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Under The Moonlit Ocean

Chapter 1: The Under Water Village Of Konohagakure

It was a cold night with a soft breeze blowing through the air. There on the sandy shore of the beach stood two lovers embracing each other as if they would never see each other again.

A dark haired figure watched from afar behind a rock. How she envy them so much. To have someone there for you. To feel like your the happiest person in the world. To be in love.

After awhile their lock broke and they parted ways. The girl watches them leave. Her hair was long, and had eyes of lavender. She wore an medium purple colored tang top. Under the water you could see something moving. It was a similar color to her eyes yet darker. It was a tail fin. The girl's name is Hinata Hyuga and she was a mermaid. She still hid behind the rock wondering how it would be like if she was in love as well. A small ripple of a wave passes by her showing another fin just in a darker purple.

"HINNATTAA!" The person who had the other tail yelled.

"Wha!" Hinata freaked out and turned around to find her sister Hanabi. "Hanabi!" She said covering her sister's mouth. "Wha-what are you doing here!"

Totally ignoring on what her older sister just said she just gave a remark. "You were watching the humans agian weren't you?" The little girl said giving a sly smile. Hanabi was a younger looking version of Hinata just with a different shade of purple tail fin. Instead of a tang top she had a violet-red t-shirt.

"Mind your own business!" Hinata said. "Anyways what are you doing here!"

"Nothing really. Just bored" She said. "And I love messing with you."

The older Hyuga looks around hoping that they weren't spotted. Luckily no one was there. "Well we should get going home soon then. Come on Hanabi." Said the older sister while she slowly fades into the water. Hanibi did the same.

At first it seemed like the were swimming in total darkness until a brightly shone village arose from the black. This was their home. The underwater village of Konohagakure. Above in the human world was also called Konohagakure just a kingdom and both located in Fire Country. Just the under water one is well.... Under water. As they swam through the streets they pass by many houses and stores until they reached their destination.

It was one of the larger houses there with a plaque made of coral engraved with the name 'Hyuga'. Hinata and Hanabi snuck into the house trying not to make a noise. So close yet so far. Now they have to pass by their father's room to each of their own. Hinata covered her sister's mouth with her hand making a 'shhh' sound. At every movement of their fins they looked back to see if they have awaken him. Once in a while Hiashi would move in his sleep making the girls more tense. Just a few more swishes of the tails and they would be home free. Then a hallway light turned on.

"Oh nos!" They both thought.

"What were you two doing up so late!?" A stern voice said.

They slowly turn around to find that the one who turned on the light was not the person they expected.

"Oh! Ne-Neji it's just you." Hinata said giving a sigh of relief. Hanabi did the same.

"I'm waiting." He said annoyed that this wasn't the first time they snuck out nor will be their last.

"We were just....Ahhhhhh." Hanabi looked to her sister.

"Were were having a......Late night swim! Yes a night swim! Hanabi couldn't sleep so she went to my room and woke me up. So I took her out to get some fresh water." She said making it up out of her head. Hinata gives a nervous grin.

Neji looked back and forth from the older to the younger Hyuga sister. "Alright. Just try to get home earlier. But next time if Lord Hiashi finds you two it's out of my hands." He said to the two. Neji was part of the Hyuga clan and like Hinata, Hanabi, and Hiashi he too had Byakugan eyes. His tail was of a dark purple but not as dark as Hiashi's. Also his fins looked as if they were sharper looking if that makes sense. He bows to both of them and they all went to bed.

"Good morning Lady Hinata!" A woman with a child in her hand said.

"Yes! Good morning!" Another villager went.

Hinata was making her way through the village while doing her dailie 'hellos'. It was nice there but nothing to much to do. All there is to do is swim, eat, sleep. Thats it. That is a reason why Hinata watches the humans. Their lives seemed more exciting to her. Why? Even she didn't know. Now it was about time to court the men her father sends.

"My family have been in this village since it first started." A merman went on.

This was the most recent man Lord Hiashi sent to court her. All the village mermaids swoon over him envying Hinata. Sure he was handsome like the others but to Hinata she could care even less. His name? Well Hinata didn't catch it. He just brags about how high of a clan he's in, how powerful he is, how handsome, how lucky she is. All Hinata hears is 'Blah blah blah blah blah.' Too bad she couldn't ditch this one like the others because she promised her father to last through the supposedly date.

Finally the 'date' was over. He swam her to the Hyuga household. At the door before he said his goodbye he leans in puckering his lips.

"Oh no! Is he trying to kiss me!" Hinata thought in disgust. She leans further away trying to reach the door knob. "Now!" The Hyuga thought quickly going in the house and slamming the door in his face forcing him to kiss the door.

"Few......" She said giving a sigh of relief leaning against the door knowing how close she was to almost kissing that jerk.

Right after that horrible ordeal Hinata dashes straight to her father's office. "Father!"

Hiashi looks up from his paperwork. "Yes Hinata? How was your date?" He asked.

"Date!? You call that a date!? All he did was talk about himself! Father I want to marry someone who actually thinks about someone else than themselves!" She yelled then immediately stopped and lowered her voice. "Sorry father. I just wish to marry someone who loves me for who I am, not what I am."

Lord Hyuga looks to his daughter. "Hinata I'm sorry but since you are the oldest of the main branch you must marry someone of high status."

"But father!"

"Hinata! You will marry someone I know who will take care of you when I'm gone!" This time her father looked frustrated.

She looks down. "Yes father." Hinata thinks about on what her father just said. 'Someone who will take care of me.' "Wait! Father! What if I find someone who will?"

Hiashi has a look of interest. "I will think about it."

Hinata's face lightens up. "Yes! Thank you father!" She gives him a bow and swims out of his office.

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