"Bella, love, wake up."

I rolled my eyes. Edward knew I couldn't be sleeping. It just wasn't possible for vampires like us to do so. I pushed my shield away from me, which happened to be quite easy after all the years of practice. I just had to let Edward in my thoughts, just so he would know that I was slightly annoyed with him. I was perfectly content in the position I was in at the current time. Edward chuckled. Suddenly, I couldn't feel the bed anymore. Reflexively, my eyes flew open and I saw that I was off the bed and in Edward's arms. For a millisecond I was surprised, but then I snuggled in closer to his chest. I was much more comfortable in the position I was in. Then, I realized that we had school. The first day of school was here.

"NO! I hate high school! Wasn't five times enough?" I asked Edward, wary. I knew what was coming. I didn't need Alice's power for that. Speaking of Alice…..

"Hiya Bella! Time to pick out your clothes! This is going to be SO much fun!" Alice exclaimed as she popped her head into our room. "Edward! Get out! This will be the only day I will get to dress Bella up!"


I glared at her. "Alice, no way. I am so not wearing Prada, Gucci, and whatever fancy brands you know of!" Alice looked really sad. I was starting to waver in my resolve. Then I remembered Edward was holding me. I looked up into his eyes and I knew that spending a few moments with him was worth getting Alice a little annoyed today. Still, I knew in my non-beating heart that Alice would win, and if I was lucky, with a compromise.

"Bella, I promise it'll only be for today. After all, first impressions are important," said Alice with a smirk.

"Fine." What do you know. Alice got her way. Then I remembered Edward once again.

"Um, Alice, remember, you owe me a century? Well, I'll trade that if you just give us a few moments of alone time," I said, desperately thinking of a way out of becoming Alice's fashion victim for the day.

"Uh-huh, sure, let me think," Alice said. She looked up putting a finger to her lips for a few seconds. "No way. I don't think a century cuts it, Bella. Sorry!" With that, Edward put me on the bed gently with a sweet kiss and ran out of the room quickly. I wondered what Alice had thought of doing to him if he refused to make him run out like that. I pushed my shield away and gave him a scolding mentally. I swear I heard Edward mumbling something about being sorry and that what Alice was going to do to him was something he couldn't bear.

I turned my glare on Alice. Alice, being Alice, saw this was coming and to prevent it, she started rambling on about clothes so I would get distracted.

Dang. Her strategy worked. Of course it would… *sigh*

"Now, this is the perfect first day to school outfit. We Cullens have to wear the same brands." Alice mumbled as she hurried bringing outfits from my closet to the bedroom in inhuman speed. I picked up the first outfit I could get my hands on. I wanted to get back to my Edward.

"I want to wear this, today Alice, and no but's, how about's, or let me think's!" With that, I started to undress and quickly dressed myself in the outfit, which was most likely going to get ripped to pieces later today and I most sincerely didn't care for. Alice froze, obviously looking at my future, just outside the door. Then, she threw a pleading and a look of fury.

"BELLA! NO! You can't wear that today! You two are going to destroy it!" Alice cried. I shook my head. She knew that I wasn't going to change my mind. With that, Alice sulked off, carrying my outfits she had picked out for me and suddenly with a smile, she rushed off to Renesmee's room. Oh, Renesmee! I totally forgot about her. Apparently, Alice did to for a while. Lucky Alice. Every since Renesmee hit her young teens, she had just been obsessed with fashion. Luckily, in a day, she got over it. However, she never minded Alice choosing her clothes. Renesmee was a charmer these days. Jacob always confided to me, somewhat angrily, how the boys in the restaurants he took her always stared at her with their mouths open. He also told me that there were a few girls, which immensely disturbed me. I had shot him a look. Jacob recoiled saying that he probably wouldn't take her out to restaurants anymore….

I snapped out of my daze as I realized Edward was kissing me. He had come back into the room when Alice had gone. With a gasp, I put my arms around him. Edward chuckled. "High school? Remember?" he reminded me. I groaned and followed him as he led the way. I saw him appraise what I was wearing. I gave him a smile, a secret smile. "So, that's our victim for today, Bella?" Edward mumbled, still appraising. I gave him a larger smile.


"I like it." I twirled so he would see every aspect.

"Thank you." Alice walked in. It seemed that she had recovered from Renesmee's willingness to have her Aunty Alice pick out her clothes today. She walked past us toward the car, still mumbling things about clothes and how they deserved more respect. Edward and I smiled. Alice obviously wanted to tell us that she was mad. "So," I started, "what did she threaten to do if you didn't leave?" Edward chuckled.

"She threatened to tell everyone that you were single to the male population at school. She even showed me an outcome of what would happen if she did." Edward groaned. "You don't want to know what it was going to be like." I smiled. Ah, my Edward always was quite temperamental when it came to boys and me. I actually thought it was sweet. We both knew that nobody would ever separate us but it was still frustrating to see how many girls (or guys in Edward's case) would be after the other.

"We better go," I said and taking his hand, we entered the least conspicuous car. Edward's Volvo. Alice was already in there. She seemed to have given up, throwing one last wary glance at me from the backseat through the mirror at the front. I grinned. Alice positioned her body so it would face away from us. Edward and I, in the front row shared a knowing smile. Rosalie entered coolly, sitting next to Alice.

"GUYS! COME ON! We're going to be late. Plus, remember that if we get late, Esme's going to personally punish us. Even she knows first impressions are important!" Edward said, looking back at Alice. Alice noticed that he had used the same phrase she had when she was speaking to me. She grumbled. Esme poked her head around the garage to give us a smile of relief. I smiled back. It was just impossible not to when my mom was smiling. Emmett, knowing his X-BOX would be the victim of the punishment he would get, quickly ran downstairs, almost ripping off one of the doors of the Volvo, as he quickly entered the backseat. Alice, seeing what was coming, kept silent while Rosalie shrieked.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen! You nearly creased and ruffled my outfit! Don't do that again!" With that, Rosalie started to check up on her clothes.

Silence filled the car. I began to feel uncomfortable and would have blushed if possible.

"Aw, Alice, I'm sorry for not letting your precious clothes enough respect but you do have to acknowledge what effort it was to let you pick my clothes." I said to Alice, feeling a little sorry.

Alice started to think. "That's true…" she brightened up noticeably, "Does this mean you will be more willing the next time I get to dress you?" Alice started to bounce up and down on her seat. I gave in to this little mischievous pixie.

"Fine" I groaned. I was happy when she somehow hugged me and was glad to make her happy. Edward was watching my every movement. I was sure he was smiling too, even though my face was turned away from him.

The rest of us quietly entered the car. Edward drove the way he usually did; speeding. I didn't mind it so now, even though now and then I would tease him to slow down and saying that I was raised to abide the law. Soon, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Edward decided that it was too cramped in the back row. It was unanimously voted that Emmett was to be moved to the trunk of Volvo. Alice saw the future and started to giggle uncontrollably. Emmett saw that we were silent and that we had put on our poker faces.

"What's going on?" Emmett asked, eyeing Edward and I suspiciously. Well, he was looking at me. My poker face always fell off the quickest but what Emmett didn't know was that I was to busy thinking about school and that what was my thinking expression would probably not fall off for a really long time in the car. Suddenly, Jasper motioned Edward to veer off the road and stop. Emmett was now even more suspicious. "Okay, now this is just creepy. Why did we sto-"

Emmett was carried by Edward and Jasper who had quickily went to the back row and hoisted Emmett up and before Emmett could yell at them, he was in the backseat. Jasper returned to his regular seat and Edward to his. The girls didn't care. They were to busy checking their make-up. Well Rosalie was. Alice was just staring at the road as Jasper put his arm around her. There were a few thumping noises and yells from the back. This got me to realize what Edward did. I smiled at him. He gave me that heart-stopping crooked smile I so loved.

Edward hissed, "Emmett, if you in some way harm this car, I personally see that your Jeep will be painted hot pink, your credit card cut up to pieces, and your video games will be burned in front of your eyes." The thumping stopped. I guess Alice had seen what Emmett was going to do. "Oh, by the way, don't harm this car. It'll blow our cover for a while." Added Edward.

With 90 mph, in a few seconds, we pulled up to Forks High School which we had attended many, many years ago.