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It begins. Buffy sleeps, restless as she tosses and turns in her bed. Flashes of things to come are in the forefront of her nightmares. Things about the hell mouth, Angel, demons, vampires, the harvest and all the evil that is to happen. Then the Master turns his head and looks right at her.

Then a still small voice whispers. "She who watches will come and change it all."

Buffy wakes up as her mother calls her saying she didn't want to be late for her first day. "Oh No," Buffy groggily says. "wouldn't want that."

The girl watching looks confused. "Hey I don't remember that last part of Buffy's dream the twenty times watching this episode," she says. "Where did that come from?" She blinks and keeps watching.

Buffy exits the library and leaves Giles dumbfounded. He thought for sure that this is the book she is looking for and that she is the Slayer he has to watch for. Confusion sets in as he puts the book away then he hears an eerily quiet voice whisper.

"She watches, she is coming, she will change things."

Giles looks around trying to locate the person behind the voice and finds no one. He shrugs and finishes his business, he puts that little episode in the back of his mind for later reference.

On the other side of things a girl watches in utter confusion to the new footage in her favorite show. "Really, I watch this to many times and I don't remember anything about a still small voice or anything about a girl who watches," she says. "Someone's messing with me."

After the Buffy/Giles conversation about the guy in the locker with the two little bite marks on his neck and the little argument about all the vampires and everything that goes bump in the night, the duo step out of the library. Alexander Harris steps out of the stacks of library books where he hears every crazy word. He looks completely bewildered as he says. "What?" Then he turns so quickly he nearly knocks over the books when he hears an eerily quiet voice behind him whisper.

"She is coming; she is the changer of all things." "Be ready, be able, and be strong."

Xander scans the library so quickly he nearly gives himself whiplash. Seeing no one else in the room with him, he runs terrified from the library.

Girl gets angry with the situation. "What the frock?" she says. "Someone's been tampering with my disks that definitely doesn't happen in the show." "What's with all the extra footage?"

Angel walks away from the alley a little hurt. "Why wouldn't she want to be my friend?" he asks. "Well maybe it's because you were stalking her in an alley way asshole," he thought to himself. Then an eerily quiet voice brings him out of his reverie as it whispers.

"She is coming, the watcher that will change things for all, and the friend that will be that for all."

Angel turns to see who is speaking to him and he sees no one. He continues home and contemplates what he had heard.

The girls face crinkles and she looks at her disk case to see if this may have been an alternate version of her beloved show. As she finds nothing to support her claims she continues to watch.

Willow unknowingly follows a vampire into the cemetery when she heard an eerily quiet voice whisper.

"She who watches is coming, she will change things for all," the voice says. "It is the appointed time for her return, make way."

Willow and the vampire look around for the source of the voice. Finding not a soul Willow says. "Okay, this is nice and scary." Looking to her companion with complete fear on her face she says, "are you sure this way is faster?"

Girl is extremely annoyed, she starts to rub her temples hoping to relieve herself of the oncoming headache. She pauses the disk player and contemplates just what the heck is going on in her world. Is she imagining this or is she hearing things. Is she having one of her elaborately colorful and crazy dreams she always has. She reaches down and pinches herself. "Ouch, damn it that hurt," she says to no one in particular. "Well you did it to yourself dumb ass." Well great now she is talking to herself, she isn't having crazy dreams she is the one that is crazy. She continues watching, thinking that she is completely and utterly of her rocker.

Within the Bronze Buffy kills Luke and destroys the plans of the Master's ascension. As everything ends at the bronze and Scoobies are about to leave the premises then an eerily quiet voice whispers.

"She is watching, she is coming and she does not know that she will change things for all."

"She will save the warrior."

"She will make whole the champion."

"She will make powerful the one who sees."

"She will change and strengthen the witch."

"She will teach the watcher how to truly watch."

"She will show the queen b her true heart and ultimate power."

The group of Scoobies look at one another and say. "Who the hell keeps saying that?" They then realize that all of them are hearing the same voice. "Oh boy, this is not of the good," said Buffy as she watches Giles adamantly clean his glasses. It was time for research mode for Buffy and the gang.

Girl completely freaks out."Okay this is getting utterly ridiculous, someone is fucking with me!" she says. "Okay candid camera, come out come out where ever you are." She expectantly looks around to see if someone will come out of the shadows to make fun of her for buying into this crap. As nothing happens her freak out deflates and she continues to watch cautiously, whatever good that will do.

Cordelia walks with her cronies the next day speaking of gangs and a horrible night at the bronze and how Buffy was at the center of all the badness. Then she stops suddenly as she hears an eerily quiet voice whisper to her.

"She is coming sooner than you think, be aware of the watcher who will change it all," the voice says as it speaks in a slow quiet drawl. "S-e-e h-e-r."

Cordy slowly scans the school grounds until she stops and looks directly into the eyes of the girl who watches. She begins to speak in an eerily quiet whisper. "Choose your path watcher."

Girl starts screaming as she is given the scare of her life when everything goes black. Nothing can be heard not voices or animals not even a bloody cricket. All kinds of thoughts go through her now fragile mind. {Is she talking to me? She couldn't be. Am I losing my ever loving mind? That's a big yes on that one, Houston we have a problem.} Because this is beyond the craziest fucking thing that could ever possibly be even in the most warped mind. She contemplates what to do next and she freaks out about how eerily quiet and completely dark it is. Then she stupidly asks. "What should I do?"

"Choose Watcher."

"Ahhhhh!" she screams as the darkness speaks to her from right in her living room. She looks around in vain trying to find whoever might be in the room with her. Then she asks another silly question. "Choose what?"

"You're Path."

"Oh my I'm going to pee myself!!!" she says as she reels at the situation she is in. "How do I choose?"

All of a sudden all hell broke loose as the television blasts back on and flashes all seven season's of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on her television screen. This is amazing in itself considering she only has THE FIRST DISK OF SEASON ONE IN THE BLOODY PLAYER!!!!! It starts to slow down to a stop then the eerily quiet whisper says.

"Change Things."

She slowly gets up to take the disk out of the player and looks around as if something might jump out at her. She pulls the disk out and screams as a surge of power flows through her body feeling like one thousand watts of electricity. Her body starts to shimmer and she disappears dropping the disk to the floor in dead silence. The eerily quiet voice says.

"It begins."

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