Note From the Author: Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted anything, let alone a poem...I was starting to feel "inactive" on this website...But aside from that, I wrote a Cowboy Bebop poem! This is really for the end of the series, from the perspectives of both Spike and Julia, and it just kinda...came out of my head, so...enjoy?

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Cowboy Bebop, no matter how much I may want to.

Did it really matter

That we never took off

Went away

That we stayed put

Just as we were told

We've seen stormy days

When the sun wouldn't stop shining

And all we wanted

Was to sit in the dark

We've seen sunny days

Clouded by the smoke of a gun

We were never meant to hold

Is it too late to change our minds

And remember

None of this ever happened

The clock's been ticking

While we've been away

But time's stood completely still

Would we ever go back

On a stormy day

Filled with nonexistent rain

In the middle of the single place

That was meant to be our home

Were we meant to be alone

I never understood till now

Just how much it would matter to have

An empty hand

And a cigarette


There was nothing there to hold

And maybe,

Had we tried a little harder,

We could have gone a little further

To a world where we could

Reread our story

And live through the kinks again

Without a single worry

Because we already knew the end

So here we lay

Still so far apart

Waiting for the chance

To be next to the other while we lay

Soldiers of the lonely kind

The ones who dream of heaven

While we condemn ourselves to hell

We've already gone


Closed our eyes

On the brighter side

Moving on to a brighter world

It's here that we ask ourselves

If it ever really mattered