The smell of roasted coffee assaulted Jasper's senses as he walked into the Starbucks. He sub-consciously looked behind him to check to see Twice Told Tales through the window, just to see if he would spot any activity, or Rosalie walking out, anything. He had no idea why he was in the Starbucks and regretted coming as soon as he entered the door. Anton, if that really was him, had sent him away leaving Rosalie vulnerable. Jasper knew that this type if thinking was impractical for Rose was far from anywhere vulnerable, but his big brother senses were starting to kick in.

Impossible, Jasper thought. Anton, it can't be him! Even if he were alive he would not look as youthful as he did then! And if that was him, he is no harmless human….

Jasper's mental rant ended as he felt scrutinizing eyes watching him. He looked up to see a girl looking back. He quickly averted his gaze in hopes he was not caught staring. Why was I sent here? He wondered this as he contemplated his next move. It was not like he could order coffee or anything there. A barista was watching him as he sensed admiration from her. He gave her a small smile and felt her slight alarm and arousal. He kept the smirk to himself and asked her if he could just wait for his friend before he ordered. She nodded breathlessly.

Ok, now where do I sit? Unfortunately, the Starbucks was full of people, too many people in such a confined place with the smell of coffee and other human food. It was almost too much to handle and he would have much rather have returned to the bookstore to keep an eye out for Rosalie. In fact the only open table was a small table for two next to another small table that the girl occupied. He slowly made his way over and sat down. There was some newspaper on the table left there from the previous customer. He half-heartedly picked it up to look at, sending side-glances at the girl, who was reading a book with certain serenity around her. Serenity he only knew in one other person. Before he was an empath.

Also, from the girl, he felt anxiety, anger and sadness. Confused as to what caused this, Jasper looked more directly at her. He wondered if she was at a particularly emotional part of the book and craned to see the book title. A Thousand Splendid Suns. Something unsettling and familiar came upon Jasper as he continued to study this girl. He quickly got up to make a show of going to the bathroom and bumped her table as he "tried" to go through the two small tables in the cramped space.

"I'm sorry miss," Jasper said happy to get her attention.

"Uncharacteristic of a vampire to be so clumsy," the girl replied smoothly. Jasper froze and looked down at her face. "A good conversation starter, perhaps," she continued scathingly as she looked up. And though Jasper had no need for air, his breath hitched as he looked directly into her face, allowing him to idiotically open and close his mouth. She gave a slight side smile, "I suppose I should be happier to see you again, Jasper, but…."

"Janelle?" he breathed.

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