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Out of nowhere, I heard her.

It was cold, even for me. To my dismay, I have been in a dreadful state, somehow the last few months I have felt lower than at any other time in my 1000 years. It has been months since we have spoken, and our last conversation had not ended in accordance to my plans. It has taken every ounce of resolve in me (and over time I have acquired a substantial amount) to maintain this grueling separation. More than once I have found myself half-way to that backwater she calls home only to turn around knowing she would feel my presence and that would only fuel her distaste. She is so stubborn. She is so much trouble. That is why I am so distraught by her reaching out to me. She must be in dire straights.

"Eric!!!" I hear her in my mind she sounds so distraught, so insecure, so, so beautiful.

"Eric, Eric please hear me Eric!" It is the equivalent of shrieking inside my head…I will kill whoever has harmed her. She is uncertain that I will hear her, she is even more uncertain that I will respond. She should know better. I try to calm her through our tie, but it offers little solace, I am still to far from her. This does not bode well. I reach back to her "it's all right my lover, I am coming. Try to calm yourself. I will protect you. I will always protect you." I feel that she relaxes but only slightly. I have been tracking her through our bond, but now I can pick up her scent. I smell her, her and Shifter. More than one shifter. Fucking two natured Sookie, will you never learn?

I arrive at something's filthy excuse for a home. Her scents are everywhere. I can smell her blood, her distress, her fear, and something else…she is ashamed? Uugghhh. She is so much trouble, why do I bother? It's no use. There is no fooling myself or her either, I must bother, and even if I could have ignored her call, I wouldn't have.

"I am here, can you speak?"

"Yes, I am in…" she is cut off as I throw a ridiculous miniature chopper through a plate glass window effectively hitting the shameless idiot who drove it here. Our tie told me exactly where she was. "Invite me in" I start to push to her but she is already yelling "COME IN!!!"

Oh they will die for this, they will all die. These disgusting excuses have beaten and bloodied her and bound her to a toilet. For that extra humiliation they will pay dearly. Most of them have scattered. One has the gall to lunge at me and I snap their neck in the air. I am on full alert and reveling in the prospect that many will die tonight, even better, in the name of my beloved. Sookie is watching me, and she is not frightened of me, she is comforted by my presence. I would imagine it hard for a fragile human woman to be comforted by a towering ancient vampire who so clearly has battle written all over him, but she makes it look easy. There is hope.

Two are trying to catch me unaware from behind with a snapped table leg. Ha! I turn use that very leg to impale them both. Two more ascend from behind a battered old couch and I snap one's spine easily and the other is ended by a mighty blow to his abdomen, his last second alive is spent spurting blood onto my shirt from his gaping mouth. The bloodlust is strong but her presence gives me the resolve to resist. I look at her for extra strength and if it weren't for the urgency on her face I may have been caught unawares. I turn to see a small female were with a gun she fired off two shots before I was able to knock the pistol down and secure her by the throat. With my left hand I begin to squeeze and as her freckled face begins to turn blue and I realize that I should not kill her. She seems to be the only one left, and we must find out who is responsible

I drop the woman and plant my foot on her chest, firm enough to subdue her but not to end her life. She gulps for air as I drop the two bullets and wipe my hand on my already ruined shirt. It was a giveaway from a supplier anyway.

Grabbing there were by her ankles I drag her to where Sookie is cuffed to the exposed piping leading up from a filthy toilet, I break the cuffs on both her hands and ankles and inspect her for wounds. She is dirty and bruised. Her cheekbone looks to be broken and there are whip marks on her thighs. I grab her up and draw her to me. I inhale her sweet scent. She not only allowed my embrace but she all but burrowed into me. She began to sob. All her fear was gone leaving only shame and love.

"Oh Eric, Eric I am so sorry." She pleads into my chest. I can feel her blood and tears on my chest as they bleed through the cotton of my shirt. I commandeer her chin and lick her face clean finishing with a soft kiss on her lips.

"Now is not the time my lover, we will have time for that. There are far more pressing matters at hand" I say and shift my gaze to the woman below my boot. She spits at me and I increase the pressure. She must be feeling better.

Chapter 1

I tried to take as much comfort as I could from the smile the Viking God was giving me as he all but shattered the were's sternum with his boot. I guess that doesn't say much for me. This was wrong in everyway I could imagine. I had rejected Eric three months ago. Not because Eric is undesirable. In fact I desire him plenty. Eric and I are complicated to say the least and I was not ready to deal with everything being with Eric (hell even discussing being with Eric) meant. Instead I chose to ignore everything between us and I had even started seeing a werebear that had been hanging around with my brother. His name was Kennedy. I say was because Eric drove a table leg through his chest about five minutes ago and I don't think he will be recovering anytime soon. And I just don't care. I just want to go back in time and talk things out with Eric instead of doing my damnedest to alienate, embarrass and infuriate him. Not the first time either. I don't know why he came tonight, but I am sure glad her did. If he hadn't I would surely be dead.

"Ok bitch, who hired you" Eric hissed at the woman on the floor. She laughed and told Eric to go do something I don't want to repeat, but wouldn't mind doing for him. Jesus Christ Shepard of Judea I should not be thinking about that. It had been too long since I had seen him, and even longer since I have been with a man, but that is no excuse. Eric himself did not seem phased, he just stated "Tell me why you have kidnapped my lover, or you will be very sorry." The were snorted "ha your lover, she's been fucking Kennedy over there for at least two months, not that he was ever really interested in that tramp she will jump on any dick, as long as it ain't attached to a human." Ok that got a rise out of him. He kicked her clean across the floor. He obviously wasn't thinking because she came to a stop a little to close to her gun and even before he could stop her she has shot herself in the head. Eric looked at the brain tissue on the wall and said "Well that was preferable to aiming at you." He came to me again and scooped me up and smelled me hard allover my body. "You have not been with that bear, have you my lover?" he said with a satisfied smile. Leave it to Eric to ignore the pile of dead bodies and inquire about my bedmate. "Not that it is any of your business, but no."

"Oh, Sookie, you should remember that YOU called out to ME."

Well damn he had me there that was enough to shut me up and besides as much as I don't want to admit it, it kind of is his business.

"I don't have the energy to get into this now Eric, can't we just clean up and go home."

"Of course, you are right dear one but I want you to know this habit of putting off significant conversations is about to be broken."

I had nothing to say, he was right. We had a lot to talk about, and if I wouldn't have put it off to begin with, we would likely not be in this mess.

I'll spare you all the gory details, but after the dirty work was done Eric and I walked outside to find Pam standing next to her Toyota. She was gazing off into the night sky, looking as dreamy as a vampire can look. When she heard us approaching ended her star gazing and smiled at me. Eric must have flown and called Pam at some point to pick us up. Wow, I really need to suck it up and consider Eric for who is; all of him, not just the obvious points.

Pam began to open her mouth but Eric held up a hand in warning. Pam looked scolded for about half a second but than just got into the driver's seat. I guess Eric didn't feel like being chided by Pam's sense of humor; I however was looking forward to it.

Eric opened the rear passenger side door and gestured for me to enter. Much to my surprise he followed and gathered me up to him. Pam didn't have anything to say about playing chauffeur but I could tell from her expression in the rearview that she was amused.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Pam I take it Clancy has things under control at Fangtasia?" Eric stated more than asked. Pam answered, I was happy enough to let them talk vamp stuff well I relaxed in the comfort that came from being around Eric, especially this close to Eric. I was about to tune out when I heard Eric say " Take us to Sookie's house I will try to be back by eight tomorrow, if that is not possible I will call you before."

"You're coming home with me?" I asked sounding a little unstable I am sure.

"Yes" well that was simple enough.

"But why don't we…"

"No, this is best, it is 1 am we have much to discuss; any other way and we will not have time to accomplish anything before dawn."

"Fine" I replied. Eric was surprised I didn't put up more of a fight but It was obvious he was concrete on this and if we were going to talk I needed to save up all my energy.

They rest of the drive home was fairly silent. Eric seemed to be finding as much comfort (pleasure, longing, lust) in me as I was in him and it was a wonderful feeling. I felt at home. I guess most people wouldn't feel at home with a 1000 year old undead Viking, but I had never felt more so in my life. Everything felt right, but as I heard the gravel crunch and knew we were now at my actual home, I was reminded of how profoundly wrong things really were.

As we got out of the car Amelia, my witchy roommate (as of this week my only witchy roommate) ran out onto the porch and bounded down my front steps. Ignoring both vampires she ran up and embraced me so hard I thought she might be trying to choke the life right out of me. When she finally let go she regarded me and I could tell she had been worried sick, not just by reading her mind either it was written allover her face. Eric and Pam more or less ignored Amelia and proceeded right into the house; I knew they were checking things out. I told Amelia that we would talk tomorrow but the short version was that Kennedy had kidnapped me for an unknown reason and Eric saved the day. My very own (big blonde gorgeous) superhero. I caught from Amelia's mind that she didn't know why I wasn't with Eric to begin with, rude I know but I am tired and she is a strong broadcaster. It didn't matter anyway, because as we were walking up the steps she said "Sookie, I just don't get it, wouldn't you rather have a dead boyfriend then a boyfriend who wants you dead?"