A/N: and because I absolutely adore this pair for no other reason than they simply rock… Jeanne/Depp!Robin it is!! XD

And in case you're curious why I call him Depp!Robin, which would be those who don't know about my comic Silver Glass Hound (mildly fanfiction since it borrows the appearances of Jeanne from the game and Lancer from Fate/Stay Night), when I was designing Robin Hood I drew a quick picture of my ideal image of Robin. I wasn't going for any specific persona of Robin, like Kevin Costner or blah dee blah blah, I was just going for a Robin that looked very Robinish. So when I drew him he ended up looking almost exactly as though Johnny Depp put in bright emerald green contact lenses and paled himself up a little before putting on dirty, torn clothes and a scarf and hat. XD Seriously, it wasn't my intention to make him look like that, but that's what happened. So now everyone who's read my comic calls him Depp!Robin.

Alternate Realities:

Vision of the Other Side


Robin coughed horribly into his gloved hand as he pulled his sword from his scabbard. He could hear the sheriff's men coming in from outside, not even bothering to tether their horses in their haste to come and retrieve him. Will was off to the side and looked at him warily. "This looks pretty bleak doesn't it, Robin," said Will softly. He gave a strained grin in a poor attempt at keeping his good humor up, though right now Robin would have preferred a different time for it.

They could hear the prioress talking to the men downstairs as though she cared not that Robin and his half-brother Will Scarlett could hear her. "Yes, the brigand is upstairs. Go and retrieve him if you wish. I'll not stop you. I'll not keep thieves and murderers in this house of God."

"Good to hear it, ma'am," said the leader. It seemed that the Sheriff had replaced his lead man Guy with someone else. After all, Robin had gutted the bastard not that long ago. "The money for this priory will come soon enough from my lord the Sheriff for this."

"I should hope so," said the prioress stiffly, "We work hard for His will and one would hope a good Christian like the Sheriff would recognize our efforts."

"Oh, he does, ma'am. He does."

Then, the footsteps came. Will and Robin could hear them loud and clear like the magnified beat of a heart. Or was that Robin's? Robin looked Will squarely in the face. Will recognized that look and grew cold inside as he was fixed to the spot by those bright emerald eyes piercing him to the core. "Robin… what are you thinking?" asked Will in a scared voice.

"If this sickness doesn't kill me soon enough, then kill me yourself. I don't want those men to use me to parade around to everyone else," said Robin, hacking harder than ever. Blood dribbled out of his mouth as he struggled to breathe. "The sheriff will use me to demoralize everyone. Before they get up here, kill me and get out of here with my body or hide as quickly as you can. Bury me…"

Robin picked up his bow and an arrow from his usually ever present quiver and had to lean on the wall to steady himself to be able to aim properly. "Bury me wherever this arrow lands, Will." Then, he shot the arrow off. Will watched as it arced in the air and disappeared and then looked at Robin as he coughed harder than ever before. He was pale, paler than he had ever seen him.

"Promise me, Will!" said Robin harshly.

"I promise."

"Damn it, woman, which room are they in!?" cried out one of the sheriff's men.

"Follow me!" said the now very irritated Prioress.

Will turned to look to the door and the amount of things they put in front of it to brace against people coming in. It would only hold the sheriff's men for a little while, but it might provide him and Robin enough time to escape if he could get a hold of the man long enough to do so. When he turned to look to his half-brother he saw Robin sliding down the wall, looking up at the moon through the window. Will hurried over to Robin's side and hefted him up as well as he could. "Robin, come on."

Robin couldn't say much. His head rolled backward as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. It was yet another of his fainting spells from the fever that racked his body. Will had seen more than his fair share of it for too long. Will looked out the window to see the drop from it. It was only a two story building, but it was a very long building with a stable right under their window. Will had been wondering what that smell had been for the longest time and now he knew. He would've laughed if he wasn't under the severe pressure of getting his stupid brother out of the damned hell house of nuns. He couldn't risk going out the front door so out the window it was.

The sheriff's men banged and rammed into the door as hard as they could. Will had been right in putting as much as he could find in the room in front of that door, though it was a good, sturdy oak door. With the loud banging giving him a cover sound for his fall, he clambered out the window and let himself and Robin drop down from the ledge and through the roof of the stable. Will thanked God for the relatively soft landing he had managed to get after hitting the roof of the stable. Had he wound up hitting a horse or horse dung, he might have thought Robin's lack of luck now was affecting him.

Will rolled out of the hay stack he'd landed in and pulled Robin up as fast as he could before staggering out. Well, he had managed to hurt his leg, but he wasn't about to stop moving. He could hear the door give way with a loud crack as it was pushed off its hinges and onto the floor. He heard the sheriff's men cry out in outrage as he limped off into the dense forest that served as the border of the priory's land. Will prayed hard as he made his way through trees and underbrush. He prayed that he and Robin would find a safe haven quickly away from the hand of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

It was then that he saw the arrow in the ground with the distinctive feathers that Robin preferred above chicken feathers that the rest of the outlaw band used. He stopped and stared at it as though it was his answer from God… or Satan. Will wasn't sure which sometimes and right then it was doubly hard to tell the difference. Robin had done his best to do as much good as he could for so long, but in the end Robin and Will and John and Much and all the others were thieves and murderers as much as the sheriff and his men. God didn't let in thieves and murderers into His Kingdom.

He laid Robin down carefully and took a quick look around for things to hide their presence with. He could faintly hear the cries of the sheriff's men and their horses' hooves getting closer. He managed to use a rock to dig out a hole in the ground for the two of them, though it was a bit shallower than he would have liked and pulled his brother close to him into the hole before pulling the cover over them. The horse hooves moved much closer now and Will could smell them easily in the clear air of the night.

"Keep your eyes open, men! Comb this forest for their rotten carcasses!" shouted the leader. "We're not leaving until we find them!"

Will wasn't certain how long he laid there, but it felt like forever. His arms and legs hurt from holding his position under their cover for so long and fair screamed to be released from the cramped space. The horse hooves moved around him and around the brush nearest to him, but, thankfully, none actually touched him. He didn't think he could handle more of the throbbing pain in his leg if a horse actually stepped on him. Soon, the horses moved away deeper into the forest and then disappeared altogether. Will didn't chance getting out from under the cover just yet, but he did move his injured leg a little to see what he had managed to do to it. A thick piece of wood from the splintered rafters in the stable had penetrated the outside of his thigh and jutted out sickly as it was covered in his blood now.

Will pulled up a thick stick and put it in his mouth to bite down on before he reached down and pulled the wood out from his thigh. Then, he grabbed his scarf, which had at one time been a brilliant red and made of silk, and wrapped it around his leg and the wound. It had been a bit of a joke that Will had learned his style of dress from the sometimes enigmatic Robin, but, in truth, Will just preferred fine cloth to wool and had since he was a child. It was because he could hardly get anything but harsh clothing from his secondary status in his and Robin's father's eyes.

Will then looked to Robin and found the man still breathing, though harshly. He sighed and leaned back into the cramped little hole he had managed to make and prayed once more to God. "Please, God, keep us safe from those men. Keep us safe until the others can find us," he muttered in a soft voice, "I know we aren't the best of men, that we're thieves and murderers, but if it's just this one time I beg you to keep us safe from those men until our own men can find us."

Sleep seemed imminent. Will couldn't keep his eyes open much longer after he prayed and soon found himself embraced by it. He didn't dream that night. He simply fell asleep and hoped as he did so that his prayers would be listened to.


Will groaned as he looked up at the blurry face of someone talking to him. It was the old friar and the young Much the Miller's Son. Much was much younger than Will; in fact he had been a boy when Will had finally acknowledged his half brother as the leader of their crazy band of outlaws. Much prodded Friar Tuck in his fat shoulder before pointing to Will's leg. "Looks like the bleeding's stopping, Tuck."

"Oh, good work, Much," said Friar Tuck, grinning a somewhat toothless smile.

Much grinned and then looked to Will carefully. "Oi, Will. You awake?"

Will snorted and looked around. "Where's… Where's Robin?"

For a moment there was silence, then Tuck spoke softly, "He's dead. He was dead when we found you both under this thing."

"How… did you find me?" asked Will as he attempted to sit up. He immediately regretted it and laid back down as his vision swam. "Urgh."

"Don't sit up. You've lost a lot of blood, Will. You're lucky the sheriff's men didn't have their dogs with them or they would have scented you out immediately," said Much.

Will smiled wryly before looking to the placid, pale face of his half brother Robin. He reached out and pulled the broad brimmed hat down further over Robin's eyes as he tended to do when he was trying to sleep. "Where's the arrow?"

"The arrow?" asked Much.

"Over here, Will," said Friar Tuck. "Is there some reason we need to know where it is?"

"Yeah, there is. The fucking bastard told me to either kill him myself or let him die by the fever and then bury him wherever the arrow landed. I wasn't about to wait for those men to get us so I grabbed him and jumped onto the roof of the stables before getting out here. I was surprised I'd managed to find his stupid arrow." Will put his hand up to his face and rubbed his scratchy eyes. When had he grown up to be so old? It almost seemed as though it hadn't been that long ago that he was just some stupid kid trying to get a little of his own back on Robin's tanned hide.

He glanced back to the now too pale dead figure of his brother and saw the old age creeping into his features. Even in his old age Robin was far more attractive than most young men. It was somewhat freakish to most of the younger men in the band of outlaws that Robin seemed to still be able to charm his way into a young woman's heart than any of them with just a smile and kiss on the hand. His once black hair was sprinkled with white and gray and the lines in his face were light compared to other men his age. It was as though age simply didn't want to touch him. Will, however, had received his mother's appearance more than his father's, like Robin had.

Friar Tuck nodded and bowed his head as he fiddled about his person for his little bible. "I'll consecrate the ground so that we may bury him properly. He deserves that much from us."

And so it was. Much dug out the hole for Robin as Will watched Tuck in silence as the man went about consecrating the grounds. When they were done, Will managed to get up for just long enough to help pull his brother's body to the hole and drop him in. Tuck's voice chimed in as he made the sign of the cross over Robin's body and went to help shovel the dirt back onto him. "From dust we came, so shall we return. Good bye, old friend. May God have mercy on your soul when you meet him, though I don't doubt you've already managed to win your way in past saint peter's gates!"

There they put rocks as a grave marker as well as stuck the arrow back into the ground. Will used his one good knife to carve into a stone a rather light "RH" before they left the land to the forces of nature. This was the end of an era for them. This was the end of Robin Hood. Now, it was up to them to continue his work or attempt to go back to normal lives as Robin had tried to do once before, but of course Robin's face was too well known to the Sheriff and his name too well known to the Sheriff's men to allow him the peace he had tried to seek.

And so, William Scarlett, Much, and Tuck made their way back to the encampment in Sherwood to do as they had always done: be the thieves and murderers they had become accustomed to.