Author's Note: Whoops, noticed that I shifted a bit too much attention onto Kevin. Hopefully I rectify that with this chapter. I have a habit of bringing Verdona into any story I can find an excuse for. I kept looking for excuses to bring Paradox into stories as well, but it really only worked in Changing Times. Guess who shows up in this chapter? Yep. Paradox and Verdona. Working together. For the win (God, I would kill for an episode where that happened). The reason I opted for Forever Knights over DNAliens was by the time I got to that point, the season finale had aired. As such, subsequent chapters should be viewed with the finale in mind. In other words, High Breed are defeated. Last chapter's mention of Dnaliens can be ignored now, please. Also, a huge note - I finally went back and rewatched Paradox and found that not only was the time machine destroyed, it collapsed into itself. So I will explain that in this chapter.

"I don't understand," Ben said softly as the group snuck down the mine. So far they had run into no one. "What would the Forever Knights want with a time machine?"

"Are you seriously asking that?" Kevin demanded, "They walk around in armor and act all old-timey and you want to know what they'd want to do with a time machine…"

Ben considered it. "All right, fair point. But is it potentially dangerous?"

"More than you could ever possibly begin to understand."

The teenagers all jumped, but Verdona merely stared. Professor Paradox had appeared seemingly out of thin air. "Hello, Ben, Kevin, Gwen….and Verdona, I don't believe we've met yet….but then, we only meet twice and the more times I go through those scenarios the easier it is to forget which one was our first meeting."

"Friend of yours?" Verdona asked Ben. He nodded.

"This is Professor Paradox…he's a time traveler. He's helped us save the world twice now."

"I helped you, eh?" Paradox asked, pulling his pocket watch out and studying it.

"Or we helped you, whatever. It doesn't matter!" Ben insisted. "What are you doing here, anyways?"

"Time traveling hero, Ben, remember? I have to go to any moment of time where something could go wrong and fix it."

"So, how do we fix this?" Kevin asked.

"Well, the issue here is definitely numbers. Unlike when we attacked the DNAliens and High Breed, we have no extra allies and the Forever Knights easily outnumber us…."

"Why so worried?" Verdona asked, "They're just a bunch of humans. No offense, but I've yet to see your kind do anything that impressive."

"What about us, Grandma?" Ben demanded.

Verdona snorted. "You're a quarter Anodite and your grandfather was Max Tennyson. It's no surprise you're out of the ordinary, and you," she said before Kevin could speak, "Are part alien yourself, right?"

"Now's not the time for your prejudices," Paradox interrupted.

"Wait…didn't the time machine completely collapse? I mean, the pieces fell into the vortex it created. There's no way for them to piece it back together!" Ben suddenly exclaimed. Paradox shook his head.

"I'm afraid one of their researchers is brighter than I anticipated…though not as smart as I am, of course. He found some of my research and was able to piece together enough of it to come up with his own theory of time travel. It's not the same as mine, but it will function…."

"How well?" Gwen asked.

"Too well," Paradox answered. "It's an imperfect model. It's going to generate a time warping blast that will force everything within sixty miles of this location back to medieval times."

"Is that what they're trying for?" Ben asked.

"I have a hunch that what they're trying to do is go back to when they first captured a dragon," Paradox said, "And my hunches are most often correct."

"We met him…." Ben said, "But why are they going through this much trouble just to get a dragon back?"

"Sometimes you ask the most obvious questions, Ben," Paradox said in lieu of an answer.

"Are we going to keep standing around or are we going to get fighting? Anodites may have an extended life span, but we also get bored very easily," Verdona said testily.

"Ah, yes, you never were very patient, any of the times I've met you," Paradox said.

Verdona glared at him, manna flowing to her hand.

"I would advise against such an action. It's likely to cause a cave in," Paradox pointed out. Verdona seemed to consider it. "And besides, I was about to say that I agree with you and that we should probably attend to the matter at hand."

"Do you know what's going on?" Ben leaned over and asked Kevin.

"The two old people don't seem to like each other that much and we need to go mangle a bunch of knights."

"Oh. So long as that's all it is…" Ben said, smirking as he rotated the face of the omnitrix. "Big Chill!" he exclaimed as his form changed to an enormous blue moth-like alien.

The group finished their descent through the narrow corridor and stopped when it widened into a full cavern. There were knights all over the place, most busy stacking quartz crystals, some standing guard. Standing at a newly built time machine was Conner and beside him, busying himself with programming the time machine was Dr. Joseph Chadwick.

"Any way we could do this quietly?" Ben asked.

"No," Paradox, Kevin and Gwen all chorused in unison.

"Why not?" He demanded. In answer, all three pointed to Verdona, who was already engaging the knights in battle.

Ben groaned. "And you think Kevin and I act immature," He said to Gwen before spreading his wings and joining the fight. Paradox disappeared from Kevin and Gwen's side and turned up beside Dr. Chadwick.

"Well, we can't let Ben and the old farts have all the fun, can we Gwen?" Kevin said, absorbing the cave wall to don a rock coating.

"Guess not…"

Author's Note: Yeah, yeah, I always stop short of the battles. I'm not a terribly good action writer, so I want to wait a little longer when I'm more focused and can do the battle justice. Hopefully it'll be up soon.