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Warnings: a boy will eventually hook up with another boy and they will do things together that should normally be done between a boy and a girl, language (as usual…I can't write Kanda without a filthy vocabulary), and that should be all unless there needs to be a warning about mentions of dead bodies…then there are some of those

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Chapter 1

A small figure sat on the railing, legs swinging back and forth all the while watching crimson liquid drip off the balcony of the now lifeless mansion. A malicious grin painted on his face. He sat facing the magnificent garden in the spacious backyard reveling in his sinful deeds.

More. More and more blood.

'Yeah, yeah. I hear you but Hakushaku-sama will be mad if I kill too many people at one time.'

The whispering voice that only he could hear reluctantly quieted. For now at least. It would demand him to spill more blood later. He looked up at the star-studded sky. It would be a full moon in a few days time.

Arms suddenly embraced him in a bear hug, cutting off his air supply and inciting his temper.

"There you are! I've been looking and calling for you for hours now, and you were here all this time. You're so mean to your papa…but you're still my favorite son!"

His eye twitched slightly in annoyance. "Cyril. I'm not your son and I never will be."

Cyril's response was to tighten his arms around the smaller body. "Of course you're my son! All the paperwork I spent so much time drawing up says so."

He struggled to get out of the Noah's grasp. "Let go of me, bastard. You're insane."

Cyril started cuddling instead, gushing about how proud he was of his "son." He was halfway through praising the smaller one when a fist struck the back of his head. The Noah yelped and loosened his grip.

The small figure escaped Cyril's clutches and ran to hide behind his rescuer.

The eccentric Noah looked up and brightened when he recognized his attacker. "Tyki! Little brother! What are you doing here?"

Tyki Mikk smiled benignly. "I'm here to make sure you don't kill him, Cyril. It seems I arrived just in time."

Cyril pouted. "Hmph. Why would I kill my cute, adorable, wonderfully amazing only son?" He smiled to the one hiding behind Tyki. "Come to papa! I'll protect you from my mean younger brother, then we'll go home to see your cute sister."

Tyki sweadropped and looked down when he felt a tug on his shirt. "Yes?"

"Can I push him off the balcony?"

Fighting back a smile, Tyki shook his head. "I don't think the Earl will be very happy if you did that."

"I bet Hakushaku-sama will be happier if I did."

Tyki lost the battle and chuckled. "Probably. But despite how annoying Cyril can be, he's still a member of the family."

The small figure shifted to stand beside Tyki, and the light fell upon his features. A boy looking no older than ten years of age. Tanned skin. Golden eyes. Black shoulder length hair. Seven crosses lined across his forehead.

The young Noah settled his piercing gaze onto Cyril, who was now rambling about his daughter. "So, I can't kill him because family is important, right? At least, that's what Road-nee-san said."

Tyki placed a hand on the smaller one's head. "Exactly."

"Then, what about the Fourteenth? If family is so important, why did he betray us?"

The Noah of Pleasure had no answer. Instead, he motioned to the bodies piled on the balcony and in the spacious ballroom behind them. "I'll have some akuma come and clean this up. You made quite a mess."

"…I was having fun."

Tyki glanced around. "It looked like fun. Let's go. The Earl is waiting."


The Millennium Earl's grin widened when the three Noah stepped into the room via one of Road's doors.

Road squealed upon their arrival and launched herself at the youngest Noah. The boy managed to keep his balance but lost his footing when Cyril decided to join in on the "family hug."

The Earl watched with amusement. "Now, now. You don't want to suffocate the poor boy, do you?"

Cyril and Road reluctantly released the young Noah, who began to gasp for air. Once his breathing stabilized, he bowed to the Earl. "Hakushaku-sama."

Road giggled. "You don't have to be so formal. We're all family here."

Tyki cleared his throat. "And dinner is getting cold, so let's sit down and enjoy the meal."

The boy ended up sitting between Road and Cyril, much to his displeasure. Especially when Cyril tried to hand feed him. The Earl didn't even blink when the boy attempted to strangle the older Noah next to him.

The Noah of Pleasure smiled. "Road doesn't mind when Cyril coddles her but you, on the other hand…too much pride can be a bad thing, you know."

Road grinned. "Well, what do you expect, Uncle Tyki? It's his nature."

The Millennium Earl chuckled. "The Pride of Noah cannot be brought down so easily. Don't you agree, Yuu Kanda?"

Noah's Pride didn't answer, but his golden eyes gleamed with silent amusement.


When dinner was finished and the akuma servants had cleared the table, Cyril took the opportunity to pounce on Kanda again. "Yuu! When are you going to come and live with Road and me? We can even change your name. Yuu Camelot. It has a nice ring doesn't it?"

Kanda grimaced and he could have sworn he saw Tyki shudder in his peripheral vision. "No, it doesn't. Call me that ever again and I'll kill you, family or not."

Unfortunately, Cyril started sobbing. "Yuu! Your cold attitude and cruel words make me so proud. You really are my son! It makes me want to…to…"

"Jump off a cliff? One with sharp rocks at the bottom?"

The Millennium Earl interrupted before Cyril could become any more melodramatic. "Yuu-pon. Come with me. I have a mission for you."

Kanda turned his attention to the Earl. "A mission?"

A nod was the only response. The young Noah shook off Cyril and followed the Earl through the dark mansion. They entered a room filled with telephones and an armchair. Kanda stood in front of the chair while his master made himself comfortable.

"Yuu-pon." The Earl noticed the Noah twitch at the nickname. "Ever since the Fourteenth's betrayal a month ago, I have been unable to find the one who carries the player's requirement. I believe it may be Cross Marian since he had contact with 14th, but it is not a guarantee. I would like for you to infiltrate the Dark Order and stay in their ranks until the one carrying the requirement appears."

"If I find him, what do I do with him?"

"We will see when we get there. Depending on the situation, we may either use him or kill him."

"And the fact that I'm a Noah?"

"There is a spell that can make you appear human by suppressing your Noah aura. You can still call upon your Noah form and abilities, but doing so will shorten the duration of the spell."

"What is this spell called?"

"The Lotus Enchantment. The spell weakens with every petal that falls. It will heal even the most grievous of wounds but the rate of healing will eventually slow down. On the other hand, you will be able to use Innocence. I have a special one for you to use, one that will not react to your Noah genes."

Kanda grimaced at the thought of having to use Innocence. "How long will this mission last?"

"Until you find the one who inherited the Fourteenth's will or until the spell wears off."

Swallowing any complaints, the young Noah nodded. "When do I start?"

"The spell must be cast under a full moon. A few days should give you enough time to get ready and for me to obtain the necessary sacrifices."

Kanda blinked. "Sacrifices?"

The wide grin darkened with malicious glee. "The lotus has thirteen petals, so that number of sacrifices will be needed. In essence, you will have thirteen lives to use before the spell wears off."


A few days later, the Millennium Earl cast the spell, and Kanda was unceremoniously dumped in the middle of nowhere…after Tyki was able to pry Cyril off of the young Noah.

Kanda stood and brushed the dirt off his clothes. "I hate this mission already."

The advice from the Earl echoed in his mind. With your aura suppressed, the akuma will not recognize you as a Noah and attack. If you want to command them, you have to call upon your Noah form. Road will open her door near one of the exorcist Generals. Have fun, Yuu-pon!

His eye twitched. He really hated that stupid nickname the Earl used. Kanda glanced at the Innocence imbued sword given to him, and felt only hatred towards it.

Destroy it.

'After this mission is over. I can't believe Hakushaku-sama named the fucking thing.'

He looked around. What the hell is a General doing in the middle of the woods? Annoyed with the entire situation, Kanda bent to pick up the suitcase containing some clothes and the lotus hourglass. He reluctantly strapped Mugen to his waist and began walking in a random direction.

Not fifteen minutes later, he heard screams and gunshots. He quickened his pace and came upon an interesting scene. Several level ones were attacking a small village.

He would have left the humans to their deaths if not for the Innocence sword. It began to shake in its sheath, reacting to the presence of akuma.

Kanda gritted his teeth but drew the sword anyway. He was going to be an exorcist, and he was going to have to destroy the Earl's creations using Innocence sooner or later. Once the Black Order recognized him as an official exorcist, he would not have the luxury of merely ordering the akuma to self-destruct. As much as he hated and resented Innocence, he was going to have to depend on it until the end of his mission. He would not fail the Earl. His pride would never allow that.

Pride cometh before the fall.

A grim smile curled his lips. "They will be the ones to fall before me."

He stepped out from the line of trees and into the akumas' line of sight. They turned to him, sensing the Innocence.


Kanda panted. Things were not going as planned. He had never handled a sword before, and it felt foreign in his hand. His movements became more awkward and it was taking more effort to dodge the bullets.

He got out of the way in time to avoid another rain of blood bullets, kicking up a wave of dust.

The boy glared at the Innocence in his hands. 'Damn it. You wanted me to fight the akuma, and now you're practically useless. I hate you and I'm sure you hate me just as much, but either help me destroy them or I'll order self-destruction.'

Suddenly, Mugen glowed. His left hand moved and slid two fingers up the length of the black blade turning the edge silver.

Words came to mind and he spoke them without a second thought. "Innocence invocation. Kaichū: Ichigen."

A wave of insect-like creature formed and set about destroying the akuma.

Kanda blinked a few times. A little awed despite himself. His tired legs finally gave out and he fell to the ground, breathing a sigh of relief.

Clapping drew his attention to three people walking towards him. An old man with frizzy gray hair. A large man wearing something on his ears. And the last was near his age and was casually kicking a bell. They wore coats depicting the Rose Cross. Exorcists. And one was a General.

Can we kill them?


The old man was the one clapping. "Wonderful. That was a very inspiring fight. Where did you get that sword?"

Kanda frowned and used the false story he thought up beforehand. "It's a family heirloom. I'm not giving it to you."

The smile never left the man's face. "I would never dream of it, but that sword is very special. It contains something called Innocence. Exorcists use it to destroy akuma."

Annoyed but forced to hide it, Kanda feigned ignorance. "Innocence? Exorcists? What are you talking about, old man?"

"Ah, how rude of me. My name is Froi Tiedoll. And well, Innocence is an unknown substance used to destroy akuma, the things you just defeated. Exorcists are people who have the ability to synchronize with Innocence."

The boy resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "What does this have to do with me?"

"You can synchronize with the Innocence in that sword, so you meet the necessary requirement. Would you like to become an exorcist?"


Kanda reluctantly nodded. "…I guess."

At least something good would come out of this mission. He wouldn't have to deal with Cyril and his psychotic antics for a while. No more sudden suffocating hugs. He wouldn't be called "son." No more fucking bedtime stories. He was about ready to jump for joy.

"How exciting! I finally have a daughter to spoil!"

Kanda's horrified mind went blank.

Can we kill him now?

"I can dress you up in pretty gowns. I think blue would look very nice on you. Maybe pink?"

Then and there, Kanda decided that the old man will be the first exorcist he would have the pleasure of killing.

"I want to see your hair tied into pigtails."

And it would be a long, slow, painful death.


Eight years.

Eight long years he had spent serving his enemies in order to complete the Earl's mission.

Kanda patiently waited as the nurse bandaged his torso. He had just returned from a mission in Spain, and he was tired, hungry, and in dire need of a bath.

And blood. We haven't spilt human blood in so long.

'If you haven't noticed, we're in Headquarters. I can't kill anyone without suspicion. Once this mission is over though, we'll slaughter everyone here.'

Once the nurse finished, he stood and walked out, ignoring the protests. Shrugging on the exorcist coat, he opted for a bath first. Soba could wait a little while.

Halfway to his destination, the alarms started blaring.

"HE'S OUT!!!"

His eye twitched. Still, he turned and looked for a convenient exit. It had been over a month since he had killed anything besides akuma. This could be a good chance to take his frustration out on something living.

Kanda took the easy way out and exited through the window. Standing on the ledge, he saw a head of white hair.

'An old man?'

Looking a little more closely, he could make out a youthful face staring at him in surprise. Putting trivialities aside, he unsheathed Mugen. Now was the perfect chance to spill some blood.

"You've got some serious guts coming here alone."

The white haired boy held his hands up. "W-Wait a minute! There's been some kind of misunderstanding…"

Kanda leapt from the ledge before the stranger could finish his sentence, light glinting off of Mugen's black blade. The boy had a quick reaction, throwing his left arm up in defense.

The impact was odd. Kanda felt Mugen slice through something, but it hadn't been flesh. It was something harder.

The boy slid back from the force of the attack. With a little distance, Kanda saw that he had cut through a large white claw instead of a normal arm.


He frowned. Was it really Innocence? "Hey you…what's with that arm?"

The white haired boy looked wary but answered. "It's an anti-akuma weapon. I'm an exorcist."

Now annoyed, Kanda mentally sighed. 'Crap. I wanted to kill him, too.'

Playing his part, the dark haired teen allowed a flicker of surprise to cross his face. "What?"

Kanda glared at the gatekeeper. 'What a waste of my time.'


The large face streaked with tears, much to the Noah's disgust, stumbled over a reply. "But well, you know…how am I supposed to tell if I can't see his insides? What are we going to do if he's an akuma?"

He's not.

'Well, the fucking gatekeeper doesn't know that…but I can use this to my advantage.'

He watched the boy run past to yell at the gatekeeper. "I'm human! Yeah, I may be a little cursed, but honest to God, I'm human!"

Is he really human?

Kanda sneered a little. "Hmph…no matter…we'll know once we see his insides. Anti-akuma weapon invocation! I'll tear you to shreds with my Mugen."

The boy was nearly panicking now as the blade drew closer and closer. "Wait! Seriously, hold on! I swear I'm not your enemy! Master Cross should have sent a letter of recommendation!"

The tip of the blade stopped mere millimeters away from skewering the boy. Kanda wasn't sure why he stopped. Wasn't sure if it was because of what the boy said or what his other half just whispered.

"Fa…From the General? A letter of recommendation?"

"Yes, a letter of recommendation…it was addressed to someone named Komui."

For the next few minutes, neither moved and even the gatekeeper was silent.

'Cross? He took a pupil? Could this brat hold the player's license?'

Perhaps. Do you want to kill him anyway?

'No…not yet. Not until we get permission from Hakushaku-sama. He'll live…for now.'

The gate started creaking open, capturing Kanda' attention.

-You are permitted to enter the castle…Allen Walker.-

Even if he was going to let the brat live a little longer, he wasn't going to allow his prey to traipse off without a good explanation. Kanda moved Mugen's tip closer to the boy's face.

-Wait! Wait! Kanda!-

"Komui…what's the meaning of this?"

-Sorry! We jumped to conclusions too soon. He's General Cross's pupil. Here…apologize, Section Leader Reever!- -DON'T MAKE IT SOUND LIKE IT'S MY FAULT!- -Anyway, Timcanpy is proof enough. He's one of us.-

One of us?

A clipboard smacked the side of Kanda's head before he could say anything else. He turned his glare to the annoying woman. She was another one he would relish killing one day.

"That's enough! We told you to cease your attack! Get in or we're closing the gates. Get in now!"

Kanda sheathed Mugen, ignoring his other half's graphic suggestions of what he could do to the Supervisor's sister. All were violent and involved her losing some body part or another.

'Shut up. I'll think of ways to torture her later. You're giving me a headache.'

He really wanted a bath right about now.

"Oh. Kanda…"

He stopped, his hand twitching towards Mugen. That boy needed to mind his own business.

"That's your name, right? Nice to meet you."

Kanda turned enough to glare at the new exorcist. He looked at the offered hand with undisguised distaste. "I won't shake hands with someone who's cursed."

He walked away without another word.

'Oi, about what you said earlier…the brat…are you sure?'

Yes. He is family.


I'll try to stick close to the manga until after Noah's Ark…Arc. (that is really awkward to say) Then the story will diverge. A lot.

Hakushaku- Japanese for Earl

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