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Chapter 1

"Good job on that last case guys" John Stillman addressed his team, "it wasn't easy, there were a lot of possible doers in there."

"Thanks boss" Nick Vera moved to get some coffee.

"Hey, Miller. Notice anything different between Valens and Rush lately?" Vera commented as he passed Kat Miller.

"What, other than it's not like working in Siberia anymore?" Kat also poured some of the strong coffee.

"Nah, I mean, they've gone from totally avoiding each other to being normal again, you know, like they like working with each other."

Kat looked at Vera, was he on a mission to stir up trouble? "And don't you go spoiling it and causing trouble with your dumbass comments. It makes life a hell of a lot easier when those two aren't at each other's throats."

"Yeah, but still" Vera tried again.

"Knock it off Nick" Will Jeffries joined in their little conversation, which had moved to Kat's desk, "we could do without a repeat of last month."

"You two are no fun" Vera huffed then continued, "twenty bucks says they're arguing again by the end of the week."

Kat and Will gave Vera a disapproving look and went back to their own desks.

It was nearing the end of the day when a familiar face walked in to the bullpen.

"Hey Succardo, what are you doing up here?" Vera got up to shake the Narcotics cop's hand.

"Hey Nicky, just thought I'd drop by, being in the neighbourhood and all" Eddie Succardo replied, "Rush here?"

"Now we get to the real reason you're here" Vera teased.

Noticing Succardo ask about Lilly Scotty tensed up; he knew there had been something between the narcotics cop and his partner, but didn't know where they left it. No-one in the office was aware of the new relationship between Scotty and Lilly; they wanted to give it ago without the interference of their friends first. But because no-one knew, things could get difficult with Succardo being back.

"Hey Scotty" Vera called, "where's Lil at?"

"Dunno, think she had to get something from downstairs" Scotty answered, hoping that Succardo would leave before Lilly reappeared. If anyone could make Scotty feel insecure about Lilly, it was this guy.

Unfortunately for Scotty, Lilly came back within minutes.

"Hey Rush" Succardo smiled sauntering over to Lilly, "thought maybe you and me could go out tonight."

Scotty was watching every move from the corner of his eye. He noticed Lilly glance briefly in his direction. He couldn't hear their conversation, but had a good idea that Succardo was asking the blonde detective out.

"Sorry Succardo, can't" Lilly replied hoping that he wasn't going to be persistent.

"Aww, why not? We have fun, you and me" Succardo ran his hand down her arm.

"I said I can't ok?" Lilly smiled softly and brushed past him towards the coffee machine.

"Valens, Rush seeing anyone at the moment?" Succardo made his way over to Scotty.

Scotty had to think quickly, was there any way to answer that and not get in trouble? "Dunno, me an' her haven't exactly seen eye to eye lately"

"That's putting it mildly" Vera quipped, which Scotty was glad for "although you've been better last couple of weeks."

"Did you piss her off?" Succardo grinned.

Scotty ran his hand through his hair, "I have a knack for it."

Watching Eddie and Scotty made Lilly worry slightly; she hoped that nothing would be said, or that Scotty wouldn't get protective or jealous, given her past history with Eddie.

Lilly was happy with Scotty, their relationship was going well so far; she felt safe with him, he made her knees weak and her heart race.

Lilly knew how other women saw Scotty; he was gorgeous, kind, smart and she felt lucky to have him, and that he wanted her, when he could have anyone he wanted.

Scotty was saved from further conversation with Eddie as he saw a face he did not expect this soon "Jodie, I thought you went home. What you doin' back?"

The young woman grinned at him and gave Scotty a hug, "warning you of impending havoc."

"What?" Scotty looked confused.

"Remember I called you two days ago about a certain person" Jodie didn't want other people to overhear, "well…she's about two minutes behind me. Didn't actually think she'd come so soon."

Scotty took a deep breath; this wasn't going to end well. It also wasn't going to start well.

"Scotty Valens, seems you can't keep your hands off us Rush girls." A voice he really didn't want to hear sounded behind him.

"Uh oh" Jeffries' muttered to Stillman, who had just walked over to his desk.

"This is not gonna be pretty" Kat whispered moving towards the two male detectives.

Nick Vera looked like Christmas had come early as he prepared to watch the chaos unfold, and Succardo just looked surprised.

"Hey Rush, you got two sisters?"

"What are talking about Succardo?" Lilly hadn't noticed the two newcomers, suddenly stopping short when she did.

"What are you doing here?" She directed at Christina.

"Oh, so you don't mind that Jodie's come back" Christina retorted, "thought I'd come and see you. Jodes, what are you doing back? Thought you'd gone back home."

"You were happy to see me in New York. What's changed?" Jodie replied, knowing full well why Chris didn't want her there.

"You two, come with me" Lilly gritted out leading them to an observation room; she so did not need this right now.