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Esme came home one day quite disturbed. She had just come home from visiting Carlisle at his work place and as Edward went to the door to greet her, he heard random phrases of panic come from her mind.

How could that be…..the glare….those eyes….

"Mother," Edward called gently as he wrapped his arms around her, guiding her to a couch. "Care to tell me what happened?"

"Wha…" Esme verbalized as she looked on to her dear son. "Oh, yes of cour…is Rosalie here?"

Edward shook his head, even though he knew if his mother was more alert she should have figured it out on her own. Something was on her mind, he knew, but nothing came out coherently and so he had yet to find what was wrong. "No, she's out on a quick hunt with Alice and Emmett. Can you tell me what's wrong?"

"I…yes," she sat down and smiled toward Bella who came in the room with a concerned look. "I was just visiting Carlisle and I saw somebody who looked awfully familiar."

"Who," Edward asked with slight urgency in his voice fearing an enemy of some sort.

"No..nobody dangerous dear," Esme said as she place a shaky hand on her hands son. "At least I don't think. He just reminded me of someone I feared to run into." That is when Edward saw what Esme was trying to say. He got a glimpse from her mind of a young man who held several handsome features. He was a skinny buff, with unruly dirty blonde hair and a face that can ether be warm and comforting or be responsible for shooting down some people with daggers from his eyes. Edward had seen this human boy occasionally a long time ago. In fact, it was someone he was interested in getting to know but ended up acquainting himself with his sister more so.

"Of course it must have just been my imagination," Esme chided as she saw Edwards's features, knowing that Edward had understood what Esme saw. "But he had those eyes, those remarkable eyes, an unnatural violet color, that I was sure. And he caught my eye."

"A look alike most likely," Edward, added with comfort in his tone. He caught the questioning look coming from Bella and was about to open his mouth to explain but his mother beat him to it.

"I just saw a boy today, a rather beautiful boy. He reminded me of somebody I had wronged a long time ago. A doppelganger, maybe."

"Wronged?" Bella repeated. "How?"

"He came across…They are coming back," Esme stopped mid thought. "Oh, Edward, do you think I should tell her? Not about today but what happened a long time ago?"

"It's your choice. We've always simply been afraid to tell her."

"Maybe she has a right to know."

"That's not a maybe. Would you like to tell her, or I?"

"Not knowing doesn't hurt her. Knowing will…and maybe even hate me for a while."

"Esme," Edward countered. "I think you are incapable of having anybody feel ill towards you."

"Hello everyone!" boomed Emmett as he gave a sudden side hug to Edward as the three entered the house. "Anything new?"

Esme gave a weak smile and shook her head she cast a glance towards Rosalie who quickly strode over to her mother and sat next to her quite happily. "Hey."

"Hello my dear. Have a good hunt?"

"It's not like we went very far," Rosalie stated. "But yes it was good."

"Jasper not back yet?" Alice asked. Edward shook his head no. "Well I guess I can try to focus and see what he's up too, but I feel like today is one of his spontaneous shopping days, where he buys basically nothing."

"Not a talent he has," Emmett agreed.

"That's what he has me for," Alice chimed.

"That's not necessary true," Rosalie cut in to defend her favorite brother. "He manages to buy quite a few amazing things. Finds documents that are invaluable. I still can't get my mind around how he got me the manuscript for the Count of Mon…."

"You only say that Rose because you are just as bad as he is," Alice chided.

"That's your own perspective. Mom is anything wrong?" Rosalie asked.

"Rosalie," Esme took a deep breath, "I have something to tell you."

"Yeah sure, go ahead."

"The day that you were changed…" Rosalie suddenly tensed and a look of anger flashed her face but Esme continued. "The day you were changed, you were followed in a sense. Somebody came close to our home in which you were taken, looking for you." There was a tense pause as all eyes were glued on Esme, but only Rosalie and Bella was hearing this for the first time. "I stopped him before he got too close. He asked me if I knew where your whereabouts were. I told him no, although I knew exactly where you were. It scared me that he came so close to finding you, though I do not know what he would have done if had managed to do so."

Rosalie slowly slid away from her mother and stood on the ground defiantly. "Who was it?"

"I think you know," Esme kindly answered. There was a slight nod from Edward as he heard his sister whisper the name softly in her mind.

Rosalie glared at Edward. "You knew."

"I was there too remember."

"And you?" She turned to Alice. Alice nodded slightly. "And you never told me?"

"It wasn't my secret to tell."

"Not you too." Rosalie mumbled to her husband but only an embarrassed and apologetic look emanated from his eyes.

"What did you tell him?" Rosalie seethed. Edward began to wonder if they should have waited for Jasper to come home before revealing her past to the volatile sister.

"That he had the wrong house and I hoped that he would find you soon," Esme paused but decided to reveal all to her daughter. "Then he said, he said that he hoped that I would take very good care of you, with defeat in his eyes, and he asked me to tell you to not have bad days again and that people do understand. He blew a kiss to the house and walked off." She froze as she watched Rosalie in concern.

At once Rosalie had a jumble of emotions she could not comprehend on her own. Anger and sadness were two. She suddenly remembered her last day as a human, much earlier then the rape. She remembered who used to be her favorite person in the world. Emmett walked towards her to give her a loving hug but she only took a step back saying, "I want my brother." Emmett helplessly put his hands to his side and watched Rosalie gracefully ascend the stairs to be alone with her thoughts. Edward sighed inwardly knowing full well that he was not that such brother.

"He'll be back soon," Alice supplied cautiously. Rose nodded but her mind was full of a blonde boy with abnormal yet beautiful violet eyes, the only thing the two had in common and would allow people to know that they were brother and sister. He mind was full of her last conversation with Anton Jonathan Hale.