Prayers of a King
By: Manna


The Microfic/Drabble Meme!
Christmas Edition!
Requested By:
Sara Jaye (FFN)
Prompt: "Marie and Louis in a church on Christmas Eve. Post Louis XV's death."
Spice: Cloves
Pairing/Characters: Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI
Fandom: Rose of Versailles


God have mercy on them, he thought, his head bowed as he silently offered up a prayer. It was Christmas Eve and just before midnight mass. People were making their way into the large church, laughing and carrying on, happy just as things were.

God help them both, he and his wife, the newly-crowned king and queen of France. They were too young for such a heavy responsibility! They were too young and neither one of them knew anything about how to run a country.

With an unnoticeable sigh, he opened his left eye just a crack, and caught her peeking back at him out of her right.

"God will help us," she told him, her tone soft. But behind those words, he sensed her confidence.

He nodded, "With God behind us, who will stand against us?"

She smiled one of those heart-stoppingly sweet smiles that had just the smallest tilt to her lips. She was his saving grace, his beautiful bride, adored by friends, beloved by all. He, Louis XVI, King of France, found himself smiling right back at her. He took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it lightly before he clasped it gently within his own.

Marie Antoinette had the ability to both soothe his nerves and calm his heart at the same time.

"Let's pray together," he said quietly, and she took his other hand in hers as she began to speak. It was in that moment that he knew. Everything would be just fine.


Author Notes:

Short, sweet, but to the point. Rarely do I ever write anything so directly. I'm almost proud of myself. Anyway, feedback is appreciated. Thank you for reading!