt him. Just as I was upset to think of someone hurting Pam. Maybe this would be the end of it.

I fingered the bracelet the Pythoness gave me and thought to myself, I just have to find peace.

It didn't really matter where I came from, or what I was.

I'll just keep telling myself that.

I already have everything else I desire.