Six AM.

It was six in the morning and raining. A combination Tiffany loved more than anything. It was a hell of a lot better than her annoying alarm clock waking her up.

She turned over and sighed in content as she felt her husbands arms instinctively wrap around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

She leaned her head forward and let it rest on his shoulder, not making any plans to move anytime soon.

A few minutes later, the two heard repeating 'pit-pat' sounds against their hardwood floor.

"Adam…," she mumbled, half asleep.

"Hmm," he responded, half asleep as well.

"Your turn," she stated.

Adam sighed as he pick picked his head up and peeked at the doorway. Just as he expected, he saw his four year old daughter, Hayley, standing there. What he didn't expect to see was the distressed look on her face.

"What's wrong, hun?" he spoke, his voice laced with both concern and sleep.

Hayley ran over and climbed up onto the bed. "Daddy! The pool is falling from the sky!"

Adam looked at her confused, while Tiffany just laughed.

Hayley caught onto her father's confusion and pointed at the window, which was being pelted with raindrops.

When Adam finally understood what she meant, he couldn't help but laugh himself. "Sweetie, it's raining."

Hayley's hazel eyes pierced his green ones. "Rain? No! There's no water in the pool, 'cause it's falling from the sky!"

Adam laughed at the young girl's accusation. If he would have had about ten beers in him, that explanation probably would have made sense to him.

"Okay hun; tell you what. You go in your room and turn on your nightlight. I'll be in there to tuck you in bed in a few, mmkay?"

"And the pool will stop falling?" Hayley asked, looking ever so hopeful.

"I'll talk to Mother Nature and see what I can do."

"'Kay!" she smiled and climbed out of the bed, the 'pit-pats' became apparent again as she ran out of the room.

Adam blew out a loud breath and ran a hand through his hair.

Tiffany spoke again for the first time since Hayley had entered the room. "You know she gets that from you, right?"

"Gets what from me?"

"Her imagination."

"Says the mother who keeps a collection of different shades of pink crayons," the blonde snorted.

"She just came in here and told you that the pool is falling out of the sky. This is the daughter of the man who said that footballs would make great cup holders."

"Shut up," he laughed.

"Best comeback ever," it was her turn to snort.


One Hour Later

Tiffany lay in their bed, alone. It didn't take an hour to read 'Green Eggs and Ham'. She threw the covers off her and walked briskly to her daughter's room, goosebumps forming on her arms as she did.

"Ad-" she began but stopped at the sight.

Hayley was safely tucked into her bed sleeping, and Adam was in her rocking chair, the book resting on his chest, asleep as well. She tipped out of the room, leaving the two blondes in peace.

"Yep," she spoke to herself. "Exactly alike."


A/N: Even though this was already written out in my journal, I'm a procrastinator and it took all day for me to write. Merry Christmas, Tiff!