As promised...

"This should last us awhile. If you only use a handful a week..." Kakuzu's voice trailed off as he began to think of the deal he had gotten.

"I didn't like that woman at all, Kakuzu," Mitsuko said, trying to feel comfortable when talking to the old man.

"I didn't either. She flirts with her customers too much to make money," he said, ignorant of what had happened with Hidan at the sink. Maybe only Mitsuko saw it as so?

"Mitsuko, don't worry about it, okay? You're still my friend," Hidan smiled at her.

"Whatever," Mitsuko frowned and stepped ahead of him.

"From now on, Mitsuko, you are Hanako. Hidan, you are now known as Ryou," Kakuzu said over his shoulder.

"What should we call you then?" Hidan asked.

"I am Katsu, and if it ever comes up, our surname is Tanaka, or if you want to roleplay as boyfriend and girlfriend, you can take on another surname yourselves," Kakuzu turned into a clothing store, "Pick what you want," he told them, sitting in a seat by the door and laying the two boxes at his feet, "This is the only time I'll spend a bunch of money on you two."

Hidan chuckled and began to look around at the clothes, aimlessly. Mitsuko scanned the store, looking for something that caught her eye. When nothing drew her attention, she took a deep breath and began to search aimlessly like Hidan.

Kakuzu watched them as he hunched over in the chair. He thought if he should look for clothes himself or even attempt at disguising himself, but he didn't want to look stupid with whatever he could find. Maybe Hidan will buy an extra outfit and he could borrow that?

"How's this?" Mitsuko asked as she stepped out of the dressing room.

Hidan and the store clerk turned to look and gasped. Kakuzu managed to lift himself off the seat to look over the clothing racks at a whole new Mitsuko, a Hanako. No more was she wearing her black ninja clothes, she was dressed like a normal teen. She was now wearing a green t-shirt with a large silver star on it and a velvet green skirt. It brought out her eyes and contrasted against her new red hair.

"Damn, Hanako," Hidan smirked.

"What? If it doesn't look good on me, say so now and I'll find something else," Mitsuko looked down at herself. She thought it was alright.

"No," Hidan said as he walked up to her, "I mean, damn, Hanako as in damn, you look good," he explained to her.

She looked down at the floor, blushing bright red.

"I'm getting this pair of jeans," Hidan said as he showed her the jeans he had slung across his shoulder.

"What about a shirt or something?" Kakuzu asked him.

"Nah, I got plenty of shirts at home. I need a new pair of jeans," Hidan told him. Mitsuko couldn't help but giggle; they were such good actors and the store clerk believed it.

"Alright then, here," Kakuzu said as he handed Hidan some bills to pay for the clothes, "Let's go!" he exclaimed, anxious to get out of this town.

When they were done shopping, Kakuzu paid for a shared ride towards a far away village in the middle of the country. They departed at noon and sat in the cart with several other people, conversing like plain old citizens, only the trio were criminals. One of the women that Mitsuko was talking to, who was also going to the same village, offered her a job at her okiya as a maiko. Mitsuko, having only known the job of cleaning and cooking, excused herself to talk to her "uncle" about it.

"No," Kakuzu said sternly when Mitsuko told him about the job offer.

"Why not?" she asked, confused.

"Ask her what kind of maiko and come back to me when you find out," he said.

Mitsuko came back to Kakuzu and told him what the woman had told her, "She says I'll be the maiko that wear their obi in the front."

"No, absolutely not. If it wasn't for Hidan, I'd let you do it," Kakuzu told her, not even making eye contact the whole time.

"Why? What is a maiko? What do you mean?" Mitsuko asked him.

"She asking you to become a prostitute and I'm sure Hidan won't let you do that. You just sit here and be quiet for the remainder of the trip," he grunted.

Mitsuko was stunned that the woman had offered her a job of prostitution. She ignored the woman for the rest of the journey until they got to the village where Mitsuko departed with Kakuzu and Hidan.