Disclaimer: I've got two words for you: Yeah and right.

There was a time when your love was mine to have,
but now I find I've let it slip through my grasp.
So now I dream to see you still standing here
and wish that that love might still be there.
Each night I dream and there you are,
still safe and still in my arms,
but then I wake to find you gone
and weep to know that I was wrong.
Still every night I find a way
and torture myself with the man I could be,
one who slightly quicker, slightly stronger.
One who finds the words to make it slightly better.
But then I wake to find you still gone
and rile against this whole world gone wrong.
So each night I save you
and wake and hope to find it true.
But then I pray for the day I no longer do.

A/N: So this came to me at 3 in the morning and wouldn't go away. So now that it's out of my head maybe it'll let me sleep. Tell me what you think.