Hello! Long time, no see... at least for me. I've wanted to revamp this story for... years... and I think I've finally gathered up the courage to give it another shot! I'm rewriting Breakdown. I guess I'll keep the name, just for convenience's sake. It will be the same, very basic plot, but I'm changing up the storyline. I wrote this years ago, and while I like to think I'm a pretty good writer, I look back on this and kick myself for the logic lines and story development that I put into this. It deserved more thought and less fanaticism than I gave it, but I want to set it right and finally finish a story. I haven't finished it yet... in fact I just started it earlier tonight, so thank god my chapters were short and this isn't actually a long story, lol.

Also, I F***ING CALLED IT! I SO CALLED IT! Scorpia uses images of Alex being a badass to blackmail him in a political struggle?! That's right! Who called it, books in advance? I did! Hell yeah!

And ego trip over.

Any suggestions for the story or little side bits or lines I should slip in? Please, post a review and let me know! ^_^

Thank you,