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Chapter 7

"So, how we playin' this?" Scotty asked as he and Lilly approached the bullpen.

"If they find out, then they find out" Lilly smiled up at him.

"You sure?" Scotty looked surprised.

"Yeah, if the guys know then it may be easier if certain people turn up" Lilly was referring to ex's, or anyone else overly flirtatious.

As the office was quiet at that time of the morning, when Lilly went over to her desk Scotty followed and sat on the edge so he was facing her.

"You gonna sit there all morning Valens?" Lilly grinned.

"Maybe" Scotty winked lacing his fingers with hers.

That's how Jeffries and Kat found them five minutes later when they arrived.

"Oh thank God" Kat whispered.

"It's about time" Jeffries returned as they hung up their coats.

"What's all the secrecy for?" Vera appeared behind the whispering pair.

As Kat and Jeffries motioned over to where Lilly and Scotty, oblivious to the arrival of their team mates, were still holding hands and speaking softly to each other.

"Hey kids, made up now?" Vera strolled over to Lilly and Scotty, making them release each others hand quickly.

"He really is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot" Kat muttered to Jeffries before walking over to Lilly's desk.

Noticing his staff all congregated round Lilly's desk John Stillman made his way over, "whose love life is under scrutiny today then?"

When all five members of his team avoided direct eye contact with him, Stillman chuckled to himself; he'd already been there when Lilly and Scotty first arrived, so had seen everything from his office.

"Just don't let it interfere with work" Stillman looked at Scotty and Lilly, "What? I maybe getting on a bit, but I'm not blind."

"Thanks boss" Lilly smiled at her mentor.

Stillman nodded at Lilly, glad that she was happy, finally. He'd witnessed the recent change in her moods and couldn't be happier for her; the blonde detective had been through a lot and deserved this chance.

"Don't screw this up" he whispered to Scotty, walking away from Lilly's desk.

"I won't Sir" Scotty replied, and he meant it, nothing was going to come between him and Lilly.

Looking over at his partner's desk, Scotty noticed Lilly with a smile on her face. She glanced over at him, her eyes lighting up as he winked at her; things were for real this time and they knew it.

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