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It was getting late and the streets that was lit by the sunlight is now relying on glowing fish to light the way. After the question Hanabi asked her Hinata has been very thoughtful about this.

Will I ever really tell Hanabi how love feels or will I end up with someone that father makes me marry? She thought to herself.

Hanabi looked up to her sister and saw that something was on her mind. "Hinata?"

The older sibling looked down at her sister. "Yes Hanabi?"

"Is something on your mind?"

"Yes. No. Sort of. I'm not sure anymore." Hinata said then thought of something. "Hey would you mind going home without me? I kind of want to be alone now."

Hanabi nodded her head and swam further ahead to get home.

She watched her sister until Hinata couldn't see her anymore and went the opposite direction.

Every once in a while Hinata would look over her shoulder to she if she was followed. It wasn't forbidden for merpeople to go to the surface but there is a law about getting caught. But sometimes curiosity would get to some of them like Hinata. One time she was so curios about it she read in a book that some would even fall in love with humans. She wondered why that would happen even though they fully know that it's not meant to be but they must have had a reason.

Maybe it was because of the law that they did it. For the thrill of getting caught or the fact that they are from two different worlds that makes it exciting? Hinata wondered.

It was because these stories she was so interested in humans. Later she learned more about humans like that they don't have one but two fins to move around and that they would ride on these strange brown looking whales to go out into sea. It always seemed odd to her why they won't just swim especially since they have not only one but two fins to help them more. Later on book weren't enough and that she found observing humans were a better way to learn about them.

Hinata was making her way to the shore where she watched the two humans. She was getting closer to the surface and hid behind the same rock as before. This time instead of the two lovers, a teenager stood at the sandy shores of Konohagakure. Even though Hinata was pretty far from the sands she could make out practically every feature of him. His unruly yet attractive spiky blond looking hair, sun kissed skin, three lines on both of his cheeks that makes it seem like he has whiskers, and from what she predicts toned abs. He wore a faded orange shirt and a pair of black pants that stopped a little past his knees. A first the boy sat on a rock and watched the ocean waves crash upon each other then walked around the beach as if he was looking for something.

Hinata felt her face getting warmer as she watched him from afar. She knew that she's been gone from home too long and that people would come looking for her but something kept her from leaving. The hue of pink on her cheeks got brighter when it looked as if he looked her way after reaching down, into the sand and grabbed something. It was a stone and Hinata wondered what he was going to do with it. He had a few in his hands and started to skip a few stones on the calmer part of the ocean. She continued to watch him until both she and the teen were startled.

"Naruto!" A voice from afar yelled.

In mid-skip his body stopped but the stone still flew from his hand. He knew who it was and that he was also in big trouble.

"Aw man!" Naruto said then heard another voice this time further out.

"Ow!" A soft voice said from behind a rock not so far from where he stood.

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