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Band members of [Akaku]:

18, Uchiha Itachi*- Lead singer and Bass guitarist. [violin]
18, Deidara- Electric and Acoustic guitarist.
18, Hidan- Keyboardist and pianist.
18, Tobi- Drummer.
21, Konan~ Manager

Band members of [Tsukisa]:

26, Hoshigaki Kisame*- Lead singer, bass and electric guitarist.
20, Sasori- Keyboardist and pianist.
26, Kakuzu- Bass and Acoustic guitarist.
24, Zetsu- Drummer.
27, Pein~ Manager


"Eh? Group tour?" Itachi repeated, and Konan nodded, pulling out a booklet from her folder, sliding it across the table to him. He retrieved it with much difficulty, seeing as he was currently writing a song and there were about 80 stacks of paper varying in height sprawled like a wall around him. Flipping through it, Deidara's interest was aroused and he stood behind Itachi, taking in the details as Itachi went through the pages. "America??!" he exclaimed, and Itachi put a paper ball in his mouth. "Shut up, Deidara." He said, as he handed the booklet back to Konan, and it was hastily read by Hidan, followed by Tobi, who decided it might be worth reading after all, what with Deidara mentioning America.

"Since we're one in a million up-and-coming bands," Konan said, "we need publicity, and experience. What with this band agreeing to take us on a group tour with them, we could really gain a lot from this."

Tobi handed her back the booklet, grinning. "America!! America!!" he said excitedly, and Deidara rolled his eyes as he went back to tuning his guitar. Hidan turned to Konan and sighed, returning to the setting up of his keyboard amps and their volume controls. Itachi turned to Konan and nodded. "This is a good idea. When are we leaving?" he asked, and Konan scratched the back of her head, chuckling nervously. "Well… about that…" she turned to the rest. "Ehm. Tomorrow."

"WHAAAAT?!??!" Hidan shouted, and Konan's hands shot to cover her ears. Deidara got up and began yelling as well, and Tobi had to stop him from wrangling Konan for the flight papers to see if it was true. Itachi stood up in shock and headed over, pulling Konan to one side and bombarding her with questions. As calmly as he could, and politely.

"Why didn't you tell us about this earlier?" he said, his blood pressure, thankfully, decreasing. Konan sighed and gestured, "I don't know!! I only got the letters today; it was supposed to be sent a couple of weeks ago!! It… must have gotten lost, in the mail, or something." She said, looking at her hands, and Itachi nodded. "So it was an error of the government." He clarified, and Konan nodded, to save her ass. He let his fringe hang over his eyes and let Hidan and Deidara at her, and he went off to ponder the trip. When he turned around, Konan gasped for breath as she stood up and ran aside, Deidara and Hidan in a brawling heap on the floor, with Tobi laughing at them.

"Ok. No panicking." He instructed, and Hidan stopped, his arm strangling Deidara coming loose. They too, stood up and listened to Itachi. He cleared his throat and spoke pointedly to Konan. "We'll find a way to salvage the situation. Konan, make copies of the packing list for us, and make sure we have our insurance checked, which I'm sure our company has already done, but just verify the statements. To the rest of you, pack only what's necessary, we can get more clothes over there. Your instruments are first priority, make sure you bring everything that you need along. Clothes aren't as important. The flight is tomorrow morning, so we have to be quick about this. And please, for the love of god, Tobi, don't show us up in front of another rival band. If you wear that 'Tobi is a good boy' shirt, I will have to hurt you. Now quick, dismissed." He let out, and they nodded, Itachi taking the original booklet with the packing list while Konan made a copy of hers to hand to the rest.

Itachi washed his face when he got to his room, sighing as he straightened his back and headed to his wardrobe, throwing it open and revealing masses of red and black clothes. He got out a simple black zip bag, tossing in liberal amounts of accessories, chains, badges, leather bangles and rings. Out of the mass, he picked out a black leather collar with a buckled bangle to match, 2 rings, 2 chains and a couple of his favorite badges, tossing them on his bed for tomorrow.

Going through his clothes, he picked out several pairs of black jeans, some of them with red imprints and chains, some with matching belts... after browsing his shirts, he took along 6 T-shirts, 4 work shirts and 2 tux jackets, in case he needed meeting with anyone high up before a gig. Colors were not much of an option, everything he owned was red and black, just in different shades.

He picked out 2 ties, one crimson red and the other black with crimson lines. He took also, 4 pairs of detachable sleeves, which could be hooked on to his shirts, since he'd tailored them to have a small buckle under each sleeve. He took along, obviously, his underwear, and 4 black singlets for sleeping. After some consideration, he packed along his 2 prized long coats, a black with red edging and a sort of dusky red colored suede. He decided to wear his red shirt with black graffiti and their band name, [AKAKU], which meant Reds, on it… with his long-sleeved shirt underneath, along with his comfortable black chained jeans.

Putting in some basic casuals, he began packing in his musical gear.

"Kisame, are you done packing?"

Kisame looked up from his suitcase. "About to. Come in." he said, and Kakuzu walked into the room. He surveyed the place and whistled. "Whoa." He breathed, and Kisame followed his gaze, standing up. "I know. The classic [I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!] masterpiece." He grinned, and Kakuzu rolled his eyes, sighing. "It's not something to be proud of, Kisame. Need help?" he asked, and Kisame shook his head. Then he nodded. "Just help me get a couple of good ties from the drawer and I'm done." He said, and Kakuzu nodded, setting out for the mahogany drawers. Kisame tossed his clothes for the next day on the bed and nodded.

Sasori came in without bothering to knock, muttering, "Excuse me." Then he froze in his tracks, surveying the room with distaste. "Your masterpiece, Kisame?" he asked, and Kisame grinned. "Orderly just isn't y style." He answered, and he sank down on his sea blue sheets. Sasori looked at the outfit laid out on the bed next to him. "That what you're going to wear tomorrow?" he asked, and Kisame nodded.

He'd picked out a long-sleeved black shirt with blue lines running down his right shoulder, ending in a blast of water at the hem of the fabric. Below that, he had a pair of dark blue jeans and a black belt with their band name on it… [TSUKISA], Rising Star. And Sasori guessed he was intending to bring his black boots with that outfit, or his black and blue canvas shoes.
"Not bad." He remarked simply, and Kisame smirked, twirling a pen between his fingers. Then, suddenly, "KISAME!! SASORI! KAKUZU!! ZETSU!"

Kakuzu's head shot up and Kisame sat up, and Sasori stood up. At the same time, they answered, "YEAH!!?" the reply came, "GET OVER HERE!! I HAVE PICTURES OF THE BAND WE'RE TAKING WITH US!!"

Kisame headed out of the room, the other 2 in tow, to the living room, where A4 size pictures had been printed from the computer. Kisame picked up what seemed to be a group picture, which showed a sulky raven haired kid, a smirking blond with a shirtless Albino with a coat on, a spiky haired matte black haired boy and a lady with blue hair and a flower in her hair, grinning at the camera. They all seemed to be trying to make the raven smile, which he did, in a later photo, a faked but very, VERY well-faked smile, which looked real. Kisame was familiar with that smile. He used it, too, sometimes.

Sasori was staring pointedly at the blonde, in a single person photo, whereby he happened to have his hands immersed in a pile of clay. "Is... is this a girl..." Sasori muttered inaudibly. He picked up another picture and continued browsing. Kakuzu was walking out of the room already, not interested. Zetsu was picking up pictures with the spiky haired kid, whom Pein had informed his was the drummer of the group.

Kisame tilted his head. "Hey, Pein san, who's the lead singer of the group?" he asked, and Pein pointed to the raven kid in what seemed like a Christmas gig, since the board behind them cheerfully declared [CHRISTMAS, AKAKU STYLE!!]. Kisame observed the boy, who had his eyes closed in song, and although he wasn't smiling, he seemed happier than in all the other pictures to Kisame. Even the ones where he seemed to be making the effort to smile, even though he was probably bored to the extreme.

'What an interesting kid.' Kisame thought to himself, sitting down on the couch and leaning his head on his fist, picking up and individual photo of the raven, a candid photo where he was, again, lost in music in a recording studio, whereby he had his hands in fists, crying out to the microphone with his voice and eyes. Somehow, this kid seemed very interesting to Kisame. He smiled as he flicked the photo back onto the glass table, and Pein picked all of them up, arranging them back into a stack and slipping them away in an envelope.

"I'm hoping you'll sit with them tomorrow, instead of huddling to people in or own band." He said, loud enough for Kakuzu, who was in the next room with the door open, to hear. Kakuzu grunted in response, turning the pages of their own songbook, searching for the cords to World Is Mine to practice. Kisame nodded. "Don't worry, we will."

Pein handed the envelope to Kisame. "Burn it, rip it, dump it, eat it, shove it up your ass. I don't care as long as that song makes to my table in 3 days." He said, narrowing his eyes, and Kisame nodded, taking the envelope nervously. He walked back to his room and lay the pictures out on his bed after he finished backing, and scrutinized the raven again. Something about this boy just intrigued him.

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