Epilogue…because the story screamed for one.

One week later to the day, Tim McGee exited the elevator and entered the bullpen for the first time since it happened. He was greeted by an overly enthusiastic Abby, who had been to see him at least once everyday. Once the hugging and the bouncing stopped she gave him a smacking kiss and trotted off to her lab, satisfied that he was back and good to go.

Looking up as he entered Ziva asked. "You are feeling better?"

"Good as new!" McGee replied with a cheery smile.

"I am glad." She answered with a smile of her own.

Like Abby there hadn't been a day where she had not dropped by at some point. Sometimes it was to bring him something to eat, and other times just to talk. Their friendship had made a subtle change over the past week and both sides were reaping the benefits of their newfound understanding.

Putting down his pack Tim saw a small fuzzy foot peaking out of his desk drawer. What…he thought, pulling it open. He could not contain his laughter as he took out the stuffed bird. Tony, in all his Tonyness, had managed to stuff his desk full of kiwi birds. There were stuffed ones, a key chain, pictures, and even one life sized cardboard cutout placed strategically under his chair.

"Probie!" Came the overly zealous voice of his teammate as he entered the bullpen. "Do you like your new desk decorations?" Tony asked innocently.

"Actually DiNozzo, I think they're pretty funny!" Tim said laughing. This was one joke that didn't really bother him. Anything was better than super glue.

"Give the little stuffed one a squeeze." Tony said grinning manically.

Confused, he did so and a squeaky voice announced. "Hi! My name's McKiwi! What's yours?" Tim squeezed the toy a second time thinking he must have heard wrong, but this time it said. "What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas! Tell Tony what happened in Vegas!"

"Geesh Tony, where'd you find this thing?" McGee asked quaking with laughter.

"I have my sources." Tony said mysteriously.

"DiNozzo!" Barked Gibbs as he strolled out of MTAC. "If you are so concerned with what McGee was doing in Las Vegas, you should know that he was giving a lecture about the importance of computer forensics during field operations. He has another one in two weeks. If you are really that interested maybe you should go this next time. You could be his assistant."

"Seriously Boss?" Tony asked.

"Sure. Why not? I'll clear it with the Director. You can give your point of view as a field agent without those skills." Gibbs said with a sly smile.

Taking the underlying put down on the shoulder Tony replied. "Sure thing Boss. Anything for the agency." Thinking the whole time 'I am going to Vegas baby!'

Turning on his heel Tony raced away to put in his leave order with personnel.

"Uh…Boss shouldn't we tell him that the next lecture will be at MIT?" McGee asked with a bemused smile.

"No. Besides don't you think that those brainiacs over there would have a field day questioning someone like DiNozzo?" Gibbs answered with an evil grin.

"So he'll be my assistant right?" McGee asked, giving Ziva a full sized grin.

"Oh, yeah." Gibbs said. "I'm going for coffee."

"Hey, Probie!" Tony called coming in from the staircase. "I'm going to show you a weekend you'll never forget!"

"I'm sure it'll be memorable Tony." McGee said chuckling to himself.

"Yes, I am sorry that I will miss it." Ziva said in a veiled tone.

"I'm sorry too." Said McGee genuinely.

"Not me!" Said Tony. "McGeek and I are having a guys weekend. Hot chicks, cold drinks, and gambling to boot! It's going to be great! What?" He said looking confused when Tim and Ziva burst into gales of laughter.

"No really! What's so funny?" He kept asking until…


"Thanks Boss."

McGee sighed it was nice for things to be back to normal.