Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story or Narnia!!! But I did have to give Edmund's Gryphon a name, clearly for the story's sake...


Peter's voice caused me to remember where I was – standing right next to the Telmarine archers. In a hurried panic, I bolted for the door, slamming it shut just in time as arrows flew by my head.

White hot pain seared through my arm and side, but I brushed it off as bruises from falling over from the sheer shock of almost being killed. Lurching to my feet, I raced up the winding staircase, hoping to find way to escape from the Telmarine soldiers hot on my heels in pursuit.

Reaching the top of the tower, I burst through the door, slamming in shut behind me and bolting it with my new torch.

Dear Aslan, no….

I had trapped myself.

Strongwing had promised he'd stay with me!

It wasn't long until the Telmarines had caught up with me, I could hear them trying to ram the door down. There were only two ways to go now – falling, or die at the hands of the Telmarines.

Wait, Edmund, wait. Strongwing will come, he'll come.

Just as the two Telmarines burst through the door, I noticed a flurry of feathers behind me.


I allowed myself to fall, landing hard on Strongwing's back. But as I did, white, blinding pain seared through the right side of my body and I couldn't stop the cry that escaped my throat.

"King Edmund? Are you alright, Sire?"

I squeezed my eyes shut against the pain, clinging hard around Strongwing's neck. I could feel myself shaking. "The sooner we leave this place, the better I will be, Strongwing."

"Yes, Sire."

"Fly over the gatehouse. I have to see if Peter needs my help."

Strongwing obeyed my command and flew low over the castle. I looked down into the courtyard of the gatehouse. My eyes widened to see all the brave Narnian soldiers had fallen – dead. Had Caspian, Peter and Susan escaped? Were Strongwing and I the only ones left? Mind-numbing agony suddenly ripped through my body before I had time to answer my own question. It suddenly became hard to breathe and I felt myself go lightheaded. Unable to hold on any longer, I allowed myself to slip of Strongwing's back.

The last thing I heard was a surprised screech from the loyal Gryphon before succumbing to the darkness.